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Chapter 71 - Framed (2)

"Did he do this for me?" When Zhen Xiaoyan saw this, she sighed of relief, at least she could now say with confidence that Ye Lang did not set out to murder them, although his motive was unknown.

"This Sha Lan, don't tell me she offended my little brother?" Ye Lan Yu crinkled her brow, and moved Sha Lan's name into the blacklist, and allowed the execution of a suitable retaliation.

"Hmph!" Princess Qi was also not happy, she had never seen Ye Lang give a slap before, furthermore, it was concerning a girl. She felt that Sha Lan must have done something unforegiveable!

She followed suit and loathed Sha Lan!

No matter what was said, everyone was currently curious about the matter, about why Ye Lang had slapped Sha Lan!

"Who are you!" Mo Ya grabbed onto Ye Lang's hand single handedly and asked coldly.

At this moment, Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi's immediate response was to prepare magic to shoot towards Mo Ya, because in their eyes, Ye Lang was a normal person that didn't know any martial arts and magic, when he got grabbed, there was a possibility that he would be hurt!

However they didn't think that Ye Lang intentionally let himself get caught by Mo Ya, so as to make himself appear normal…

Perhaps they didn't think that the matter would get…

"You're too brutal, you actually threw away our child!!" Ye Lang pointed at Sha Lan while shouting, his expression was sullen, and his tone was very much laden with grief.

In just a moment, the whole area quieted down. Everyone stood there stunned, stunned by Ye Lang's sole earth-shattering sentence. Each and every one that was present was stunned, especially Ye Lan Yu and the other 2 girls, even the Mo Ya pair.

Mo Ya completely blanked out, thus Ye Lang took advantage of this chance and struggled free, after that he ran away with any hestitance, when no one had snapped out of it yet, he had already disappeared without a trace!

Sometimes, for some things it's enough with just a sentence. This sentence was enough to make Sha Lan and Mo Ya frantic. Ye Lang ran away once he had finished. Thus, even if Sha Lan jumped into the Yellow River, she still would never be clean again!


The site started to become tumultuous……

"It can't be, so Sha Lan actually was this type of **** slut……"

"This is really a ***** messed up matter, they actually had kids……"

"Mo Ya is so pitiful, who knew that Zhen Xiaoyan was only a little witch, but the true bitch was still Sha Lan…"

"Pitiful Mo Ya, his entire body turned green……"

"This little bastard, he went overboard with the pillory!!" Ye Lan Yu looked at this scenery, and she couldn't help but admire her brother's skill of pillory.

"When did he learn this?"Princess Qi doubtfully asked.

"Ye Lang… You're really gutsy. However, I really like what you did there." Zhen Xiaoyan grinned from ear to ear.

"No, it's not what you're thinking, I seriously don't know him! Just give me…" After Sha Lan had snapped out of it, she had started to deny the accusations loudly, and at the same time, she wanted to make Ye Lang explain himself, however she realized that Ye Lang was nowhere to be seen.

"Right, you don't know him, but you only had a child with him!" A sarcastic mouth opened, satirizing her.

"No, I didn't have a child with him…… Mo Ya, you need to believe me!" Sha Lan shook her head, grabbing onto Mo Ya's hand, and her tears were impending to fall.

"I believe you, you're not such a person, who knows where the person came out from." Mo Ya frowned while saying, as if realising the issue with Ye Lang. However, whether he could completely trust in Sha Lan being innocent, that was a question that was worthy to be discussed.

Having said that, if Ye Lang had left it at that then this matter would only have been a small problem, in the short run, it wouldn't create such a big effect.

Of course, Ye Lang wouldn't let the matter rest just yet, he still had a follow-up…

During the afternoon lunch time, Ye Lang had changed into another person again, and after that he went to the cafetaria, however this time, there wasn't any variance. He got recognized by Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi again, but because the two had experienced the morning incidence, they just pretended that they didn't see him.

"I want to ask you about a matter, in this vicinity there was this alluring and talented girl that had an abortion, a doctor secretly told me this. Does anyone here know who that girl is?" Ye Lang queued up to buy mixed rice, and discussed in whispers.

"You don't need to ask further, that girl has to be Sha Lan. Someone mentioned it during the day, we were suspicious about it, but now it really seem like there's such a thing happening."

"So it's her, she didn't need to worry even if she had kids, too bad Mo Ya doesn't want that child." Ye Lang pretended to be surprised when he said it.

"If I were him, I would of course not worry, it's only such a pity that the kid isn't his."

"It can't be! Don't tell me Sha Lan still has casual relations with other men?"

"That's right…"

At the dining table, Ye Lang found a group of girls that looked liked they enjoyed gossiping, and they were indeed discussing the matter of Mo Ya and Sha Lan. And they had also gotten the latest news, that there was someone who "confirmed" that Sha Lan had an abortion!

"Say, Sha Lan's thing was whom's?"

"I know, it's rumored that it's that melancholic noble, whose melancholic gaze could make so many young ladies topple over…" Ye Lang started to compliment his other appearance, and this time he didn't talk about Sha Lan getting an abortion.

"Is it true? No wonder……"

On the pathway……

At the royal fields……

At every single corner of the school……

Ye Lang used different appearances, and started to spread different types of news. Slowly, this matter had turned into the truth, lastly-

A lie told often enough becomes the truth!!

After this, the distance between Mo Ya and Sha Lan wasn't a small issue, you could understand from looking at the current state between them, one was completely silent and wore a black face, another was crying whilst begging for her loved one to believe her.

Sha Lan's current heart had already fallen into hell and was suffering. How she wished that the world would become silent, then there wouldn't be so many rumors circulating!

She really wanted to know what actually happened, she obviously didn't do anything, why did people spread rumors until it turned real. And also, there were alot of people who presented the "evidence", however she couldn't understand the evidence at all, because obviously nobody could concretely say where the evidence came from.

At the evening, on the pathway to the royal academy, students were all seen rushing to the gate, and when they saw the two, they would slow down and observe.

These two were Mo Ya and Sha Lan, they were undoubtedly the main topic of the day, and because of this, the incident of Zhen Xiaoyan's breakup had been temporarily forgotten.

Perhaps, this was also why Ye Lang was really busy today……

"Ye Lang……" Zhen Xiaoyan was in the back, far, far away, suddenly her eyes twinkled, because Ye Lang was actually walking towards them.

"Hi, how are you? Sha Lan, I've heard that you are having a child, congratulations!" Ye Lang started to greet and congratulate Mo Ya and Sha Lan.

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