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Chapter 56 – The birth of a miracle (2) Translated by imakeussmile

“You are being foolish again, quickly tell me, why did you come so late?” Ye Lan Yu used her finger and lightly tapped on Ye Lang’s forehead.

“It’s all because of this fat woman for keeping procrastinating. Women just like to dawdle like this.” Ye Lang waved his hands and looked at the young lady at the side.

“Fat woman?”

Following Ye Lang’s gaze, Ye Lan Yu attentively examined that young lady. Only now did she pay attention to this young lady, and after taking a look, she wasn’t able to understand the meaning of ‘fat woman’.

The young lady before their eyes wore a black tight shirt and a black short dress, revealing her perfect figure in front of everyone. That definitely did not have any relation with the word ‘fat’ at all. If something were to be called fat, it would only be the young lady’s chest and butt, that which would make females be jealous and males be captivated.

Matching with her small slim waist and her slender legs, it was basically the representative of a devilish figure!

Adding on the young lady’s white and exquisite skin, jade-like little face, and black elegant long hair, this young lady’s charm was able to attract the gaze of any person!

And this young lady’s hairstyle was also very unique. It was a hairstyle which Ye Lan Yu had never seen before, and was also a hairstyle which she sort of wanted right now. A bun was combed up from the back of the young lady’s hair, with some white feather inserted at the top, and the hair was straight, but the part of the hair which was hanging down was curly.

Everything made this young lady seem to be a noble little princess who brought forth a bit of cuteness and a bit of lovable daringness.

“Hmph, isn’t it all still because of you! To have not even helped me prepare my clothes properly, making me still have to alter it!” The young lady snorted lightly, showing her protest towards Ye Lang.

“Please, I have helped you prepare from the start. But who would have known that your chest would become so much smaller……” Ye Lang said unrestrainedly.

The young lady’s face became red and said in shame: “I have told you many times, it is every part of my body that has become smaller, not just my chest!!”

“Isn’t it all the same……” Ye Land said with an indifferent look.

“How is it all the same?!”

“It’s more or less the same!”

“No, it’s not, don’t always just try to mix it all up, this is far from being more or less the same!!”

Ye Lang and the young lady began to argue endlessly, and when others heard those words, they felt a bit muddle-headed, totally unable to understand just what they were arguing about. However, one point which they could confirm was that they were arguing about the young lady’s chest problem.

“You two, stop arguing! Little brother, from where did you deceive this cute little princess from? Not bad, she’s just lacking a bit compared to your big sister, and equally matches with Princess Qi!” At the same time that Ye Lan Yu stopped the two from arguing, she also gave the young lady a very high evaluation.

“Hey, hey, it is that she’s lacking a bit compared to me, and equally matches with you!” Princess Qi corrected Ye Lan Yu.

“She?! Little princess?! The eyes of the two of you must surely have a problem, how does she look like a little princess, and which part of her is cute.” Ye Lang felt that this young lady’s appearance belonged to the sexy type, and did not even remotely have anything to do with the word ‘cute’ at all. This appearance was designed by him, in order to let her seduce all the man here to death!

Except, he was not very specialized in the aspect of designing, and the end result became somewhat different from what he thought of. But luckily, the effect was still okay!

“Alright, stop chatting already, we have to take part in the competition. Fat woman, the rest is on you now.” After Ye Lang finished speaking, it was time to go into today’s main topic.

“Competition? Zhen Xiao Yan is not even here, what competition are you even going to take part in?” Ye Lan Yu asked strangely.

“Who says that she is not here, isn’t she just right by my side.” Ye Lang pointed to the young lady at his side, and the young lady also smiled slightly, seemingly agreeing with what Ye Lang said.

But, towards those words, no one present here believed it. Even Liu Fei Yan, who had seen Zhen Xiao Yan three days ago, was also doubting Ye Lang.

“Little scoundrel, to dare to deceive your big sis!” Ye Lan Yu said very unhappily, and furthermore knocked on Ye Lang’s big head ruthlessly.

“Ye Lang, don’t take it too far, don’t think that just because you are Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, it means that you can do what you want and find a person to come and substitute Zhen Xiao Yan!!”

“Your majesty, you said that you would maintain the fairness of this competition, can he do this sort of thing?”

In a short time, the scene began to surge up violently. Everyone all believed that Ye Lang found someone else to substitute Zhen Xiao Yan in the competition. They would definitely not believe that this young lady in front of them, who looked like a beautiful little princess, could be that fat and ugly Zhen Xiao Yan!

No, it is definitely not possible!

Thus, they violently opposed to Ye Lang using this kind of dirty method to win the competition, although in their heart, they also wanted to see the young lady perform.

“Ye Lang, although we support you helping Zhen Xiao Yan, but you also cannot use this kind of method, it will give rise to public anger.” The emperor smiled bitterly then spoke afterwards.

“Xiao Lang, even if you want to win, you must also have to win fairly!” Ye Cheng Tian followed after and spoke, the meaning of his words were also very evident, he also did not believe that the young lady at Ye Lang’s side was that Zhen Xiao Yan.

“I will win the competition very fairly! The her right now does not need to use any other method to win the competition!” Ye Lang seemed to not have discovered the problem, and this made the few other girls at the side shake their head and think in their heart –

“Fool, stupid fellow!”

A judge began to howl indignantly: “If she is Zhen Xiao Yan, there is of course no need to use any method! But the problem is that she is not Zhen Xiao Yan, but is a helper which you found. This act of yours looks down on all of us present and also the existence of the emperor!!”

“If you want to do it like this, we will withdraw from the competition!!”

“Emperor, you can’t spoil him like that!”

In a short while, the scene began to surge up violently again. Those judges, which were also those girls’ family members, all of them began to shout their catchphrases, and conveniently dragged the emperor into this mess.

“Ye Lang……”

“What kind of rubbish are all of you talking about? Although she changed a bit, but she is indeed fat woman…Zhen Xiao Yan! Fat woman, quickly give your greetings to everyone, and take note of your manners!” Ye Lang seemed to have discovered that he hadn’t made Zhen Xiao Yan introduce herself, and he also seemed to very obtusely think that it was because of this that everyone was doubting that she was Zhen Xiao Yan.

Zhen Xiao Yan lightly gave a bow, then afterwards talked with a very gentle and beautiful voice: “Erm, hello everyone, I am Zhen Xiao Yan!”

“……” The elegant and noble mannerisms made everyone feel a light suffocation, and also caused everyone to go into deep silence for a short moment!

And after a moment of silence, what followed after was another big eruption!!

“Fuck, I will definitely not believe that this young lady is Zhen Xiao Yan! Even if you kill me, I will still not believe it!!”

“Even if you find someone to substitute Zhen Xiao Yan, can you please find a much more reasonable one, this difference is just too big! Do you take all of us as idiots?”

“Ye Lang, you are too shameless! However, I support you……”

“I also support you!”

After bursts of scoldings and curses, not sure who shouted out his support for Ye Lang, it suddenly made the scene, where everyone was on a punitive expedition against Ye Lang, to have also another ‘inharmonious’ supporting cheers. Moreover, these supporting cheers seemed to be getting louder and louder.

This made the scene become a bit strange……

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