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When she was a little girl, Zhen Xiaoyan really liked to eat a lot and she wasn’t picky. If she had been a fussy eater, she would not have been so fat.

Because of this, her cooking skill had improved. The simpler ingredients needed better cooking skill!

But now, it was different. She now needed those special ingredients which she had seldom used. She now focused on cooking and eating the kind of food she hadn’t eaten before.

Also, she would always talk to herself while cooking.

“This is too greasy, Ye Lang will not like it.”

“This is too spicy, and it’s bad for his health.”

“This doesn’t taste good enough.”

“You don’t know who we are with here.” Everyone was smiling, and said very confidently. They had heard of it, but everyone knew that as long as Ye Lang is here, then it would be easy to have Zhen Xiaoyan cook for them.

It was known that Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t have a romantic relationship. At least neither of them considered themselves as a couple and others didn’t see any the chemistry between them.

If she cooked for any other man, everyone would have believed they had a romantic relationship, but oddly enough, no one thought too much about their relationship when she cooked just for Ye Lang.

No matter what the relationship was between them, it was well-known that Zhen Xiaoyan cooked for Ye Lang and prepared food for him everyday.

Ye Lang was here now, so Zhen Xiaoyan had no need to deliver the meal to him!

“No matter who you are…” The waiter continued to say coldly, but at this moment, everyone in the whole restaurant suddenly became excited. Not because of Ye Lang’s arrival, since not many people had found his presence yet, but the red cloth rising in the center. Underneath it was a dish with its name written on a nameplate.

“Oh, Miss Zhen has cooked a dish for the guests, if you are lucky and generous enough, you can eat it.” The waiter immediately said. The red cloth was specifically designed for the dishes cooked by Zhen Xiaoyan. This red cloth would be raised if her dish was to be served and this aimed to remind them that the guests could get ready to bid for this dish !

Zhen Xiaoyan only cooked no more than two dishes for the guests in a day, so the guests tried their best to get it!

“The bid for the tofu with assorted vegetables starts at one silver coin!”

The waiter directly shouted, and it was usual that the bid started at such a low price, because he knew that its final price would definitely be dozens of times higher. It even might be hundreds of times higher!

And this starting price was close to the cost of cooking such a dish in such a restaurant with a good reputation.

“A gold coin.” Someone bid for it at a price a hundred times of its starting price directly without hesitation, and that was just a warm-up!

A gold coin was just a drop in the ocean for these people. They usually spent a gold coin on a dish, and for this kind of dish that they tried to get, they would be more generous.

“Ten gold coins.”


“I, a hundred gold coins. ” Someone said in a low voice.

“Just one hundred gold coins. I… Wait…”  A hundred gold coins was a great sum of money, but it was not the limit for at least the people present. They could offer double.

For such a dish, it was indeed a high price, for its cost was less than a silver coin .

No matter how delicious the food cooked by Zhen Xiaoyan was, it wasn’t worth such a high price. But now, she was so famous that her dish was worth the high price!

“What did you say? Then bid for it, or I will go for it.” Although the people there felt a little strange about his reaction, they ignored him and continued to bid.

“I… What are you doing? Why are you pulling me?” When a man intended to bid, he was pulled back by the man who had bid just now.

“Look at who just placed the bid?”

“Whoever, even if the emperor is here, I will not give up!” The man said arrogantly and firmly. But when he saw the person who had bid, he immediately said:

“Fuck, it’s that brat! It seems that I cannot eat the food cooked by Zhen Xiaoyan today! ”

“Hey, why does he come here?”

“Fuck, it must be that man that brought him here. I must give him a lesson.”

When everyone found this situation, they began to talk about it and guess all kinds of reasons. All of them simply gave up bidding.

And the brat was Ye Lang, whom they called Thirteenth Young Master!

“Thirteenth Young Master, since you eat the food cooked by Zhen Xiaoyan every day, why do you bid for it?” Some people said helplessly.

“I like to spend money.” Ye Lang smiled, and replied straightforwardly.

“I know that, we all know that.”

