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Chapter 87 - Cousin (1)

It was dawn within the Ye family's courtyard named Beneath the Gentle Waves, who knew when Ye Lang had chosen such a grand and majestic name! [Lang in Ye Lang means wave(s)]

Many people had asked the meaning behind the name, but Ye Lang would only reply, there is no hidden meaning, it's just a name.

Within the courtyard, Ye Lang sat looking ahead, lost in thought, as if he could see the beautiful figure of Tigress dancing before him…..

Who knew how Tigress was doing, was she still like she was before? She ought to have grown a lot, these 5 years, they had all been growing under the influence of puberty.

Hey hey, perhaps Tigress's small dumplings had become large steamed buns……

"Little brother, why are you smiling, why is your smile so weird?" As soon as Ye Lan Yu walked in, she noticed the slightly lewd smile on Ye Lang's face.

"Never mind! Taking into consideration your circumstances, I don't think they'll become large steamed buns." Ye Lang shook his head and then looked at Ye Lan Yu's chest, that chest that could only be described as not lacking, but yet not bountiful.

"?? What steamed buns?" Ye Lan Yu was confused, but if she knew what Ye Lang was thinking right now, she would immediately send him flying with a single kick.

"Steamed buns, of course it's the steam buns you eat!" Ye Lang said with a deadpan expression "Sister, I'm not going to school today, didn't I already discuss this with you yesterday?"

"I know it's because you wish to avoid those people, but they've already chased you to here, they're right outside the front gate, are you sure you don't want to meet them?" Ye Lan Yu asked with a smile.

"Won't meet them! Tell them I don't have anything more to give them, I've already given them enough, go research the rest yourselves!" Ye Lang frowned while wrinkling his eyebrows.

"I know, so I already chased them all away!" Ye Lan Yu said while smiling as before, with her understanding of Ye Lang, she naturally knew whether or not Ye Lang wanted to meet people, and at the same time, she didn't wish for people to bother her little brother.

"Then why did you run here to ask me?" Ye Lang offhandedly remarked.

"I came just to see you, can't I?" Ye Lan Yu replied while pinching Ye Lang's cheeks with a smile.

She came here purely to see Ye Lang, when it came to chances to be with Ye Lang, she definitely wouldn't let them pass by, these actions could be described positively as treasuring her brother or negatively as excessive pampering!


"You can't say no!" Ye Lan Yu pinched Ye Lang's nose while smiling wryly

"I didn't' say no, I was trying to say "no comment" ah" Ye Lang grabbed his nose and cried out, his face still looking foolish.

"That's more like it" Ye Lan Yu smiled.

"It's not like it would matter even if I had an opinion, until you get a boyfriend, I can only play that role! Ai, who knows if you'll be able to get married in this lifetime, if you don't, won't I be pestered to death!" Ye Lang grieved while staring at the sky. But it appeared he didn't notice that his sister next to him had already started erupting as a result of his words.


Ye Lan Yu viciously smacked Ye Lang's head and furiously roared: "Isn't the reason I, your older sister, have no boyfriend because you keep on scaring them away brat, yet you're so full of excuses!"

Ye Lan Yu was young and beautiful. She possessed a beautiful appearance, powerful strength, and an even more powerful background. This kind of young lady naturally had many suitors, and naturally some of them would be suitable.

Only, those Ye Lan Yu considered suitable, Ye Lang would nevertheless consider unsuitable and always find some problems. If he couldn't find any problems, he would even outright reject them. In this manner he stubbornly kept Ye Lan Yu's "romantic love" in a state of failing for no reason!

These circumstances gave Long An Qi and Ye Lan Yu headaches. But they nevertheless couldn't bear to scold Ye Lang. They could only leave matters where they stood for the time being.

If Ye Lan Yu were to choose, she would also definitely choose Ye Lang, and not her own romance!

Even if it was real love, she might still give it up, to say nothing of these relationships that were only at the level of favorable impressions.

"Really? How come I don't remember anything like that?" Ye Lang wore an innocent expression, he wasn't faking, rather, he had completely forgotten these events, he completely did not feel like they were worth discussing!

"Forget it, it's too much trouble to hold you accountable, if your sister can't get married later, you'll just have to deal with it! Hmph!!" As soon as Ye Lan Yu finished her hmph, she left the courtyard and went off to school, of course, before leaving she kissed the cheek of Ye Lang out of habit, yes. In her eyes, Ye Lang's face was eternally the face of her cute little brother!

"If you can't get married, you can't get married, I can take care of you for life, I won't ever let anyone bully you, won't let you cry." Ye Lang stupidly said, not realizing that this was selfish, not letting Ye Lan Yu obtaining the happiness she deserved.

Perhaps, this was just his temporary way of thinking, at the moment, he didn't want his sister to leave him, he wanted to stick to his sister and throw tantrums; perhaps deep in his heart, he likes to seize onto Ye Lan Yu without letting go, very selfishly not letting her get married.

