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Chapter 86 - Alchemy Genius (3)

"Oh Chengtian, your family's little brat is full of surprises everytime!" The Emperor humorously remarked to Ye Chengtian, although that was what he said, however it seemed like he was used to it and considered it normal.

All in all, this time Ye Lang only revealed his alchemy weapons to clinch a surprise victory, anyone else could have done it as well.

Under the gaze of the celebrating packed arena, Li Danteng could only feel more and more humiliated, he had never considered the possibility he might lose, and furthermore lose in such a simple way, he was utterly unable to retaliate!!

He would not admit defeat, absolutely not!!

"Ye Lang! Stop right there!!" Li Danteng took advantage of when the first sword saint wasn't paying attention and suddenly rushed forward, rushing at Ye Lang, furthermore in his rage, he unleashed the strongest douqi attack he had ever used in his life!

Just like this, under the watching eyes of the entire stadium, he carried out a despicable act, an act that would not allow him to raise his head ever again in his life, he attacked a person with his back turned!

Ye Lang was calmly walking in front, apparently he hadn't noticed the powerful douqi attack pressuring his back…..

At this moment, everybody wanted to block Li Danteng, and stop him from harming Ye Lang, this person who everybody wanted to protect!

The first Sword Saint, who was closest, also wanted to block the blow, but not to protect Ye Lang, but to protect his grandson, stop him from going too far and bringing disaster on himself, ruining his entire life!

However he had let himself be distracted for a moment, right now he wanted to rush over there, but he didn't know if he could make it in time, he could only rush over as fast as he could and hope for the best!

As for everybody else?

When even the first Sword Saint, who was the closest, could only do this much, there was no need to speak of anyone else, apart from watching the events develop, at most they could only loudly shout…..

"Little brother, be careful!!"

"Ye Lang!"

Ye Lan Yu, Princess Qi, etc.., cried out in alarm, warning Ye Lang, furthermore, they even one by one jumped up and started running towards Ye Lang, even though they knew they couldn't catch up, but could they sit or stand still and do nothing?

"What now, why are you shouting…." Ye Lang turned around and said as he scratched his head,  and when he saw the powerful douqi attack coming towards him, he appeared to be stunned and didn't move at all.

Idiot, fool, can't you even dodge a little?

Ye Lan Yu and company silently scolded in their hearts, even though they knew that even if Ye Lang were to dodge, he wouldn't necessarily be able to dodge the range of the douqi, it's just that, looking at Ye Lang not moving at all like this made them all very panicked!

No, it's not that he wasn't moving at all, everybody suddenly discovered Ye Lang's hand was rapidly moving through the air, leaving behind confusing and mysterious tracks in the air……

"Alchemy spell!"

The eyes of the great master class alchemists lit up, they quickly found out what Ye Lang was drawing in the air, it was definitely some kind of alchemy spell, but as for what this alchemy spell's function was, that was very hard to determine.

This was because nobody could know what an incompletely formed alchemy spell's result would be, the difference between two alchemyl spell formations was just a little, and this small difference could cause the alchemy spell to become something completely different!

At this moment, the great master class alchemists were very excited, because at this moment, they could finally consider themselves to be witnessing a real alchemy battle, directly using one's own alchemy skills to battle, this was far more difficult than using alchemy weapons, the power could be significantly less than the alchemy weapons, however it did have the most advantageous trait:


Very quickly, everybody realized Ye Lang was using an alchemy spell, and they also understood what kind of spell it was, because the results were placed in front of them, and it was a very flashy  too!

Everybody could see as Li Danteng's douqi attack came infinitely close to Ye Lang, a round alchemy spell appeared, the alchemy spell released a dreamy brilliance….

As the douqi approached, the alchemy spell stopped it, unable to advance even an iota towards Ye Lang, who was a hair's breadth away, all of the douqi was blocked just a small distance away!

Looking at these circumstances, everybody present could breathe a sigh of relief in their hearts, regardless of whether Ye Lang's alchemy spell had completely blocked the douqi attack, at the very least, it had bought some time, this bit of time was sufficient for others to save him.

But very quickly, everybody shockingly discovered that Ye Lang's alchemy spell did not simply block, after blocking Li Danteng's douqi attack, it started to rebound back towards the origin, completely reflecting the attack!

"Water Moon Mirror!?"

How was this possible, how could he use such a high level spell? Moreover, how could Water Moon Mirror be so small?

There was only one alchemy spell capable of completely reflecting douqi and magic, and that was Water Moon Mirror, but normally, Water Moon Mirror was a super massive spell that required many people to work together to arrange, never before had anyone been able to use it by themselves, in addition, doing it empty handed to boot!!

Besides, Water Moon Mirror had a diameter of at least 10 meters, Ye Lang's on the other hand wasn't even 2 meters!

That isn't to say making it small to this extent was impossible, it's just that to shrink it to this size, the complicated alchemy spell simply could not fit inside it, at least, up until this point nobody had been able to do it.

Still, Ye Lang just now seemed like he didn't use much time, were his hands really fast, able to complete the alchemy spell in such a short time, or was it something else?

Right now, nobody could understand what was truly going on, they only knew that Ye Lang's Water Moon Mirror mini edition had just appeared and it's functionality was perfect!

"?!" when Li Danteng discovered his own douqi was being reflected back at him, he immediately became dumbfounded, and with regards to his astonishment, the douqi came back at him awaiting his response.



Li Danteng was struck by his douqi attack, flying straight backwards, spraying blood everywhere from the power of his attack, simultaneously letting out a blood-curdling shriek at an appropriate time!!

When one launches an all-out attack, often one does not possess any kind of defense, in this manner, Li Danteng took his own strongest attack while having no defenses!

These circumstances, I believe anyone could imagine…

Even if you don't die, you'll be crippled!!

"You're quite pitiful! But, you're not worthy of people's pity!!" Ye Lang spoke dully, finally, he didn't forget to do one last act of kindness—

"Doctor, please go save him, otherwise he might die. Better a bad life than a good death, but then again this doesn't count as a good death….."

If he's lucky, he'll be crippled. Ye Lang didn't say these words, he felt that this would make people depressed, he was a good person, he wouldn't say such hurtful words…..

*Cough, cough* No matter what, this was Li Danteng getting what he deserved, if he hadn't provoked Ye Lang, if he didn't insist on pursuing that matter, if he hadn't attempted to sneak attack just now, he wouldn't have an end like this!

But if it wasn't like this, nobody would know that Ye Lang, this piece of trash, was actually a talented and frightening alchemy genius, he was a trashy genius!

After gaining understanding of that Water Moon Mirror mini edition, everybody became even more sure of this fact, it turns out that the Water Moon Mirror mini edition was improved into its present form by Ye Lang, it was solely a unidirectional defensive alchemy spell. It could only reflect some things, and it wasn't like the original, capable of reflecting anything, and thus it could do without much of the alchemy spell.

And more mysteriously, Ye Lang could adapt it to different circumstances and use different forms of Water Moon Mirror. With such a strong focus, even if it was an even more accomplished great master class alchemist, they would still be unable to do this.

This was already no longer within the domain of natural gifts or studying, this was more about observation, reaction time, the nimbleness and accuracy of the hands etc…..

What a fearsome Thirteenth young master of the Ye family!!

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