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TSA 66 - I reject (3)

"Wait for me!" The little girl would obviously not let Ye Lang leave, she had finally gotten a chance after much difficulty to talk with Ye Lang eye to eye.

For this chance, she had used quite a fair share of effort, but Ye Lang's house's main entrance was not easily accessible, and there was a time that she was blocked at the entrance, in the end, she had landed her gaze on Zhen Xiaoyan.

Everyone knew, that Zhen Xiaoyan had stayed with Ye Lang at that time, she was the only one that had contact with Ye Lang, and it was also easier to interact with her, the others, like Ye Lanyu, Princess Qi, etc…, they were the same class as Ye Lang, interacting with them had the same amount of difficulty.

Talking about the link between Zhen Xiaoyan and the girl, how should it be said… she should be considered as a long time friend of the family, they had often played together when they were young, but due to the girl being a bit more special, in these few years, the two had a lot of conversations.

And their long and close relationship was only because their two families had business transactions between them. Zhen's family restaurant and even the stocks of the girl's family.

And the Zhen family was somewhat different, it wasn't that they were nobility, but the girl's family were businessmen through and through!

Because of her family, the girl had entered the market since young, and when she was 10 years old, she already had full control over her family's business!

On the brink of a life and death struggle of the merchant family, it seemed like their fortune was large, but they were already pulling down the east wall to repair the west wall, and if there wasn't any turn for the better, it would be very difficult to push on.  [A metaphor, the English equivalent is 'Rob Peter to pay Paul]

Because of this reason too, the girl's parents fell sick from overworking, and when she was only 10 years old, her parents died. As for her grandparents, it didn't need any elaboration. In addition, she didn't have any siblings, it was as her alone that was left within the family bloodline.

If it wasn't for this, how would it be possible for the family's business to be passed to a little girl to manage!

But coming back to the main point, after this girl had accepted managing the family's business, it actually had a hint of revival, but who knew whether it was just the final radiance of the setting sun.

So, she currently needed an opportunity urgently, one that could turn around her business, and Ye Lang was her opportunity!

She wanted to do business with Ye Lang!

So, she begged Zhen Xiaoyan to help her meet Ye Lang, or perhaps even help come to an agreement about this business, but after Zhen Xiaoyan knew her motive, she rejected her flat on, suggesting that she brainstorm about other solutions. This idea wouldn't work at all.

As for her business idea, she didn't feel that there would be any problems, this was a deal that would benefit both parties, no one would reject such an offer, and would at least listen before rejecting!

"Little girl, do you have a business proposal?" Ye Lang gently said and drooped his head, tenderly touching the girl's forehead.

"??" the girl looked at Ye Lang suspiciously,  she had originally thought that Ye Lang would be hard to get along with, but it didn't seem so right now.

"Erm, just 30 seconds, I want to talk with you about some business." The girl said.

"Talk about business?" Ye Lang was nonplussed.

"Yes, I want to talk with you about business, you will have steady profits and you will not need to pay for losses, you don't need to come out the capital, and when we start earning, we will split it 50-50 , you only have to give a formulation……" The girl nodded her head, saying conditions that would make people urged to consider, she had absolute confidence in this, and believed Ye Lang would definitely agree to it.


"I reject!" Ye Lang bluntly replied.

"I knew that you would….. Wait! You rejected?" The little girl thought from the start that Ye Lang would agree, but she didn't think that Ye Lang would unexpectedly reject.

"That's right, little girl, I reject! You're such a naive and romanticising little girl, you're better off going home to play house, you're not suited to do business." Ye Lang tapped the girl's head and prepared to walk past the girl's side.

"I'm not a little girl anymore, I've been the master of the household for 3 years already. Playing house, I would like to play that kind of thing, but I can't!" The girl was a bit sad when she said it, it was as if due to Ye Lang's kindness, she had leaked a portion of her true feelings.

"Manage the household for 3 years? How old are you?" Ye Lang felt weird when asking how old she was.

"Thirteen years old….."

"You became the master at 10 years old!? What about your parents?"

"……" The girl became silent.

"Ye Lang, she's the only one left, you'll make her sad this way." Zhen Xiaoyan softly explained in Ye Lang's ear.

"Pitiful child…"

"I don't need both of your sympathy! It's enough if you discuss business seriously with me!" The girl insistently said.

"You think that I wasn't serious? Then I'll clarify with you again, I reject this business proposal!"

"Why? This only has benefits to your side, you're not liable for anything, and when money is earned we can split it, why won't you agree? Are you thinking of doing this business by yourself?"

"No, I won't do this deal, neither will I work together with you." Ye Lang said while shaking his head.

"Why? Is it due to the fact that the prescription can't be mass-produced?"

"Prescription, I think you must want the prescription of the slimming medicine, this actually isn't very difficult, and it definitely would be profitable." Although the girl didn't say it, Ye Lang could guess that it was this, don't look at the times when he is as dull as a fish, but at when he is astute, then he is the most shrewd amongst others.

"Then why won't you do it?" The girl puzzledly asked.

"That will definitely make money, that's why I won't do it!" Ye Lang smiled while saying.

"??" The girl didn't understand what he meant at all.

"Don't understand? Didn't I tell you before, he's a prodigal son, once you let him throw away money, he will immediately agree, and if you left him profit, he wouldn't do it even if you killed him!!" Zhen Xiaoyan said, but this sentence was told to her before, only the girl didn't believe it.

Because the girl felt that, even if he's prodigal, he wouldn't reject money, this would allow him to throw away more money.

The girl believed it now, Ye Lang couldn't be reckoned with normal sense, he had actually rejected this money making deal which many would have accepted, and his reason for doing so was just due to him wanting to be prodigal!

After the girl was silent for a lengthy moment, and then probingly asked, "How about this, you'll give me money, all profits will be returned to me. This way you'll be able to be prodigal."

Zhen Xiaoyan pulled the girl, muffled her mouth, said in a flurry, "Ye Er, he is only prodigal, nothing more, it doesn't mean that he would let himself be cheated. Even if he is willing, the Ye family wouldn't agree, not even mentioning his sister and his fiancee, if you do this, you will end up dying horribly!"

"……" The girl became silent, not only just because she was muffled at her mouth, she was still thinking of her previous thinking, and she felt a bit scared.

That's right, cheating Ye Lang, if it was harmless it would be okay, but if the situation flared and had serious consequences, and there were people who experienced it, it would result in not only losing everything, she would also suffer majorly.

Of course, Ye Lang had his own standards, and if it missed, he himself wouldn't agree to it.

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