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Chapter 57 – The Birth of a Miracle (3) Translated by Castigliano

Why support? No more nonsense, what are we here for? To see a beauty, oh, no, for the talented girl.

No one cared who the girl really is. As long as the girl is beautiful and graceful enough, with a little talent, it is enough.

Now, Zhen Xiao Yan, whether she is a fake or not, it doesn’t matter. After all, her appearance, her elegance, and her charm can rival the previous girls, even be superior to them. Why care about whether she is the genuine one or not?

Thirteenth Prince, just be bold, we are here for you!

It is better to find more stunning beauties.

“Oh, this… Interesting, Chengtian, your son is wonderful! Well done!” Seeing what happened, the emperor praised Ye Chengtian from the bottom of his heart, patting his shoulder.

“My thanks.” it seemed that Ye Lang hadn’t observed that there was something off with the cheers. As for these cheers, it didn’t mean that the girl next to him was recognized as Zhen Xiao Yan.

“Ye Lang!! You…” an experienced lord stood up, reprimanding him, who was one of the judges. But he couldn’t speak out the following words.

You…You what?
He couldn’t find any words to express his thoughts, for words like bold, shameless, and so on were used to reprimand him by many other people.

“Any way, you cannot do that! We won’t allow this behavior. Go, call Zhen Xiao Yan and make her come here for the match, with her own ability.”

“What have I done? What are you taking about? I have told you that she is Zhen XiaoYan!” Ye Lang said impatiently, “Match, match, fat woman, defeat this Sha Lan pig. Oh, right, has she entered the finals?”

You even don’t know whether she entered the finals, so arrogant! Really, you!

“Ye Lang, you said she is Zhen Xiao Yan, then evidence, what’s the evidence? Prove it!” A person doubted him, and shouted, many other people consented with him.

Ye Lang frowned, “I said, she is, so she is. My words, that’s the evidence.” He said calmly.

Although the tone was soft, but no one could retort it. It was an unstoppable tone. I am the law, no one can doubt me! No one can doubt me!

These words shocked other people, it was the first time for them seeing Ye Lang speak out such strong words. But naturally, coming from Ye Lang’s mouth, all the people thought it was reasonable.

“Fat woman, go, sing a song, end it quickly, I don’t like to stay here” Ye Lang said impatiently, unhappy. How dare they doubt what I said, who am I? I am an honest prince!
Meanwhile, he stepped down and left the stage.

“Oh, I see. Wait, won’t you accompany me on the stage?” Zhen Xiao Yan nodded her head at first, but she noticed that Ye Lang left the stage, leaving her along, thus she called him back.

In his plan. Ye Lang planned to accompany Zhen Xiao Yan with her performance, and he would play an instrument as background music for her, to optimize her voice so she could sing a perfect song.

“You just sing casually, your charm has already attracted most of the people here, no need for my help.” Ye Lang informed the attitude of the crowd to Zhen. There was no worry about her match, as long as nothing extraordinary happened.

“No, No, you cannot leave me alone on this stage, I am not brave enough to sing a song without you.” Zhen pulled Ye Lang’s sleeve, speaking in a diffident manner. Ye Lang, seeing her look and her expression, wanted to open his arms and hold her in his chest gently, and enjoy the time with her, and only her.

Gosh! Jesus. I am dying! So pretty, so charming. I will vote for you being the best belle of the contest without singing. No need to sing!

The crowd became fervent, crazy, shouting out the name of Zhen Xiao Yan. They didn’t even care about the evidence whether she is the genuine one. And they believed the words of Ye Lang, that the belle in front of them is the true, the genuine, Zhen Xiao Yan. Besides, in their view, Ye Lang never lied. Even if it is quite extraordinary, but no one will doubt it.

“Under these circumstances, fat woman, it is difficult for you to lose.” Thought Ye Lang. He had made the decision to leave the stage. Someone wanted to listen to his music? His play? It is too cheap if he played his music now.

“Ummmm, I forgot to bring my guitar…..” Ye Lang uses this pretext.