Everyone knew his answer, for he was so prodigal that he seized every chance to spend money.

No one here would offend him for a dish.

Fine, let him have it!

“Thirteenth Young Master, please enjoy it! Sorry for not recognizing you. Miss Zhen will cook many dishes for you!” The waiter brought the dish of tofu, and he became humble, rather than the arrogance he displayed before.

“I will tell her that you are here.” The waiter said and turned around to leave.

“Don’t bother her. We will leave as soon as we finish our meal. Let her do what she should do.” Ye Lang immediately stopped him and said, “You just serve us your signature dishes.”

“OK, got it!” The waiter replied.

I am so stupid. Thirteenth Young Master eats the dishes cooked by her every day, so today he wants to eat something different, I don’t need to let Miss Zhen take the order!

The waiter thought like that, and so did many others. Ye Lang could eat the food cooked by her every day, so it was a good idea to have a change!

However, since you don’t want to eat her dish, why do you bid for it?

“Xiao Lang, I didn’t expect that you were so gentle!” His cousin chuckled and said something that was confusing.

Ye Lang ignored her and picked up the chopsticks to relish the tofu, which made those eager to eat the dish get more envious.

“Let me have a try. It is said to be very delicious.” His cousin also picked up the chopsticks to taste a little bit.

“Mmmh. It is really delicious!” His cousin spoke highly of the dish, but with reservation, so that some people there were not satisfied.

“Yeah!” Ye Lang did not notice the problem. He just nodded, eating the food.

“Take it easy. Enjoy it, no one will take it away!” His cousin took out a scarf to gently wipe away the sauce on Ye Lang’ face and said with a smile.

“I will take you to eat something more delicious.”

More delicious? Does it mean this was not good enough? Who is this woman who even says this is not delicious enough?

Think about it. The woman together with Thirteenth Young Master can’t be ordinary. She may have eaten more delicious dishes. After all, Zhen Xiaoyan’s cooking has not been considered the best in the world!

At least, they also knew several people that could cook better than Zhen Xiaoyan. But these people were legends, rather than ordinary people! That was why they were not available.

But Zhen Xiaoyan was available and existed in reality!

Soon, they all understood the reason why the cousin praised Zhen Xiaoyan for her cooking skill with reservation. It was because of Zhen Xiaoyan herself!

Zhen Xiaoyan came out with her head facing the outside as usual. She did not greet others, because she was afraid that these people would ask her to do something.

Of course, she was not afraid of doing it, since she didn’t mind being bothered, she also liked helping others. But she was worried about a delay in doing what she needed to do.

“Little miss, are you leaving?”

“Yes, I am finished. See you tomorrow!” Zhen Xiaoyan replied.

“Miss Zhen, could you please cook us a dish!”

“I am sorry, I never cook for others. I am in a hurry, and you can order the other dishes, they are as delicious as what I cook.” Zhen Xiaoyan said humbly and continued to leave with her head down. It seemed that this situation was very familiar to her.

“You won’t cook for the others, but you cook for him.” Those coming with Ye Lang deliberately mentioned him.

But Zhen Xiaoyan did not notice Ye Lang, and thought it was a lie told by someone who wanted to enjoy the privilege. She did not even look over.

“I am sorry. I am in a hurry.” Zhen Xiaoyan sped up her stride to the door.

“Miss Zhen, please look!” Someone shouted with a smile.

“Oh, I see!” Zhen Xiaoyan glanced at Ye Lang, who had lowered his head to relish his meal. It was likely that she didn’t recognize him. She continued to walk out.

Unexpectedly, she finally walked out of the door!

“Fuck, why not just tell her Thirteenth Young Master is here.” After a while, when everyone knew what happened, they immediately scolded that person angrily. Yes, if he had told her directly, she would have cooked many dishes for Ye Lang.

“Any more dishes? I have almost finished this one!” Ye Lang did not notice anything special, and just asked for more dishes to be served quickly. Then he continued to bow his head to eat.

On this occasion, everyone was no longer angry, for they all knew Thirteenth Young Master’s character. Well, let’s talk about it tomorrow.

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