Ye Lang appeared to have said these words  for himself to hear, and not for Ye Lan Yu, who had already exited the front gate of the courtyard, but he didn't expect…

"Remember these words, I definitely won't let you forget!!" Ye Lan Yu's cute head stuck out from behind the front gate, and said those words to Ye Lang with a smile.

In reality, after being surprised by Ye Lang's words, she had stood completely immobile outside the gate for a while. Only later did she go back to the gate.

Ye Lang remained silent briefly. "How are your ears like Tigress, able to hear quiet sweet words like these!"

"Of course, women's ears are all excellent, so, in the future you better not talk behind my back, you can only say some good things, like how I'm beautiful beyond compare." Ye Lan Yu cheekily replied.

"You really have no shame!" Ye Lang very straightforwardly retorted.

"……, Brat, I'll teach you a lesson after I get home!!" Ye Lan Yu's expression dropped, left behind some empty angry words, and left, this time leaving for real.

After a while,

"Little brother…."

An affectionate voice called over, did that cow ye Lan Yu come back once again? No, definitely not, from Ye Lang's reaction, it could be seen that was not the case.

"Crap, I'm not here!!" Ye Lang immediately jerked his head and ran inside his house and closed the door, he also didn't forget to give himself away by shouting that he wasn't here.

"….What an idiot, "I'm not here", then who replied to me?" A young lady appeared within the courtyard and immediately walked in front of the doors and directly kicked them open……

"Little brat, you dare to pretend you're not here, if you don't agree to do what your big sister tells you to this time, big sister will teach you why the flowers are so red!!"

"Why?" Ye Lang's head poked out and curiously asked. However he quickly came to his senses, he shouldn't have appeared, at this time he should've hidden.

"Think I can't catch you!" The young lady would definitely not let go of this chance and directly grabbed hold of Ye Lang and pulled him out!

What an idiot, to go as far as asking why!

The young lady truly did not know how to deal with Ye Lang, if he was called stupid, he had so much talent, but if he was called smart, he acted like a fool on the contrary!

"Let go, let go, I can't promise you anything, you should just go back now!" Ye Lang slapped at the young lady's hand and struggled.

"Big sister's problem isn't that hard, why won't you agree!!" The young lady released him and unhappily complained. "Not hard? Have mercy cousin, what kind of ideal beauty do you want me to help you create, before talking about whether I'm willing, even if you wanted me to go to your house to work,  I can't make this promise. This kind of undertaking can't be completed without at least half a year of work!!" Ye Lang said grumpily.

Cousin? That's right, this young lady was Ye Lang's cousin, and not from his paternal side, thus she did not possess the air of a young lady of the Ye family.

[TL note: In Chinese, cousin is a different phrase depending on whether the cousin is maternal or paternal, male or female etc. The author uses these to emphasize that the young lady is Ye Lang's maternal cousin, 表姐 and 堂姐 are used for this purpose.]

Besides, this cousin was not from the Ye Jia's side, that is to say, she was unrelated to Ye Chengtian, she was not related to anyone on his side of the family, she belonged to Long An Qi's birth family.

This cousin did not appear suddenly, after several years apart, she had come to visit the Ye family to drop in on Long An Qi. Normally, she would play together with Ye Lang and Ye Lan Yu. She was also a cousin who doted dearly on Ye lang!

And this time, after she heard Ye Lang was able to turn Zhen Xiaoyan into a captivating beauty in a short period of time, she immediately put aside all other matters to immediately ask Ye Lang why he didn't help her do a bit of makeup, of course, in the process, she could get Ye Lang to help her develop a perfect figure and temperament.

Only, Ye Lang never had much interest towards these matters, completely ignoring this cousin of his!

Why care about her, she was already a hard to find beauty, and her temperament was refined as well, for her to still be greedy and desiring to become more beautiful, how were others supposed to live? And so, Ye Lang firmly opposed this matter!

But then again, there was one major flaw on her body, that was, on her forehead there was a  long scar. She would always use her bangs or a headband to cover it up and not let it significantly hurt her appearance!

This scar, it seemed it was more or less related to Ye Lang, at the time the two of them were both small, Ye Lang was foolishly running around everywhere, one time he was about to be hit by a carriage, yet he didn't move or dodge, luckily his cousin was there and saved him, yet she herself received a scar as a result…

Ai, in short, this was a sorrowful memory!

And Ye Lang, apparently had already completely forgotten this event!

Originally, this kind of scar, if it had been left on someone else, it would've easily been removed, during treatment, regardless of magic or alchemy, there were methods to avoid scarring, but this cousin's physique was very strange, regardless of any method, they all had no effect.

This incident also made everyone aware of this cousin's strange physique, apart from natural healing, other things had no effect on her!

Because of this, after this, she would also be very careful to treat scars and maintain her health, deathly afraid that she would once again end up with untreatable scars!

Perhaps, this scar also caused Ye Lang to recall his feelings for her, but even if that wasn't the case, they would still remember this scar, these feelings.

[TL note: this sentence is a bit weird, seems kind of contradictory]

Because, the past could not be changed!

And as for whether Ye Lang had really forgotten? Perhaps.

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