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Chapter 69 - Jilted (3)

This scene of Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan, from an outsider's perspective, had them dumbfounded, they even thought that Ye Lang was bullying Zhen Xiaoyan again, furthermore making her cry.

Only later they learned that it was actually due to the break up, and after they learned about this, they all understood that Zhen Xiaoyan had genuinely liked Mo Ya.

However, simultaneously, they all felt that this ending was the best, even to the point that they were screaming in celebrations, because those that wanted to chase after Zhen Xiaoyan weren't little. Once Zhen Xiaoyan had broken up, it was equivalent to their chance having come.

"Women are indeed made of water, after crying for such a long duration, why is it still never ending!" Ye Lang started to frown, not even bothering to say it tactfully.

"Almost……" Zhen Xiaoyan said whilst sobbing spasmodically, and tried to hold back her tears, but this process was still quite slow, and had made Ye Lang feel impatient.

"Fatty, look at me……" Ye Lang suddenly said.

"What?" Zhen Xiaoyan didn't understand, and looked towards Ye Lang……

"……" She had quietened, and what followed was……

"Haha…… Ye Lang, you…… haha……"

The tears adorned the smile, at this moment, it seemingly looked really really pretty, it was a pity that amongst those people that saw this sight there was a tortoise-like fool.

However, Zhen Xiaoyan felt that, perhaps if it was only him who saw it, it would be enough.

But what was it that made Zhen Xiaoyan laugh uncontrollably all of a sudden, it was naturally because of Ye Lang's wry face. Yes! It's him making a wry face!

If it was changed with another person, Zhen Xiaoyan wouldn't laugh as heartily, at least she wouldn't forget about other things, but Ye Lang had never made a wry face, and never coaxed her before, so this made her feel surprised, letting her forget about everything momentarily.

She laughed in this manner whilst crying……

"Enough, stop crying already!" Ye Lang retracted his wry face, gently wiping Zhen Xiaoyan's tears away, the action was so intimate and so natural at the same time.

"No, I want to cry!" Zhen Xiaoyan pouted her lips and said, then she quietly whispered, using a volume that only she could hear, and added another sentence, "You need to continue coaxing me!"

"What? Never mind, stop crying, I'll help you vent your spleen, I'll get someone to get rid of Mo Ya!" Ye Lang tapped against Zhen Xiaoyan's shoulders, and pretentiously said.

"No! It will be very troublesome for you if you do it this way……" Zhen Xiaoyan blurted out, and this had stunned her also.

"Trouble? Just killing Mo Ya, I'm still capable of that! Talking about it, even if I wasn't able to afford it, once I set my mind to it, I'll do it. Who told him to hurt you!" Ye Lang said it slowly, that calm tone of his made people wonder whether he was serious or just kidding.

"Forget it, I think I've understood it already, I do like him! But I underestimated the intensity!! And with Sha Lan there, even if I didn't break up today, it would have been the same result sooner or later!" Perhaps after crying, she had let go, Zhen Xiaoyan was then able to see the situation with a clear mind.

She had seen clearly the problems pertaining to herself, to Mo Ya and to Sha Lan, but still she didn't see clearly the problems pertaining to Ye Lang!

The issues with Mo Ya had already appeared, but concerning Ye Lang and her, she was still fully unaware!

"Since you understood it already, why did you still cry for so long?" Ye Lang puzzledly asked.

"I cried, because I had indeed liked him. I've been jilted, and it was my first love, can't I cry?" Zhen Xiaoyan replied.

"You can, then I'll let you continue… Ah, you've cried enough. Sober up, first love never has a good ending. According to statistics, the majority of first loves never was true love, often it's other forms of feelings."

"Let's go, back to class!" Ye Lang waved his hand, turned his body towards the classroom and walked, Zhen Xiaoyan quickly caught up with him.

"Erm, Ye Lang……" Zhen Xiaoyan grabbed onto Ye Lang's clothing, speaking gently.

"What is it?" Ye Lang continued walking without even turning his head.

"I feel so unsatisfied, being thrown away in this manner!" Zhen Xiaoyan said it with animosity.

"I've already said it, I can find someone to get rid of Mo Ya, but you can't bear to do so." Ye Lang bluntly said.

"Erm……" Zhen Xiaoyan mumbled, "Can you make him break up with Sha Lan……"

"This can be done, but is there such a need to do so?" Ye Lang asked.

"Of course, it's all because of Sha Lan, that's why I've been thrown away, so I won't let her be happy. Also, how dare Mo Ya throw me away, I want him to be unhappy too!" Zhen Xiaoyan grinding her teeth, saying it with loathing.

Never offend women, this was the truth that Ye Lang had confirmed again!!

"Am I going overboard……nevermind, just pretend that I didn't say it." Zhen Xiaoyan immediately gave it up the thought again. She was just this kind and tolerant, until the extent that even if those people hurt her, she couldn't bear to excessively hurt them.

"Fatty, you only know how to pity others! However, to not take an eye for eye, this kind of thing I absolutely can't do. Since they've made you cry for so long, I can't let them go this easily." Ye Lang tapped Zhen Xiaoyan's hand, and looked forward with a pensive look in his eyes…

"Can you stop wanting to kill them, even injuring them is not okay……at most you can give them light injuries."

"Don't worry, I will just give them a little punishment!" Ye Lang smiles while saying this.

"That's the best… That's weird, why is the sky beginning to turn black……" Zhen Xiaoyan suddenly said.

The current weather was still the samek, with no clouds in the sky, and had no indication of darkening…

"It's broad daylight, are you sleepwalking? The current weather is still quite good……fatty, fatty…"

All of a sudden, Zhen Xiaoyan languished and drooped onto Ye Lang's body, completely losing her consciousness.

"Don't tell me, the attack she received was too deep?" Ye Lang hugged Zhen Xiaoyan in his bosom, and took her pulse to see the situation, quickly he realised the reason, but this reason would make others speechless――

Fainted from hunger!!

"Silly girl, once again you forgot about your body, after crying so much you should know that you have to eat something at least." Ye Lang took out a small medicine bottle, pouring out a small round pill from it, put it into Zhen Xiaoyan's mouth, and used water to flush it down.

This of type of fasting pellet was similar to concocting magic pills, and had very convenient uses, with only one pill it could sustain the person to go without eating for ten days, only requiring water for those days.

But of course, this type of fasting pellet had high costs, manufacturing it wasn't easy either, if not, there wouldn't be any hungry citizens that starved to death!

At the same time, Ye Lang had prepared this type of medicine for Zhen Xiaoyan in quite a large amount, it amounted to letting Zhen Xiaoyan go without eating for hundred days, totaling to hundred pills, he had spent a fair sum of money, and this money would make Zhen Xiaoyan heartache several times.

This medicine was also given to Zhen Xiaoyan for emergency uses, in case she was late with eating, she could eat this, to prevent fainting.

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