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Chapter 62 - Dreams (2)

"Erm, Ye Lang, what did you mean 'from now on'? What do you mean 'even if I want to get fat'?"

"Because your ability to absorb has been reduced to a portion of the norm, you have to eat ten times the amount of food in order to maintain your current weight. Only if you exceed this amount, will you get fat!"

"Haha, that's great, I will not get fat later, and I will also be able to eat to my heart's content!!" To Zhen Xiaoyan, this was absolutely great news.

"The problem lies in the fact that if you ate any less, you will become slimmer day by day, and also, it will cause you to faint, and also……never mind. Even if I told you this, you won't understand it. In conclusion, it's very troublesome. But it's okay, it can be slowly adjusted, after 3 to 4 years, it will be possible to recover to about a normal person's digestive system. That should probably be enough." Ye Lang spoke whilst looking at the smiling Zhen Xiaoyan, and was frowning his brows because he realized Zhen Xiaoyan was smiling oddly.

"…You dead fatty, don't even think of asking me. That's right, I have the medicine to help you maintain your body, but those are very expensive!" Ye Lang looked at Zhen Xiaoyan's smiling face. It seemed like there was no other way.

"It's better if it's expensive. Don't you like being prodigal?" Zhen Xiaoyan laughingly said.

"That's true, then that'll be it! If you compare yourself to your previous body, which was filled with fat, you're better off like this." Ye Lang waived his hand, and threw this matter aside.

Actually, even if he didn't adjust Zhen Xiaoyan's body, it would still slowly heal itself. But after this, no matter how much Zhen Xiaoyan ateate, even if it exceeded the past records, she wouldn't gain any weight, maintaining her current figure at all times.

But although it was very strange, no one appeared to care. So was there a need to be concerned with it?

"Well, there's nothing else, you can go home now. You do not need to stay here in the future." After Ye Lang had arrived at this conclusion, he said a very realistic sentence.

Since there was no real need for observation, why would Zhen Xiaoyan still be here. They weren't really cohabiting, either. It was only for an extraordinary period, under an extraordinary situation. Once the extraordinary matter had passed, the situation had also disappeared .

"…you didn't have to say it so directly, you're really a fool that doesn't understand my mood." Zhen Xiaoyan became dazed for a moment, and then she spoke in a grouchy manner.

"What mood? Forget it, I'm too lazy to chat about this hideous mess. Remember that you have to prepare some good food for me tomorrow, I need to return to school after the vacation. And also, you have to pay attention to carry food with you at all times, don't forget to eat. If you really faint on the broad streets, no one will take care of you."

"Understood." Zhen Xiaoyan replied, and also said with a soft mutter―

If I fainted in the broad streets, no one would have bothered before, but it's different since I'm now a beauty. You're the only idiot that says that I didn't change, and also calls me a fatty the whole day!

However, I like the way you call me. Because I'll know that, no matter how I look, you'd give me the same type of treatment!

"Then why aren't you walking away faster, I don't have time to talk with you!"

So it's like this. You wouldn't treat me better just because I have become beautiful, and when the moment's right, you'd throw me away, not hesitating at all…

Perhaps this is a true friend, one that doesn't care about your outer appearance…

So, Zhen Xiaoyan said goodbye to Ye Lang with a smile on her face, and on her journey home, she thought of what to cook for Ye Lang the next day. Then she thought of the strange progress with her boyfriend, Mo Ya!

After Ye Lang had shooed…no, sent Zhen Xiaoyan away, he talked with Ye Lan Yu for half of the day. After that, he had his dinner, and went to sleep.

"I'm going to sleep, who knows whether I'll meet that woman. Today I must clarify who she is!"

Who was the woman Ye Lang was talking about? He himself didn't know.
Nonsense, if he knew who she was, he wouldn't be saying that wil find out today.

He never told anyone about her, because this was too extraordinary, and he had a hard time exlaining it.

However, because it was a dream, a place that perpetuated, the mystery couldn't be broken!

Maybe, this was just a dream, or possibly, there were some other reasons.

After Ye Lang had entered the dream world, he arrived at a beautiful flowerbed. And at the middle of the flowerbed plateau, there was a hidden, little clear lake!

There he saw a maiden dressed in white, standing beside the little lake, both feet placed in the icy water. But of course, this sensation was only felt in the mind, and whether it really existed was unknown.

"You've come?" The maiden said, looking at the lake's surface. She wasn't afraid of her voice being too soft, because she knew that even if her voice was very soft, Ye Lang could hear her here.

"Mhm, I've come. Why does the location change whenever we meet? Yesterday was a beach, and today it changed into a flowerbed." Ye Lang moved beside the girl, and sat naturally at her side.

Although they only met each other in their dreams, this dream had persistently occurred for a few years already, and both parties were very familiar with each other.

"Isn't that fine? If this was the only place, it'd be so boring. We would definitely get tired of it." The maiden gently said, whilst her pair of fair and translucent legs rippled the surface of the lake.

Ye Lang casually replied, "I don't think so, there's hardly any difference for me. And also, I would think that you have nothing better to do if you changed the location every single time. Can't you just make a garden pavilion, so that we can drink tea while we chat?"

"Oh, then I'll make a garden pavilion for you next time, what kind do you like?" The young girl softly asked.

"I'd like a small bridge with running water, a rockery pond, a bonsai garden, melodious birdsongs entwined with a crisp floral aroma…", Ye Lang casually said all his likes, whilst the maiden noted down quietly, thinking of how she would be able to design a garden pavilion that would satisfy Ye Lang and her.

Following that, she began to talk with Ye Lang about the details of the garden pavilion, and then they talked about other topics. It could be said that astronomy and geography had a lot to be talked about.

The weird thing was that the two had not talked over the details of their identities. Who knew whether there was any bit of information, it just seemed like the conversation Ye Lang had had before went in and out of the ears.

"Woman, I didn't know that you actually know about everything. Who are you really?" Ye Lang casually asked. But after he said this sentence, his face immediately changed. It seemed that he was waiting for something, and it seemed that he was feeling helpless.

"I…" The girl wanted to speak, but―

Instantly, the scene suddenly disappeared…

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