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Chapter 68 - Jilted (2)

"Dating is walking together, watching theatre, having a dinner. We've never held hands before, my mother told me that girls shouldn't be so easy going." Zhen Xiaoyan said.

"…… Oh please, how can you even put up a fight with Sha Lan like this, look at her, she glued herself completely to Mo Ya, fatty, this won't work. How about making Mo Ya drunk at night…… , of course you'll……kehehe……"

"Go and die!! Just be serious, how will I be able to win from Sha Lan, currently she has glued herself to Mo Ya and won't let him go." concerning this type of intimate skinship, Zhen Xiaoyan had an aversion to it in her heart, and the reason why that is was known only to her.

"If that's the case, it will be difficult to find a solution to win against Sha Lan, you have to let him hold your hand at the least, if not, guys will like being with Sha Lan more."

"Holding hands……. Okay then, I'll just let him hold my hand!" Zhen Xiaoyan seemingly forced out this resolution.

"Solely doing this won't be enough, you have to hug and kiss with him……" Ye Lang continued saying.

"No!!" Zhen Xiaoyan immediately shook her and and rejected it.

"Oh please, do you really like this guy or not, these kind of things are normal in a passionate love, I'm not asking you to devote your life to him."

"No means no, I do indeed like him, but I can't do this kind of thing unless he marries me!"

"You're too old fashioned, I can't help you if you're like this, just find a solution by yourself!" Ye Lang stopped bothering about Zhen Xiaoyan, how would she ever succeed like this?

"If you don't help me, I won't make food for you!!"

"I'll just snatch it……"


"You two, don't tell me the both of you don't know where the problem lies at?" A close friend that stood at the side from the start to end spoke up, she was honestly helpless when it came to these two.

"What problem?" The two asked in unison.

"The problem is that you two are too intimate, Mo Ya would obviously feel uncomfortable!" The close friend said helplessly.

"……That could be the case. Fatty, move further away from me!"  Ye Lang put a distance inbetween himself and Zhen Xiaoyan.

"Who wants to be near you, I can't wait to go as far away as I can. You're hindering my dating!!" Zhen Xiaoyan also started to distance herself.

"……You two……"

After this suggestion, the two had really separated, maintaining a certain distance, this had made Sha Lan feel very uneasy. This way, it might disperse Mo Ya's misconception, after all, these two really had nothing going on.

During noon, although Ye Lang ate Zhen Xiaoyan's cooking, but they weren't together. Also, during his walks and naps, Zhen Xiaoyan was not accompanying him anymore.

Although they had started to avoid arousing suspicion, but the situation hadn't taken any turn, only because there was a women in the middle still.

"They definitely have something going on, it's definitely something that has let you down, that's why they've separated!" Sha Lan said this to Mo Ya, twisting the facts, and thus the solution wasn't effective.

"Later I'll clearly distinguish the lines between our boundaries!" Mo Ya furrowed his brows, he had reached the critical point.

"Why? Why must we break up?" Zhen Xiaoyan looked at Mo Ya, her two eyes started to tear up. Girls easily cry when they are hurt, and she honestly liked Mo Ya.

If there wasn't this misunderstanding, they would definitely have been together.

"Why? Ask yourself, you're more concerned about Ye Lang than your boyfriend, everyday you would be with Ye Lang, did you ever think about my feelings?" Mo Ya couldn't tolerate it anymore.

"I didn't know….. Why didn't you tell me, if you had said it, I would have maintained a fixed distance from Ye Lang! I've already maintained a distance from him, can we not break up?" Zhen Xiaoyan trickled tears when saying.

"……" Mo Ya was silent, only because he had just realized an issue, a issue pertaining to himself.

Actually the reason the two had reached this stage was not solely Zhen Xiaoyan's fault, Mo Ya was also at fault, as he always kept all his feelings inside and didn't stop Zhen Xiaoyan from being together with Ye Lang.

In actuality, had he opened his mouth, Zhen Xiaoyan would definitely have noticed this problem and corrected it, although she would be anxious and care about Ye Lang as per usual, but it wouldn't be this obvious.

Perhaps, this was a mistake from the start, one who did it because she was confused by love, the other who did it because he was moved, thus reaching this point.

Once the mistake started, and with the two people that didn't even know how to resolve the problem, this ending was expected, more so due to the fact that there was a women exacerbating it in the middle—

"So what if he told you, you've already cohabited with Ye Lang for a few months already, you guys are just toying with Mo Ya!" Sha Lan was afraid that Mo Ya would soften his heart, so she immediately rebutted, furthermore asking:-

"Do you dare to guarantee that you will never meet with Ye Lang, and sever all your connections with him completely?"

"No! Ye Lang is my best friend. Under no circumstances will I ever break my relationship with him!" Zhen Xiaoyan said without the slightest hesitation, even if this sentence would cause her to lose her loved one, she would still do it, as she wasn't willing to give up this type of friendship she had with Ye Lang.

"Conversely, if for Ye Lang, you needed to break your relationship with Mo Ya, what would you do then?" Sha Lan craftily asked.

"This……" Zhen Xiaoyan wavered.

This situation had clearly told others one thing, that Ye Lang was more important than Mo Ya!

"Just end this right here, let's go!" Mo Ya didn't want to continue talking, so he hurriedly dragged Sha Lan to leave.

Zhen Xiaoyan gazed at Mo Ya's leaving figure, standing there with a deadpan face, her tears unintentionally poured out, these tears were in remembrance of her first passionate love……

The crying Zhen Xiaoyan's head blanked out momentarily, and when she had recovered her consciousness, she had realized that she had arrived at a grass field, and Ye Lang was laying right there, sleeping.

So, she sat beside Ye Lang in her current condition, hugging both of her knees, and continued crying. She still hadn't calmed down yet……

"What happened? Why are you crying?" Ye Lang awakened and saw that Zhen Xiaoyan was crying, he immediately asked her.

"Ye Lang…… I've been jilted!" Zhen Xiaoyan cried while saying.

"Oh, you've broken up, would you then want me to lend you my shoulder? I'll say it first, you're not allowed to wipe your mucus on me!" Ye Lang reluctantly lent his shoulder.

"You bastard, bastard, bastard…" Zhen Xiaoyan hit Ye Lang, as she was hitting, she leaned against his shoulder, crying.

"Stop crying! You're so pretty, it's his loss!" Ye Lang gently coaxed.

Zhen Xiaoyan continued crying……

"There's many more fish in the sea. When the moment comes, I'll introduce you to a handsome chap which is powerful, influential and wealthy!

"I don't want……" She still continued crying.

"Then I'll just find you the world's most expert youngster."

"Don't want, I don't want……" Shaking her head, she continued crying.


"I don't want anything, I only want to cry, crying is enough……" Zhen Xiaoyan hugged Ye Lang, leaning against his shoulder and spoke while crying.

"Just cry until you're sated." Ye Lang had nothing else to say, so he sat down on the grass, letting her have her way to lean and cry on his shoulder, and her whole body was stuck closely onto him.

At this moment, it was like time had stopped……

There was only these two in the world……

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