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Chapter 61 - Dreams (1) Translated by Axuline

Zhen Xiaoyan shook her head, saying: "Don't ask me about that, I only followed Ye Lang's instructions. I ate whatever he gave me, and I did whatever he instructed. Oh yes, mother, I have to stay at his house for a period of time after a few days. He has given me a vacation during these few days, and I intend to spend it with you all."

"You want to stay at his house? Didn't you like Mo Ya? Daughter, who do you really like? Mo Ya's character is good, the strength of his ability and insight is all really not bad. Thirteenth young master of the Ye Family is really a no no, he is an attributeless person, but him being the Thirteenth young master of the Ye family, this can make up for his weaknesses, it's okay if you want to choose him…" Mother's mouth was like a machine gun, shooting off endlessly.

"….. Mother, I am only going to Ye Lang's home because my condition still has to be monitored. If there are any harmful side effects to the drugs, I can be treated as soon as possible." Zhen Xiaoyan had finally found a chance to interrupt her mother's chatter.

"So that's it. Then why do you still want to wait for a few days, wouldn't it be much better if u went right now." Her mother worriedly said.

"These few days… I… I want to… have a date with Mo Ya…" As Zhen Xiaoyan spoke, her face grew redder, and her voice had become small, really small.

"Oh… So it was because of this…" Her mother smirked whilst speaking.

"Humph! If a person has already spent so much effort for this day, and endured so much pain, wouldn't even a single date be okay?" Zhen Xiaoyan slightly trudged, lightly jogging towards inside.

"Xiao Yan, do not run, I didn't say that you couldn't. This is your first date, do you want your old mother to teach you a few tricks?"

"I don't, I don't…"

"Mother, does the birthmark on my chest look like a phoenix now?" Zhen Xiaoyan stared at her own chest, asking in disbelief.

"Hmm, you were too fat before to see anything, but it is pretty clear now, it looks like a flying phoenix!"

"I also said so, but that idiot,Ye Lang, had said that it looked like a big fat chicken, and even said it looked ugly…" Zhen Xiaoyan said, as if talking to herself.

"That's because he is stupid, he doesn't have good eyes… Wait, how did he know about this, you…?"

"Ah, what, I don't know about anything, don't ask me… "

During those days and nights together, the interactions between them during that period included her soaking in the medical tub in her bare naked body everyday. There was once she unintentionally got shocked by something, and stood up, exposing everything.

Yet a certain idiot, had no reaction or whatsoever at that moment, only observing carefully for a while, and said that her progress was not bad, her body and skin was better than expected.

Apparently up until now, this idiot still didn't react. What was this kind of situation!

In any case, concerning Zhen Xiaoyan's identity, after this had happened over and over again, there wasn't anyone who had any suspicion, actually they themselves had also believed it, only because of Ye Lang's words had a hint of tyranny, thus his words was the best evidence!

This may also seem strange, that the absolute majority had felt that since he was so sure, then it would never be fake. This was a type of unfathomable mystery of trust.

As for Ye Lang himself, after creating this miracle, he had disappeared once again from everyone's sight. Perhaps everyone was accustomed to this, so they had quickly put him in the back of their minds, awaiting for his next appearance.

It wasn't that no one had searched for Ye Lang, this had sparked curiosity in everyone's minds, but Ye Lang had started to sleep for a few days, and then, with an excuse of needing to nurse himself, he asked for a month's worth of sick leave. Naturally no one could contact him.

And after a month, everyone had basically figured out this matter, and had no reason to ask again, only other "small business" that needed Ye Lang's help, and of course it was "a small minority" of people.

During this month, Zhen Xiaoyan had of course not followed Ye Lang's action of not going out. She woke up in the morning to prepare a huge course to eat, and it obviously was meant for her to eat most of it, leaving a small portion for Ye Lang.

Then, Ye Lang would wake up to feel her pulse, examine her body for a while, decide whether to give her some medicine afterwards, and also acupuncture and moxibustion.

Following that, she then went to class. She would head for Ye Lang's small courtyard after she was released from school, and let Ye lang check her body for a while, and prepare something to eat afterwards.

But of course, if she needed to go for a date in the middle of it, she would just push back this whole entire course!

If you want to state their relationship, it's very simple. Firstly they were of course friends, secondly, a patient and doctor relationship. Apart from this, they didn't have any impure relationship, at least for now.

But of course, it wasn't so simple in the eyes of others, there were many people who had suspicions of the relationship between those two!

Ye Lang had of course never cared about other people's opinions, he only did his business, like confirming Zhen Xiaoyan's body condition, confirming what were her side-effects.

What is it?

"Fatty, after a month of observations, many carefully deliberations, and already a brazen assumption, also…"

"??" Zhen Xiaoyan confusely dazed at Ye Lang while he was talking, understanding absolutely nothing what he had just said, but she didn't make any sound to interrupt him, afraid of saying something wrong.

After saying a heap of presage, and the process of how he proved it, Ye Lang finally solemnly said, "I am determined, that you have a very serious side-effect!"

Zhen Xiaoyan was not scared, but rather she smiled and said, "Just tell me, I've already prepared myself. This period of a month has been more than enough…"

That's right, it exceeded her expectation by a huge margin. She originally had only wanted a small period, it was enough so long as she had a date with Mo Ya, and yet it had already been a month. Even if she didn't have 10 dates with him, she already had 8.

But, did this dating truly make her happy?

Perhaps it will. At least on the surface she was happy, but she didn't even know, what was this happiness. Was it that she finally could be with her beloved one, or was it that she finally achieved her long desired dream!

Maybe precisely because of this, even if she changed back to her original state as a result, she wouldn't be afraid, and wouldn't feel it was a pity, because she had it all before!

"Well then, I'll just say that, your side-effect is— indigestion. Due to this degree of confinement of your digestive system, it left irreversible damage, and your digestive ability will not be like a normal person's." Ye Lang said while looked at Zhen Xiaoyan, slightly knitting his brows.

Zhen Xiaoyan was blank for a while, and she couldn't figure out what the side-effect was, so she opened her mouth to ask, "Will I return to my original state? Will my skin become black and ugly?"

"No, it will be hard to get fat from now on, even if you want to!" Ye Lang shook his head while speaking.

"Yeah! That's great, I won't return to my original state!" Zhen Xiaoyan had of course cheered excitedly, only after that she then thought about other things—

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