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Chapter 84 - Alchemy Genius (1)

After Li Danteng approached Ye Lang, Ye Lang casually threw away the alchemy cannon, just like that, he threw away the powerful alchemy weapon as if it was nothing important.

Because of this action, the entire stadium became speechless, including Li Danteng, who had rushed at Ye Lang!

Soon, everyone realized something, Ye Lang throwing away the alchemy cannon was a very normal tactic, at the same time, they realized that Ye Lang's alchemy weapons numbered more than one…..

"Yoohoo, watch out for bombs!" Ye Lang threw several cylindrical items from his hands, items that appeared like **, spraying them towards Li Danteng. [The ** were in the original raws]

"Bombs!?" Li Danteng immediately dodged towards the side, having heard of alchemy bombs before, and remembering the power of Ye Lang's alchemy cannon, he naturally assumed these small bombs must be quite powerful as well and cannot be disregarded.




This prodigal son Ye Lang does not fail to disappoint, none of his alchemy items are simple, all of them are awesome to the extreme, the power of those explosions made everyone's hearts tremble!

And no one felt this better than Li Danteng, he dodged up and down, right and left, dodging each dangerous explosion, but under the sheer numbers, in the end he was unable to avoid escaping without injury, no, the outcome was he was unable to escape with an undamaged shirt, the clothes on his entire body were reduced to rags. [1]

The only thing unknown was, was it only his clothes that were reduced to such a state, or was his body just as badly injured!

Ye Lang, on the other hand, was currently standing there, lost in thought, either contemplating his next move, or admiring his handiwork!

"You bastard, I'll kill you!!" Seeing Ye Lang standing there, rejoicing at his misfortune, Li Danteng, who could not bear to be humiliated, lost a bit of his rationality, forgetting about his resolution of only going as far as necessary, a policy adopted while fearing the retaliation of the Ye family.

"Oh, since you want to kill me, then I suppose I can only kill you!" Ye Lang peacefully remarked before taking out a miniaturized cannon, yes, the shape was approximately the same as the alchemy cannon, but the size was much smaller, only about half the length of a rifle.

Ho, this fellow's bag of tricks truly has no bottom, after throwing away the large one he still has a small one.

However, this small one ought to be much simpler than the large one, the power might be reduced a bit, but the flexibility must be much greater, moreover, even if the power is reduced a bit, it's still terrifying!

The only thing is, this weapon, is the only difference an issue of power?


When Li Danteng wanted to use his earlier countermeasure against the cannon, he found to his surprise that the miniature alchemy cannon in Ye Lang's hands  had no flash whatsoever, apparently, the top of the cannon lacked an alchemy spell.

Moreover, from the black barrel of the cannon appeared a black object, and not a ray like beam of magic!

Regardless of what this object was, Li Danteng felt like it wasn't simple, best to avoid it for now, only, he found that it might be too late!

When that black object entered the air, it suddenly opened up a net, with the whole net flying towards Li Danteng, the net became bigger and bigger as it approached, cutting off all of Li Danteng's escape paths as if it was a net from the heavens…..

Li Danteng had no place to run to, but he could draw his sword, draw his sword and cut his way out through the net!

But how could Ye Lang's net be so simply cut through by a sword, Li Danteng's sword full of douqi was unable to damage the net at all. Moreover, he was completely unable to cause any changes to the net at all.

After coming into contact with Li Danteng, the net immediately surrounded and entangled him within. The net became tighter and tighter and Li DanTeng's helpless struggling only served to accelerate his entanglement within the net.

Strength, douqi…..

From A to Z, nothing could cause any kind of harm to the net!!

This was specially made by ye Lang, to say nothing of Li Danteng, even if it was his grandfather, he would also not be able to escape this net, if people knew what this net was made of, there undoubtedly would be multitudes of people cursing Ye Lang for being so prodigal!!

This was an exceedingly rare and valuable material, it was silk produced by a special arachnid monster during a special phase of its life, capable of cutting off all douqi and magic, as well as possessing superb toughness, it was an excellent item for robbing and killing.
*Cough, cough*, this type of silk was usually used for locking up experts.

And this material was exceedingly rare, an entire empire did not have much of it, apparently not even enough to make Ye Lang's net, this type of equipment, others did not even dare to imagine it!

Ye Lang's miniature cannon contains many different things inside, amongst them were nets that come with different specifications and functions, but he only had this one net made with these materials. He would like to make more, but there really was no more material, this one net was something he obtained at an auction in a stroke of good fortune.

Now Ye Lang really could tell Ye Lanyu and co that his daily trips to the auction house were not in vain, these family hurting activities are not completely without use!

Of course, this net is not so simple as to rely only on its construction material, it also has other components included as well, added in is a custom mechanism to allow it to instantly expand to cover a great area, and once it has trapped someone, it instantly shrink, not allowing the victim to move a muscle!

And once anyone has been captured by the net, the only result is to be reduced to a prisoner, of course, the prerequisite is to be captured by the net….

"Stop futilely struggling, do you have any last words, say them now!" Ye Lang's declaration made Li Danteng feel indignant, indignant that he had been defeated in such a manner.

He wanted to loudly curse out, wanted to call out Ye Lang's methods as despicable, always using these weird gadgets, but when he looked at Ye Lang, he instantly swallowed his words, because he was afraid of infuriating Ye Lang, if that happened, he would pay with his life!

Why would Ye Lang give off that kind of feeling! Rubbish, when you see someone carrying that big an alchemy cannon, especially when that cannon is being aimed at you, you would feel the same!

Ye Lang, at this moment, had already picked up the alchemy cannon he had tossed aside earlier and was about to fire at Li Danteng.

"I admit defeat!" Li Danteng clearly understood the situation he was in and immediately raised the white flag.
If you don't surrender, would you really let others blow you apart?

It appeared that Ye Lang was the only one who didn't hear, continuing adjustments on the alchemy cannon….

"Ye Lang!! He has already surrendered, you can stop now!" The first Sword Saint somewhat horridly called out.

"Why would I stop just because he surrendered? He just said he wanted to kill me, so I will kill him!" Ye Lang stupidly said, making people feel as if his brain just short circuited.

This is what worried the number one Sword Saint, Ye Lang has always been regarded as a fool, even if Ye Lang killed Li Danteng now, others would just feel that this was just a foolish action of his, and would forgive his actions.

But Li Danteng being eliminated like this, to his family and friends was definitely not a good thing!

[1] The author is doing a pun here, first using an expression that literally means not having a full skin which means being cut and bruised all over before changing it to not having a full shirt

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