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Chater 67 - Jilted (1)

"You're called Ye Er? What's your surname?" Ye Lang smiled while asking.

"My surname is Zhu, Zhu Ye Er!" The girl replied.

"I can give you the prescription, and also provide the capital, but the funds have to be allocated to those deals that will have subpar profits, the more money is lost the better, it would be the best if it all was lost!" Ye Lang smiled while saying.

"……" The whole area became silent.

It was not only due to Ye Lang's miraculous prodigal acts, but also Ye Lang's unexpected act of helping this girl called Ye Er, usually he would be the one to not bother about others.

However it seemed that Ye Lang also liked helping people, especially when it comes to spending money, seeing this made people pity little Ye Er, him giving a helping hand was normal, but this also could fulfil his goal of being prodigal, and why would he not go with it?

"Why didn't I think of this, this way, Ye Er's business can be saved, and you're able to be prodigal, it fits the bill perfectly!" Zhen Xiaoyan knocked her brain, saying with a dab of regret, regretting that she didn't think of this earlier.

"……" Little Ye Er was dazed, quickly led by an elated smile printed on her face, "Ok, that's a deal, can we now talk about the next details of the problem?"

Only if there are people willing to fill the deficit of those businesses would it be tantamount to investing capital into her, she would then not need to be frustrated over these businesses.

In these 3 years, she had already cut off quite a fair share of these businesses, leaving those that absolutely couldn't be cut off. If she had enough money, she wouldn't have cut off the previous businesses.

Why not trim away these profit losing businesses? It's natural to lose money on some areas in business, and it's also necessary, because once money is lost, there will be overall greater profits, and the larger the business is, the amount of these businesses would augment.

In reality, these businesses were often a symbol of strength. Many people wanted to catch these, but of course, they had to be able to make losses first.

"You don't need to talk with me about the details, just do what you've said, just make losses at any necessary areas, you don't need to be courteous toward me, and if it's not enough, just go and find it, I want that! Also, another thing, you're still young and you should make more friends around your age, money will always be there to earn!" Ye Lang touched Little Ye Er's head, smiling and saying.

"But, I……"

"I'll end my talk here, it's your business if you want to listen." Ye Lang gently said, although he had softened his heart to help Little Ye Er, but he had limits, and he wouldn't force others to do his biddings.

"……" Little Ye Er stood there dazed, thinking about what Ye Lang had said.

This time, Ye Lang didn't stop his steps because of this situation, he directly walked out the classroom, starting his leisure walk after lunch.

"Ye Lang, I didn't know that you had a warm side to you…." Zhen Xiaoyan chased up, faintly smiling.

"I faked it!" Ye Lang instantaneously retorted.

No matter whether Ye Lang faked it or not, after this incident, Little Ye Er liked Ye Lang even more, of course, this affection was categorized under sibling love, she liked Ye Lang's warm smile, letting her feel a warm solicitude.

And this warm smile, was always her moral support, accompanying her together through any crisis!

So, even if Ye Lang threw away all his fortune, she would calculate Ye Lang's portion of profits from her business, every single deal, and this wasn't a small sum.

Even if Ye Lang denies this point in the end, not acknowledging that he has a share in her business, but in the end, it doesn't even matter whether it is or not.

Ye Lang doesn't care, neither does Little Ye Er!

At the same time, the thing that made Little Ye Er dumbfounded was, that after Ye Lang had invested, all those businesses that originally would suffer losses, unexpectedly had miraculously gained profit!

He's indeed worthy to be a godly prodigal son, a lucky chap that has been doted on by a goddess!

A patch of grass in the Royal Academy had a youngster lying on the grass taking a nap, and beside him laid a beautiful maiden, her pair of eyes gazed at the blue sky, blankly and quietly staring.

The aforementioned locale and feelings, who knew how many people this made envy, and made how many people feel a sense of warmth in their hearts…….

Only, this situation had upset one or two people's hearts, and their faces changed into a horrid colour!

This youngster and maiden were exactly Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan, and those who were agitated, were of course Prince Mo Ya and Sha Lan.

When Prince Mo Ya had arrived at Royal Academy, he had already heard of the rumors of Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan, and after Sha Lan brought him here, he was even more perturbed, and his face was getting uglier.

Yet, when Mo Ya and the other one of the pair arrived, he didn't initiate to break apart Ye Lang and the other one of the pair under this situation, the two still had maintained a lethargic and dazed attitude.

"Whoa whoa, our queen of flowers[note: it's nickname for a famous courtesan] stayed with Ye Lang, the Thirteenth young master again, it isn't enough through the night, even through the day they're joined together by the hips." Sha Lan maliciously said.

"I'm only with him during the day currently, I've already been rushed home by him." Zhen Xiaoyan didn't notice the hidden message, concerning this sentence, she wasn't really sure what it meant.

"So it's because of this, hence you want to accompany him, even forgetting to spend time with your boyfriend." Sha Lan continued saying.

"Ah, Mo Ya, I'm so sorry, I'll go and accompany you to eat now!" Zhen Xiaoyan anxiously said, afraid that Mo Ya would be angry.

"That's not needed, you can just go and accompany him." Mo Ya's face turned black while saying this, although he could feel that Zhen Xiaoyan was concerned, but he felt that this didn't have any use anymore.

"Oh, okay then, anyway you have Sha Lan accompanying you, I should look after Ye Lang." Zhen Xiaoyan foolishly said, at this moment, she had still shockingly said these kinds of words, and even in this kind of tone.

"Mhmp!" Mo Ya turned around on his heel.

Following Mo Ya that was going away, Sha Lan's heart was unquestionably happy, and if this continues, Mo Ya and Zhen Xiaoyan would be over.

"Who was talking just now?" Ye Lang opened his eyes, muddle-headedly asking.

"They've already gone, just continue sleeping."


A few days later, the relationship between Zhen Xiaoyan and Mo Ya had became colder, making Zhen Xiaoyan feel a little scared, and she still didn't understand where the problem lied.

So, she had requested urgent advice from Ye Lang……

"Ye Lang, Mo Ya recently started not liking me, yesterday he was together with Sha Lan the whole day, what should I do?"

"You two should find some romantic places to do some things, holding hands and adventuring or dancing, and eat a candle lit dinner together, followed by a passionate french kiss……" Ye Lang suggested.

"We only started recently, what about holding hands, that's too soon." Zhen Xiaoyan crinkled her brow.

"…… Miss, don't tell me that you didn't do any of these before?" Ye Lang asked with a mote of disbelief.

"Don't have!" Zhen Xiaoyan shook her head while saying so.

"Shit, then why did you still say that you had a date with him for the whole day yesterday, how did you guys even get to dating?" Ye Lang couldn't understand it at all.

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