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Chapter 63 - Dreams (3)

"Shit, it's like this every time, I wake up the second it reaches this topic, even if it is a minor detail, it also can't be asked!" Ye Lang awoke from his dream and cursed, this wasn't the first time he had such a tirade.

After that he…

He obviously continued sleeping, but this time, he did not see the maiden again, and it was only a night devoid of dreams until daylight.

This situation had persisted for around 3 years. At first, he didn't care, it was only having idle chats with a maiden, and he just treated it as a dream!

At that time, he had still thought that the maiden was an incarnation of Tigress. Coincidentally, the dreams came right after Tigress left. So, they probably only appeared on the nights when he was missing her!

But later on, he had understood that wasn't her. After every time he awoke, he couldn't remember how the maiden looked like, it was like this even til today, this was also the reason why he couldn't figure out the meaning of these dreams, unable to confirm whether the maiden was a real person.

However, he could confirm that she wasn't Tigress, because he understood Tigress quite well, and he couldn't find any similarities between them, so this notion was quickly rejected by him.

Although he forgot the maiden's distinct traits of her appearance whenever he woke up, but every time he entered into the dream environment, he could easily recognize that maiden, clearly remembering the maiden's appearance, and it was this what made him find this odd.

However, focusing on the moments where things get a little odd, Ye Lang would start thinking about strategies to investigate any information about the maiden's identity, but the problem is that whenever the maiden wanted to reply, the dream environment would always be abruptly cut off.

Even if it was a miniscule information obtained by beating around the bush, it would also make the dream environment be cut off, and this situation was awfully like the procedure of adding another safety lock, and you couldn't pass the limit of this safety lock even by a little, if not, you would break the procedure.

Under such helplessness, Ye Lang could only let nature take its course, and he would always talk with that maiden about matters around the world, not caring about the maiden's identity anymore.

In reality, he also had no other options, unless he didn't sleep, otherwise he would definitely meet the maiden again, but of course, he could also inquire the other party's identify to cut off the dream environment, followed by a night devoid of dreams.

However, he did not do it this way oftenly, he liked chatting with the maiden in the midst of the dream environment, and when he was tired, he would go and sleep…

That's right, sleep in the dream environment, you could also sleep as per normal, but only he supposingly could do it!

In a similar fashion, whenever the maiden asked about Ye Lang's identity, it would also cause the dream to be cut off, it was as if this dream brought these two people together, but it didn't allow them to get any information concerning the opposite party.

Of course, concerning the issue whether this maiden is actually real or not, no, to be say accurately, whether the existence of the maiden is real or not, it was still a mystery.

Because this situation was too strange, Ye Lang had never talked to anyone about this, this dream and the maiden in the midst of this dream, only he himself knew about them.

Perhaps, this was a special type of soul connection. Two people from 2 different places,  even from different times and space, united together, meeting in their dreams!

Perhaps, this maiden was merely a maiden in the dream environment, and she had hidden techniques, which manifested as a fairy within the dream.

No matter what it was, after awakening from the dreams, Ye Lang needed to do his own things, and had thrown this problem at the back of his head momentarily, treating it purely as a dream!

When would this dream be deciphered? That, only God knows!

Maybe it would be resolved soon, maybe, even after a lifetime it still wouldn't be deciphered……

The second day, Ye Lan Yu dragged Ye Lang in the morning to go to the academy together, as per normal.

There weren't only two people that were going to the academy as per normal, there were other people as well, and seeing Ye Lang arrive everything was as usual, as if nothing had happened.

This was certainly not because someone had ordered all lips to be sealed or any of that sort, but it was that people were used to it, accustomed to Ye Lang's grand short appearance, and immediate disappearance after that.

In the midst of the classroom, it was still the usual noisiness…

"Ye Lang?!" When Ye Lang had appeared in the classroom, everyone froze all their actions, dazed for a moment, of course it was only for a moment!

"Student Ye Lang, welcome back……"

Quickly, a few of the faster reacting girls had rushed forward, extremely enthusiastic with Ye Lang, to the point it was unbearable, and this completely different as compared to before.

"Wah, thanks!" Ye Lang had politely nodded and said his thanks, completely oblivious to the girls' common request.

As Ye Lang's classmate, they were naturally different from others. They wouldn't pretend that nothing happened, they would always gossip a bit, and even talk with Ye Lang for a while, especially similar to this situation.

Zhen Xiaoyan had a sudden drastic change, and transformed into such a beauty, this made them want to curry some favor with Ye Lang, of course, many had this idea.

If Ye Lang hadn't left for his house stayed inside, then he would have "drowned" in the tides of vain women!

Now the craze had somewhat receded, added by the fact that everyone knew about Zhen Xiaoyan's metamorphose method, it had already made the majority retreat, leaving only a small bunch still holding other wishes, but amongst this bunch of people, those that could have contact with Ye Lang was extremely small, and it didn't really create any problems for Ye Lang.

After Ye Lang had entered the lecture room, he had walked straight to Zhen Xiaoyan's side, and sat down at that empty seat that seemed out of place.

Why was it out of place? Simple, the surrounding area was full of people, and it was crowded. Under this situation, there was exactly one empty seat, thus it naturally appeared out of place.

And the reason that caused the overcrowding was naturally because of Zhen Xiaoyan. The current Zhen Xiaoyan was not like before. Previously, she didn't have many people around her, it was generally her good friends, and there was still Ye Lang, who wanted to find a quiet place.

Currently Zhen Xiaoyan was loved by all, needless to say, men too. Even women had ulterior motives for getting close to her!

Zhen Xiaoyan, concerning this situation, was exactly the same as before. She didn't act arrogant and she didn't despise any of these people, not reacting to any abuse or favouritism in popularity was her good point, and this was also Ye Lang's favorite trait of her.

This empty spot was actually not here before, it only appeared today, because she knew Ye Lang would come to the academy today, she would naturally leave a good seat for him, and the seat beside her was the best one.

At the start, there were some people who were weirded out by this point, as she had not explained to anyone that it was meant for Ye Lang, just thinking about it made her blush.

Naturally, because of this, she had become even more dainty, pretty and cute!

Now everyone understood, so this empty spot was meant for him…

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