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Chapter 89 - A Feast (1)Edited by Ilesyt

“Why do you say that I owe you a treat? That day, I gave everyone a treat. ” Ye Lang was a little puzzled and asked, “Do you want one more again?”

That day, they should have paid for their own meals, but then someone suddenly proposed to have everyone go to the same place to have a meal. Only a special place could accommodate so many people for a meal.

The first place they chose was the square in front of the palace, because it was the largest place. But they weren’t entitled to have a meal in such a special place in front of the imperial city.

The second one they chose was the central square of the city. Although it was not as big as the place in front of the palace, local people often held celebrations there.

After careful consideration, in the end, they chose the central square. The Emperor and others would also attend the feast, which made this feast a legend and would go down in history.

A large number of people from all walks of life were present, and Ye Lang welcomed all, so those who had not been in the arena at that time could join them.

As more and more people arrived, the square became overcrowded, so some people went to the nearby area. The streets were also overcrowded. People from the square swarmed in all directions!

And they gathered together to spontaneously help prepare for this super feast. If this feast was prepared just by a few people for the tens of thousands of people, it would be a heavy workload, but if tens of thousands of people worked together to make preparations, it would not take them much time.

They moved the tables and chairs, set the dishes, transferred ingredients, cooked, and served the dishes.

Everyone in the city was working together!

The three super feasts were like celebrations enjoyed by all in the city. Even a big event would not have so many people taking part in it. This really amazed the Emperor and others!

In this super feast, everyone from different walks of life was equal, rich or poor, noble or ignoble.

Everyone just dined and wined, having a good time!

This seldom happened. It was unexpected that the prodigal Ye Lang had so much influence to cause it.

At that time, Ye Lang was saying:

“Fuck, who added the wine into my tea! I don’t drink wine!”

Because of the alcohol, Ye Lang’s face began to turn red, and then did something crazy. “Sister, I want to sing a song to you!”


“Pig, you have two nostrils.”

“Brat, dare to fool me! Shit!”

Ye Lan Yu got angry so she punched him, but Ye Lang was very flexible and avoided it. He was lying directly on the ground and fell asleep.

Although she knew that he had never drunk wine, but she didn’t know that he would get drunk as long as he just drank a little bit.

After Ye Lang got drunk, Ye Lan Yu, Princess Qi and Zhen Xiaoyan, who was serving the dishes, immediately rushed to help him up and send him home after confirming he was really drunk.

Long An Qi felt very pleased about this, but was a also little anxious because these girls cared about Ye Lang and she could do nothing.

Afterwards, although Ye Lang had left, the others still enjoyed themselves until late at night. This super feast finally ended.

It was certain that Ye Lang got drunk, so he didn’t know what happened in the end but he was sure that he had given a treat!

So why is this group of people here? Ye Lang did not mind giving one more treat, but their reason didn’t make sense. Why did they say he owed them a treat?

“Hello, I have given you a treat, right?” Ye Lang kept polite and said calmly.

“Uh, Mr. Ye, you misunderstood! We said we owe you, not you owe us.” They were in a daze for a while, but immediately explained.

“Oh, excuse me, we are shopping!” Ye Lang said directly, ready to pull the cousin to continue their visit.

“But we owe you, Mr. Ye.” Everyone immediately said.

“What? You owe me?” Ye Lang didn’t understand, and he did not remember what they owed him.

“We said that if you help us win, we must give you a treat!” Everyone reminded him.

“Yeah, oh, it seems that you have said so. And what will you treat me to?” Ye Lang was used to squandering money, and if others gave him a treat he would be willing to accept an expensive meal. In addition, it was their promise.

“What do you want to eat?” Since they offered to give him a treat, they should ask him about it.

“I want to eat the food cooked by fatty!” Ye Lang said without much consideration. The food cooked by Zhen Xiaoyan was his favorite.

“Fatty? Oh, you’re talking about Zhen Xiaoyan? I know that she often cooks in the Zhen You Wei Restaurant, but I do not know why but the food she cooks is rarely served to the guests. Those who have tasted it said her cooking is unparalleled in the world.” One spoke highly of her cooking and even looked forward to it.

It seemed that everyone knew that Zhen Xiaoyan was called fatty by Ye Lang, even though she now was beautiful and lovely.

“That is because she cooks for me and herself.” Ye Lang directly told them the reason. “Impossible. She is so slim now that she cannot eat so much food.  Everyone guessed that the food was all eaten by Ye Lang. Although they never heard before that Ye Lang ate the food, they would rather believe it was true.

“What? Fatty must eat so much now, or something wrong will happen to her body.” Ye Lang directly replied, “Yes, you said give me a treat. Then let’s go to the Zhen You Wei Restaurant. Maybe we can meet her.”


So a group of people went to that restaurant, and on the way, more and more people joined them upon hearing the news. A small feast, but it was unknown whether the restaurant was big enough for them.

“Is Zhen Xiaoyan here?” Walking into the restaurant, someone immediately asked.

“Yes, she didn’t go to the college today, and she is in the kitchen right now, but she may not be able to cook for you.” After hearing this question, a waiter immediately answered adeptly. It seemed that he had said this many times over.

Yes, many times over. Many people came here in order to taste the food she cooked, which also let the Zhen family’s restaurant boom.

Even if failing to eat the dishes cooked by Zhen Xiaoyan, most people still ate a meal here since they hadalready come! They were not willing to go somewhere else to have a meal.

This situation appeared slowly a long time ago, but after that feast, its business boomed because Zhen Xiaoyan cooked for the Emperor and the others. Although in the beginning, she just cooked for Ye Lang, but then the Emperor and others also tasted her food.

In the end, Ye Lang did not eat much before he got drunk!

So the Emperor and the others were able to enjoy it. [The Emperor eating Ye Lang’s leftovers, lol.]

Anyway, the food she had cooked amazed the Emperor and the others, which told everyone that her cooking was unparalleled, which also advertised for the restaurant!

“For someone else she would not do so, but we have someone here who she will definitely cook for!” One said confidently with a smile.


“This sentence, I have heard a countless times, everyone says that, but the results were the same!” The waiter said very adeptly, “I advise you not to expect her to cook for you. We have many chefs, and they will not let you down.”

Many people believed that because of their high status, Zhen Xiaoyan would cook for them, but did not expect that she still totally ignored them. She was not here to be a chef, she was here just to cook for herself and Ye Lang, because it was easy for her to get all ingredients here.

In the beginning, her arrival always worried her family, because she would use most of the ingredients. If she wanted to use them, no one would stop her!

Most of the ingredients she used were rare, and it was difficult to collect some of these ingredients!

‘Nonsense. If not because of the rare ingredients, would I come here? I would have cooked at home!’ This was her answer. She had come here for those rare materials. Otherwise, she could just cook at home, since the cooking tools here were similar to those in the home kitchen.

Zhen family members had tried to hide the rare materials, but failed again and again. They didn’t know why she had a special talent for easily finding the ingredients no matter where they were hidden!

As the time went by, they just worried about it but could do nothing!

But now it was different because of Zhen Xiaoyan’s fame. Many people were attracted here because of her talent, beauty or the good cooking praised by the Emperor. They hoped to see her every day and even came here all the time.

And because of this, they also tried to let Zhen Xiaoyan cook for the guests, but they were helpless. Because she totally ignored them since she just came here to find something good to cook and then left with delicious food.

Her sole aim was to cook delicious food for Ye Lang!

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