“……” Zhen frowned, repressing her anger. Muttered: “You liar. Even though you didn’t bring your guitar, But this time, the song we planned to sing, is you playing the flute, and me singing, no business with a guitar.

“I play the flute?”

“Of course.”

“Are you sure?”


“Alright, hurry up! Women!”


“Hey, brother, you….” Ye Lan Yu reminded Ye Lang at this moment. She thought that Ye Lang forgot her existence.

“Yiii? My sister, you are still here? Come with me? You sing, and you dance…”

“Fuck off!!!” Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi beat Ye Lang. If Ye Lang didn’t mention this, they wouldn’t have recalled that.

“Since you are not willing to dance with me, then go. Don’t impede our performance.” Ye Lang said, searching for his flute in his ring, where there was another space.

“Hmph! You will realize your fault!” Ye Lan Yu waved her little fist, and went down the stage with Princess Qi.

Before leaving the stage, they asked the same question: “Is she really Zhen Xiao Yan?”

“Yep. The genuine.” Answered Ye Lang, nodding his head.

“Maybe it is unbelievable, but I trust you, and you wouldn’t lie to me. After this, tell me what happened.” These words were left behind by Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi.

They believed Ye Lang without doubt, they just wanted to make sure whether Ye Lang was lying, but didn’t doubt the truth of his words.

It is true, the stunning belle on the stage, with her charming appearance, her fabulous and elegant figure, and her graceful beauty, was the obese girl without any attractiveness, no manners, and no etiquette, the fat girl from twenty days ago.

The change shocked everyone, it was unbelievable. No doubt that the crowd did not believe it was that girl.

And what they definitely couldn’t believe is that she could do it, transform from a fat and rude girl, to a belle. How could she do that? It is impossible.

“I have to know how she did it. Then I wont get fat any more, and not worry about obesity!” Ye Lanyu thought. That is the most important thing she cared about, she didn’t care about any other thing.

It seems that after the confirmation of the identity of Zhen Xiao Yan, a large part of girls, no, all the women, of all range of ages, were wondering what method Ye Lang used to transform Zhen to such a beauty.

Especially the woman with a little obesity. They were dying to know the method.

But now, everyone was astonished by the music Ye Lang played, the song Zhen Xiao Yan sang. Their heart was attracted by the rhythm, the sound. They couldn’t even think about any other thing. The music was infectious, they were affected by the atmosphere, they were absorbed in the ocean of song, it immersed their mind, and washed away their thoughts, without words.

Now, they witnessed the birth of a miracle.

“My grace?” At this time, it seems that someone still wanted to reject Ye Lang.

“See? I believe him, he won’t deceive my daughter, and even his sister!” The emperor said affirmatively.


Meanwhile, a melodious sound from a flute arose, announcing that everyone needed to be quiet, just listen to the play, which narrated of romance, of love, whispering near their ear.

On the stage, Zhen Xiao Yan closed her eyes, bowed her head, seeming to sense something. Ye Lang kept a distance from her deliberately, to emphasize her existence and foresee the following performance.

Today, she plays the predominant role!

After a part of prelude, she raised her head slowly, opened her eye, with a soulful gaze towards the front.

It is the melody about a story of romantic love. It was also considered to be the best suitable song by Ye Lang for Zhen Xiao Yan to sing, to express her thought, her love, to touch everyone in their heart.

And this song, are the words she wanted to let Prince Mo Ya know. Let him know!

Of course, this song was polished by Ye Lang, to enhance the attraction of Zhen Xiao Yan’s voice. To make everyone remember her song, remember her love of Prince Mo Ya.

Now, everyone could feel it, that in the past Zhen Xiao Yan hid in the shadows, buried her emotions and her love. She dared not to speak out her love, she was just a fat girl, staring at Prince Mo Ya with her honest prays, her wish.

At this time, the truth beneath the water rose up, her love was known by the people watching her performance, listening to her song.

“The furthest distance between us, is not life and death, it is me standing in front of you, but you don’t know that I love you…

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