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Chapter 59 - Behind the miracle (2) Translated by Castigliano

"What herbs did you use to transform and change her into such a beauty, becoming so gorgeous, and the skin so smooth and delicate in such a short time?" Both, Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi were curious about the truth. As for the reason why they were wondering the answer to the question, it is because the method to be slim and pretty is important for girls. Women are always attracted by anything that can make them look better.

The two bright girls knew that even if a girl could lose weight from a 100 kilos down to no more than 50 kilos in twenty days, her skin would be wrinkled, sagging, and ugly with this method.

Let alone Zhen Xiao Yan, whose skin didn't look as delicate and smooth as that she has now. With the comparison, it is obvious that she used another method to make up for the disadvantages of quick weight loss.

It was not only the skin, even her hair.

Ye Lang was complacent about the changes: "Umm, for this, it is my secret prescription. I made it before by coincidence, which hadn't been experimented. Fatty was an excellent and perfect sample!"

"……" Those who listened to his words were in silence.

"You used her as an experiment, what if your experiment failed?" Ye Lan Yu snorted, as she was a little angry about what Ye Lang did imprudently.

"No worries. If she hadn't taken the risk to transform, she wouldn't have succeeded to what she became. The result demonstrates that my medicine works efficiently and within my expectations." Ye Lang shook his hand with confidence in his face.

"Aye, it was effective." Everyone nodded their heads in consent to what they saw. The words Ye Lang spoke abruptly changed the attitude of the people to the medicine he made.

"What I don't know yet is whether there are any sequelae, if she will turn back to what she looked like, or that maybe her body will mutate……"

"……" Complete silence again.

It seems that bravery was needed to transform yourself, especially for a method which hadn't been tested before.

"Well, we can only wait. Now, I just want to go home and sleep, so tired." Ye Lang yawned, the sleepiness was clear on his face.

Just like this, Ye Lang lightly explained this matter. His own role in what follows was very low. In addition to not wanting to explain, there was also another important factor. Which is that he used several medicines he learnt from the martial arts treasury, so even if he wanted to explain it, it would be very difficult for him to do so.

And if it is just for the pills, he can use alchemy as a pretext. As he said before that it was created by coincidence, no one would doubt this. Because alchemy is such an amazing ability, that whatever unbelievable pills were made, people would tend to trust them.

But this time, what Ye Lang used was not just a simple therapeutic pill, for the previous Zhen Xiao Yan was too obese, the changes required were quite big.

Thus, Ye Lang used another technique for the transformation of Xiao Yan. The most magical Chinese technique, which is also what he was most proficient in, acupuncture.

He used acupuncture to change some Zhen Xiao Yan's body's functions. Her nutrition absorbtion from food was temporarily blocked, while her body was simultaneously burning fat.

With this method, she could become slimmer in such a short period.

However, this has very serious consequences, placing a heavy burden on the body, and possibly leaving unknown sequelae.

When Ye Lang said that there might be sequelae, he wasn't joking, merely stating a fact.

And this is from acupuncture alone, who knows what other conditions may occur.

So, Zhen Xiao Yan's body was now like beautiful but brittle glass, which may break from the slightest touch.

Did Ye Lang hide something this important from Xiao Yan? How else would she agree to such a thing?
Nope, all the possible consequences were explained to her at the beginning, when the treatment hadn't started yet.

Zhen Xiao Yan had the right to choose, she could've refused this approach, but she didn't, and her reaction was quite unexpected.

Ye Lang still remembers when he reminded her:

"Fatty, you have to consider it seriously. I can transform you into a stunning beauty. In the competition, you will be unsurmountable for the other competitors. But your beauty might be temporary, and I cannot predict the sequelae. It can make you realize your dream, but it can destroy your life at the same time. You may regret taking this treatment for the rest of your life. I believe you understand what I am saying right now, after all, you are also an alchemist."

Although Ye Lang's medical skills and alchemy were totally different, but in alchemy there were many medicines, many of which leave horrifying sequelae. This is known by everyone, especially Zhen Xiao Yan, who is also an alchemist.

Zhen Xiao Yan smiled softly and said with a calm and steady voice: "I understand, and I won't regret it!"

At that that, Ye Lang gave her many different choices, some of which would not harm her body and would still be worthwhile, but she choose the most risky and painful option, which would give her the most chance.

Because only this way would she feel that she won with her own efforts. For Ye Lang's other methods would have worked one way or another, but only this method would be her own true effort, no tricks.

She wanted her love to be true,

She wanted her love to be pure,
Without the least bit of flaw.

This is a lot of girls' dream too. For this purpose, they would do some stupid things without any regrets, just like the Zhen Xiao Yan now.

She is not the first girl in love to something stupid, nor will she be the last one to do so.

Of course, she also knows that this is the most difficult and painful method, and will bring her a lot of pain. It may cause something irreparable to happen, but she will still do it without a second thought.

Even if only for a moment, she still wanted to obtain this fraction of happiness, even if the price is a lot of misery.

This may make people feel silly, but she has no regrets.

Ye Lang could only shake his head and sigh, "Silly, woman!"

Ye Lang was about to leave. His intention was noticed by Zhen Xiao Yan, who was staring at Mo Ya just now. It seems that she was concerned about Ye Lang leaving at this ambiguous time.

"Ye Lang, where are you going?" Leaving behind Mo Ya, Zhen Xiao Yan shouted and ran towards Ye Lang.

This situation surprised everyone for a moment.

Zhen Xiaoyan, what are you dong? Why do you disregard your Mo Ya and go to Ye Lang?

You should now mind your own things, fall in love, embrace Mo Ya.
Why do you care where that prodigal son goes to.

In the end, who are you more concerned with? Your lover? Or Ye Lang?

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