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Chapter 70 - Framed (1)

Ye Lang had just briefly realized a problem, that is, if Zhen Xiaoyan fainted, the medicine wouldn't have any use even if she had it, she would have already passed out, so how would she eat it!

Thus, there should be someone accompanying Zhen Xiaoyan, and she absolutely cannot be left alone!

After letting Zhen Xiaoyan consume the fasting pellets, Ye Lang had placed her on his back, and walked towards the classroom. For after fainting, she wouldn't wake up so quickly, these were only fasting pellets, and not deity pellets.

"Fatty, you just wait and see, I'll make things so hard for them that they won't even be able cry!!"

At that moment, Ye Lang had spoken gently, he originally wanted to give Mo Ya and the other a small lesson, but after experiencing physical pain, it wouldn't be so easy anymore for them……

That day, Ye Lang sent Zhen Xiaoyan to his home, when Zhen Xiaoyan awoke, she was confused, not understanding why Ye Lang would take her to his home.

However Ye Lang only wanted to find her a partner for the future, or let his maid accompany her to school, and he would pay for the expense.

Zhen Xiaoyan apparently understood it……

The second day, Ye Lang started to execute his plan, and started with the first step, he needed to transform himself, making others unable to recognise him, among the martial art's treasury, there was a consummate skill, and that was the appearance-changing technique!

Although he wasn't very proficient in this, but it could be considered as coping!

"Ye Lan Yu, where's Ye Lang?" Princess Qi looked at Ye Lan Yu who came by herself, seeing that there was no shadow of Ye Lang, she immediately opened her mouth to ask.

"He said he was uncomfortable, so he won't be coming today." Ye Lan Yu replied.

Because he was afraid that someone would recognise him, Ye Lang didn't follow his usual routine, which was going to school with Ye Lan Yu, and used an excuse saying that he was not feeling well, so he couldn't go to school.

If he had gone together with Ye Lan Yu, everyone would know that he's Ye Lang!

"Where is he uncomfortable at, is it worrying?" Princess Qi worriedly asked.

"Don't worry, he's feeling a bit tired, after a short rest he'll be fine." Ye Lan Yu replied, naturally, she would have already checked on Ye Lang's condition.

"Then I'll go right now to check on him……" Princess Qi wanted to go, but she got stopped by Ye Lan Yu.

"That's not needed, he said that after he's recovered he would go out to do some things."

"?? Is he trying to find an excuse to not go school? He ran away to the auction to play again?" Princess Qi was skeptical, though there was some discrepancy, but she essentially guessed it.

"That's not really accurate, in any case, just comply to him." Ye Lan Yu disinterestedly said.

Ye Lang appeared at the school gates with a whole new appearance of a melancholic male, at the gate that an influx of people came in and out, at the path that students needed to take!!

The melancholic Ye Lang's current state had the elegant demeanor of a noble young master, but no one could recognize that he was Ye Lang, at least no one could perceive Ye Lang's original features and any similarity between them.

Ye Lang was pretty confident with his own appearance-changing technique. He was confident that even if his own mother had come, she wouldn't be able to distinguish him…

Just that……

"Ye Lang, what are you doing?" Zhen Xiaoyan looked weirdly at the melancholic Ye Lang.

"……" Ye Lang was silent for a while, afterwards he immediately looked around, pretentiously looking for a person called "Ye Lang".

"What are you doing, why did you change yourself and pretend to not know me?"

"…… I seriously do not know you, Miss, you've gotten the wrong person!" Ye Lang used his inner force to change his tone, until no one could hear that it was his voice.

"??" Zhen Xiaoyan was stunted momentarily, briefly doubting herself whether she got the wrong person.

"What are you doing! Stop pretending already, even if you turned into ashes, I still would be able to recognize you!!" Zhen Xiaoyan was somewhat angry when she said it.

"…… Fatty, how did you recognize me? However, since I've changed into this, you'd better smarten up and pretend to not know me!! Whatever I do, don't call me at all!" Ye Lang could only reply with a small voice, and on the surface he still pretended to not know her.

"You… Sorry, I've called the wrong person!" Although Zhen Xiaoyan didn't understand what Ye Lang wanted to do, but since Ye Lang had said so, she also pretended that she recognized the wrong person, and then left, not bothering about Ye Lang.

Luckily, the people nearby just now didn't pay much attention to this act, if not, Ye Lang's identity would have been exposed!

Conversely, Ye Lang currently didn't understand this, his own appearance-changing technique wasn't bad, how could Zhen Xiaoyan tell from a glance?

He didn't know, Zhen Xiaoyan also didn't know, she only felt that he was Ye Lang, and did not know the reason!

The thing that made Ye Lang speechless was that, Zhen Xiaoyan wasn't the only one, his identity was easily discovered in the same way later…

"You rascal, aren't you at home?" Ye Lan Yu discovered that Ye Lang was here, and had similarly distinguished him with a glance.

"Ye Lang, what are you playing? And what kind of play is this?" Princess Qi had analogously realized at the same time.

"Ah shit!!" Ye Lang didn't really understand, was his transformation such a failure, how could everyone distinguish him, since things have led to this, the only way was to have a quick battle.

"Pretend that you don't know me, later I'll do something, you just need to watch at the sidelines, understood?" Ye Lang feebly said.

Even Zhen Xiaoyan could tell it was him from a glance, then it was obvious that Ye Lan Yu would, and also Princess Qi!

If he had known this would happen, he would have told Ye Lan Yu just now, he had thought that Ye Lan Yu wouldn't be able to, however the result was that he was seen through completely, but why was she still at the gate, she should have gone in by now.

Perhaps it was god's arrangement, with an apt coincidence of Ye Lan Yu meeting Princess Qi at the gate, followed by some prattling and meeting a few people afterwards, discussing over a few matters, she stayed at the gate for quite a while as a result.

"Princess Qi, as what we've previously mentioned……" Ye Lan Yu started to discuss the previous matter with Princess Qi, pretending that she didn't talk with Ye Lang at all.

Comparing the two, their change was more apparent when contrasted, it didn't leak a single drop, even if the people noticed just now, they would think that the two girls hadn't just talked with Ye Lang.

However, during their discussion, they had secretly glanced at Ye Lang, because they really wanted to know what type of game Ye Lang was playing.

After waiting for so long, Ye Lang had no activity at all, looking at him, it seemed that he was waiting for someone, however the three girls almost reached their limits, if they had continued to wait here, it would undoubtedly arouse others suspicion, but they didn't want to miss Ye Lang's matter.

Nevertheless it was fine, the person that Ye Lang was waiting for had appeared, it was Mo Ya and Sha Lan, the two had accompanied each other to school as per usual!

"Oh no, don't tell me that he wants to kill them?" Zhen Xiaoyan was anxious, she guessed that Ye Lang had changed his appearance so that no one could tell it was him that did it, and surmised that he wanted to assassinate them.

She wanted to immediately intervene, but she quickly thought of Ye Lang's previous words, so she controlled her actions, anxiously watching from the side……

She looked at Ye Lang walking towards them step by step, and his hands unfurled……

"Smack!" Ye Lang slapped Sha Lan on her face, this crisp sound attracted the attention of the people that were present, everyone had concentrated their gaze on Ye Lang!

AN: For the previous chapter, there were some readers that thought there was a problem with 100 pills for 100 days, it should be a thousand days, this is correct, if it's for a normal person, but Zhen Xiaoyan is the exception!

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