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Chapter - 88 Cousin (2)

A beautiful day with white clouds and fine weather. Within this little bubble, the weather is so peaceful…….

Ye Lang was currently staring at the sky, lost in thought!

"Why can't you agree? It's not a problem if you come to my house and live there for half a year, your big sister will dote on you!" Ye Lang's cousin grabbed his ear and continued nagging.

"I know you dote on me, but your house is too far away. I think it's in the Vermillion Bird Empire's capital, it's several hundred kilometers away from here, I can't go somewhere that far away!" Ye Lang stupidly replied, he was not willing to go to the Vermillion Bird Empire, he absolutely didn't want to!

"What? I doted on you for nothing! In the future, see if I still treat you so well!" Ye Lang's cousin pouted, these words definitely had a threatening undertone. However, these words had apparently already been said several times before.

"I got it I got it, you've already stayed here for several days, you should start heading back." Ye Lang carelessly replied while digging around in his ears.

According to past experience, when this cousin came to visit, she wouldn't stay for too long. Although she would come every few years, but every time she visited, she would not stay for more than a month. It appeared that her status would not let her stay for that long.

What was her identity? This, Ye Lang did not know at all, he didn't even know what his own mother's family did, nor did he know what their exact status was, only that they were a prestigious family in the Vermillion Bird Empire.

About this matter, his mother didn't really speak about it to Ye Lang, only Ye Chengtian had mentioned something a couple of times before.

Regardless, his mother's family definitely wasn't simple, that could be inferred just from looking at his mother and cousin!

And it seemed that this wasn't just because of Ye Lang's character being one that didn't ask for clarification, even if he had asked, he wouldn't have obtained much information. Long An Qi's status was very murky among the Ye family, only the general outline was known.

When even the Ye family was in such a state, others don't even need to be mentioned!

When it comes to people who really knew, only a few people within the entire Soaring Sky Empire knew. These people could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Fortunately, among these few people was the person with the most authority in the Empire, so the matter could be allowed to slide. What? Who in the Empire had the most authority? Isn't it obvious? It's the ruler of the country, the Emperor!

"That's true, a long time has passed yet again… I'm starting my return trip tomorrow. Little idiot, does my problem really have no solution?" Ye Lang's cousin peacefully spoke, her tone turning soft, at the same time carrying undertones of grief.

Every time she came to visit, she knew there would be a day when she would have to leave. At the same time, she also knew she would be sad and depressed. Only, she still couldn't help but come and see this stupid little cousin of hers.

"No." Ye Lang shook his head: "Honestly, your problem isn't hard. Even though there's no way to change your physique, this can still be resolved from the outside"

"??" Ye Lang's cousin looked at him with an uncomprehending expression.

"In simple terms, the solution is just to directly rub away your scar, then deal with your skin. This way, the scar on your forehead can be removed!" Little Ye Lang once again explained.

"Really? What does that require, and how much time would it take? Does it hurt?" Ye Lang's cousin asked excitedly.

"I already have the materials and not much time is required, it can be finished today and you can leave happily tomorrow. As for whether it hurts or not, this I don't know! Heh Heh…" Ye Lang evilly laughed, very clearly desiring revenge on his cousin.

"Pow!" Ye Lang's cousin smashed her fist on top of Ye Lang's head, her dissatisfaction plastered across her face.

"Why'd you hit me again?" Ye Lang stupidly asked.

"What do you think?!" His cousin unhappily replied. "If you had an idea, and it can even be done in one day, then why didn't you bring it up until now, causing me to have to ask you for help every day! Did you enjoy the feeling of the situation?!"

It turns out it was for this reason, and not because of Ye Lang wanting revenge. But then again, this kind of situation would definitely also cause a person to feel displeased!

"This… I wasn't enjoying it, I was preparing the materials, I wanted to give you a pleasant surprise. Also, if you got better, and left immediately, then we would once again have to wait a long time before meeting again."

Within these words, one could feel that it seemed he also greatly liked this cousin. Perhaps it's because of the scar she received trying to save him, and perhaps, the reason he didn't want to remove the scar quickly was also because he wanted to leave behind that memory of that period of normal and yet abnormal sibling camaraderie.

Ye Lang's cousin blanked out for a while. Only after a period of time did she open her mouth to say:

"Little fool, how could your older sister bear to leave early, it's only our problem… Ai, forget it, even if I talked about it with you, you wouldn't understand. If you weren't the Ye family's young master and if I wasn't… We wouldn't have so many problems!"

Ye Lang's cousin's tone was very warm, and within it, leaked a complicated feeling. Furthermore, she revealed that for Ye Lang's parents to be together, they must've gone through many twists and turns.

"??" Ye Lang didn't understand these things, he didn't understand it at all.

