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Chapter 85 - Alchemy Genius (2)

"You can't be like this, I've already surrendered, those words just now were just said in anger, I didn't really want to kill you……" Li Danteng hurriedly explained, he definitely didn't want to be killed off like this.

"All villains would say that at this time, so, you are also a villain, you ought to die!" As soon as Ye Lang finished speaking, he pulled the trigger, the alchemy cannon started to shine…..

"Stop!" The first Sword Saint suddenly jumped up, with one slash he smashed apart the thrall everyone had fallen into, demonstrating the first Sword Saint's extraordinary ability, another second and he arrived in front of Li Danteng.

"You came at just the right time!" Ye Lang smiled and said, causing many people to feel confused, what is this 'just the right time' you speak of, doesn't this mean you can't kill Li Danteng?

"Ice, fire, wind, earth, fully display your powers!"


Four lines of differently colored light blended and weaved together, rotating at high speed, and came together to form a new gorgeous 4 colored beam.

If before, Ye Lang's alchemy cannon was emitting light about the size of an arm, now it was a leg, and it was the leg of a fat person too!

The difference was not a little either, therefore, the power…..


The first Sword Saint, under these conditions, could only face his sword forward, instantly displaying his strongest douqi, and put his life on the line to block that 4 colored beam, because if he were to dodge, then Li Danteng would undoubtedly die!!

Speaking of which, why didn't he just directly pick up Li Danteng and leave? This wasn't because he wasn't thinking, but because he was unable to do so, this was because, not only did Ye Lang's net entrap him, it also had mechanisms to anchor it to the ground, pinning the victim down, unless Ye Lang undid the mechanism, there was no way to quickly unbind the net from the ground.

Within the arena, brilliant light radiated everywhere!

The first Sword Saint indeed lived up to his name, as he was able to be the match of that 4 colored beam…..

That's right, he was able to evenly match the 4 colored beam, this result surprised everyone, of course they weren't surprised by the power of the first Sword Saint, but rather surprised by the power displayed by Ye Lang's toy, to think that it could evenly match the first Sword Saint.

Of course, everyone knew that if it wasn't under extraordinary circumstances, that toy would not be able to hit the first Sword Saint, at least definitely not if done frontally!

Only, if it was used in an ambush, catching the opponent off guard, the danger would definitely be great……

The light gradually faded, the first Sword Saint's silhouette was reflected in everyone's eyes, and his appearance made everyone more surprised at Ye Lang's alchemy weapon.

"Huu huu….."

The first Sword Saint was somewhat exhausted, the exchange just now weakened him somewhat, thus for a while, he only stared at Ye Lang without speaking…..

"Hmmmm, it was blocked, not bad at all, let's test the power of space again….. special pattern: space….."

(TL note: translating 空间之力 as power of space)

Ye Lang's speech and actions caused people's eyes to fall out of their sockets!

Again? Fuck, this toy was too abnormal….

At this moment, many people believed that if Ye Lang was too fire again, the first Sword Saint very likely would perish, this would be the most bizarre ending for a Sword Saint, and also the most unjust.

That kind of thing would make him the most pitiful Sword Saint!

And Ye Lang, his reputation would skyrocket, only, it felt like this kind of ending was too wasteful, could the grand first Sword Saint really meet his end like this?

But thinking about it, this seems to be Ye Lang's favorite activity—being prodigal!!

Isn't that so? For the first Sword Saint to be killed off just like this, isn't this wasteful? From a certain viewpoint, this is also prodigal behavior, but now the family was the country!

[TL note: wordplay going on here, 败家 is being translated as prodigal, it literally means damaging the family and country is written as 国家 where both terms share a common second character which means family. The author is making a pun where Ye Lang is being a prodigal son to the country as a whole.]

Stop him, he must be stopped!

Many people began yelling to stop, among them was the emperor, but the words of these people seemed to have no effect on Ye Lang, until…

"Little bastard, stop right there for your mother!!" Long An Qi angrily shouted.

"Ai, what a pity…." Ye Lang packed up his things, not only his alchemy cannon, but also the net on Li Danteng, Ye Lang knew it was time to call it a day.

As for what he found a pity, it obviously wasn't the fact that he was unable to kill Li Danteng, in reality, he had never put Li Danteng in his eyes to begin with, he only  wanted to test how powerful the first Sword Saint really was, wanted to know if his alchemy cannon could kill off the first Sword Saint, this kind of august figure.

Before when he said he wanted to kill off Li Danteng, in reality he wanted to draw out the first Sword Saint, that was why he spoke and waited, otherwise he would have directly fired a cannon blast and solved the problem.

And so, he was now feeling disappointed, he had yet to finish testing and it was over already, but he had already achieved his objective, from the four element bombardment's result's just now, he already calculated a corresponding equation!

That is to say, he already knew all of the ratios, apart from special categories!

"Ye Lang!!" when Li Danteng's net was retracted, he used a voice full of loathing to hoarsely shout at Ye Lang.

"What? Want to treat me to dinner? I don't have time." Ye Lang clapped his hands and walked off the stage.

"I want a fair fight with you, you can't use those odd gadgets." Li Danteng refused to admit his defeat.

"Once again I will remind you, I am an alchemist, the techniques I use to battle are these, if you refuse to admit defeat, then talk to me on the day I become a warrior!" Ye Lang casually remarked and continued on his way.

On the day you become a warrior? Is it possible for you to become a warrior? You attribute-less piece of trash, you have no hope at all!


For this attribute-less piece of trash to achieve such a high level in alchemy, truly nobody could have foreseen it!

But this line of thought was only present within the grand master class alchemists present at the scene, everybody else generally thought Ye Lang's weapons were obtained with money, if he had no money, he definitely wouldn't amount to much!

Indeed, without money, Ye Lang's alchemy weapons would not be this powerful, and there wouldn't be this many powerful alchemy equipment either, but this was only the foundations of his weapons, if he didn't have a certain degree of skill in alchemy, he wouldn't be able to create things like these at all.

And because of this, in the following days, the grand master class alchemists frequently paid vists to Ye Lang, and at the same time examined some of Ye Lang's alchemy items, they became more and more certain of Ye Lang's innate skill with alchemy as the days passed!

But let's not talk about that now, the people within the stadium slowly began to react to the situation before them, Ye Lang had already won!!

"Whoa, Thirteenth young master really won!"

"I know, who knew!"

"Luckily I supported Thirteenth young master, otherwise I would've lost money for nothing!"

"Yep yep, I also supported Thirteenth young master and won a lot of money, I can treat everybody to dinner!"

"Psssh, treating us to dinner, are you as generous as Thirteenth young master, he outright offered to treat all of us to dinner! Tens of thousands of people!!"


In a short period of time, the atmosphere of the arena boiled over, everyone was celebrating having won money, of course, they were also celebrating Ye Lang's victory, celebrating that he wasn't worthless.

Even though he has no attributes, but he can still be domineering, he can still fight on par with the first Sword Saint, of course, this train of thought wasn't quite perfect, but who cares about that!

This was also the first time Ye Lang had demonstrated his prowess, letting people know, that even trash are not people to be angered!!

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