"Let's not talk about this anymore. Older sister wrongly blamed you just now, I'll make it up to you, does it hurt?" Ye Lang's cousin caressed the area she had just whacked, a look of regret and pain on her face.

"It doesn't hurt, I'm used to it, you guys all like to hit my head, I don't think I even need to train in the art of the iron head to develop an iron head" Ye Lang shook his head and said.

His cousin didn't reply. She only quietly stared at her own younger cousin.

"Idiot!" Ye Lang's cousin in one move embraced Ye Lang in a hug. "You are such an idiot!"

"??" Ye Lang didn't understand. What was wrong with his cousin, why did it seem like she was very moved all of a sudden?

Even though he didn't understand, he didn't try to understand, because he thought being hugged like this was very comfortable.

After a very, very long time, the two of them didn't even know how long had passed, they finally parted!

"Cousin, do you want me to do it for you now, we can go play after and you won't need to wear a veil anymore." Ye Lang said after they parted.

"Let's go play now, we can wait until night to do it. Either way, even if it was healed,  I would still have to wear a veil here anyways…" His cousin wryly smiled.

"Why? Are you too ashamed?" Ye Lang asked, puzzled.

"Sometimes I really want to rip your mouth off!" His cousin angrily said. "Even though your meaning isn't quite right, but there is some truth in that statement, your cousin cannot be seen here."

"??" Ye Lang's face was full of confusion and at this time, he appeared to remember that his cousin would not wear a veil only in front of him and a few others, in front of everyone else, she would always wear the veil.

Ye Lang at the start had immediately thought this was because she didn't want others to see her scar, so she covered everything up, now he thought that didn't seem quite right.

His cousin only had to dress up a little in order to completely cover the scar, which would allow her to show her beautiful and charming appearance. Dressing up was easier than using a veil, if that was the case, why go the extra step?

Ye Lang hadn't finished thinking when his cousin pulled him out to play and quickly forgot this matter. He was just that kind of person, some things he wouldn't understand if no one explained them to him clearly, and if he didn't understand, he wouldn't think about it too much, he would selectively forget!

"Idiot, there are even people chasing behind you, who knew you would be so welcomed here." Ye Lang's cousin panted out of breath, she had already pulled Ye Lang along for who knew how far.

She didn't think that the two of them going out to play would encounter this kind of situation.

At that time, when the two of them stepped out the front gate, there was a horde of "ambushers". Everybody in the surroundings rushed out and surrounded the two of them.

At that time, Ye Lang's cousin had directly drawn her sword and prepared to cut up those people. She thought they were there to ambush the two of them!

Afterwards, she discovered that these people were actually there to look for her cousin. They weren't there to ambush him, but were waiting for him to come out so they could beg him to take out more alchemy items from his ring.

These people weren't strangers, they were actually the Imperial alchemists that Ye Lan Yu had chased away!

Of course, these people were only regular alchemists, they were of lower rank. The leaders had already left and ambushing was something done by the lower ranks.

Ye Lang wrinkled his eyebrows and straightforwardly said: "You guys go back and tell your leader, as people, you ought to understand contentment, what I could give you I have already given you, the rest is up to yourselves! If you can understand these crucial points, you wouldn't need to ask me anything else!"

"Thirteenth Young Master…"

"Guards come, stop these people, don't let them get in my way." Ye Lang directly commanded the Ye Family's guards to stop the alchemists who wouldn't give up until Ye Lang walked far away.

Yet Ye Lang and his cousin didn't think that as soon as they left the encirclement of alchemists, they would attract another encirclement! The encirclement of the whole city, an encirclement of people ranging from commoners to nobles!

"Thirteenth Young Master! Thirteenth Young Master! Everybody quick, come look! It's the Thirteenth Young Master…"

"It really is the Thirteenth Young Master…"

"Hurry, don't let the the Thirteenth Young Master run, he still owes us a meal!"

"That's right, Thirteenth Young Master don't leave! You haven't told us your story yet…"

Just like this, Ye Lang was surrounded. Under these circumstances, Ye Lang used an expression of smelling a stinky fart to say: "Forget the story, you guys are here because you all want to know my alchemy, in truth, this is just 1% talent and 99% hard work!"

[TL note: I think Ye Lang is trying to quote Thomas Edison here]

You work hard? This seemed a little reasonable regarding Ye Lang and alchemy. He definitely put in some work. Only………..

Did you really use 99% hard work? It would appear that you just run around a bit more than everyone else, going around being prodigal everywhere. It's also because of being prodigal that you would have more opportunities to experiment than everyone else and achieve the results you have today.

So in conclusion, your success was 3 parts talent, 1 part work, and the rest was all thanks to being prodigal!

Ai, who knew that being prodigal was a way to increase strength? This was the first time this had occurred, it wasn't guaranteed to be the last case, but it was definitely the first, and it was only the Ye family's Thirteenth Young Master who could create this kind of legend!

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