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Chapter 44 – What business does it have to do with you (1) Translated by imakeussmile


“How to snatch? Is there still a need to say! Of course it would be robbing away your boyfriend and kicking you out of the scene!” Ye Lang at the side said without a care.


Everyone present was speechless, and many people were suspecting that Ye Lang was deliberately stirring up trouble. If not, why would he instigate Zhen Xiao Yan? Also why would he go and support Zhen Xiao Yan?

Just that, with everyone’s understanding of Ye Lang, they knew that he was the type of person to not care about anything, and would only occasionally be hot-blooded. Could this be one of the ‘occasional’ situations?

“Don’t look at me like that. I know what you all want to say, but I’m too lazy to bother with you all. It’s time to read my book! About that fat woman, I think highly of you, therefore you must believe in yourself!” Under everyone’s suspicious gazes, Ye Lang once again entered his book reading state after declaring to everyone that he would temporarily be cut off from the rest of the world.

Zhen Xiao Yan became very courageous after she received his support. Courageous to a point where Sha Lan was afraid, and pulled Prince Mo Ya to leave the scene. Zhen Xiao Yan only shouted out loudly that she would fight for her promise, and didn’t chase after them.

Normally, after a person was done being impetuous and passionate, they would start thinking over their actions. After a while, the hot-blooded Zhen Xiao Yan calmed down, and her look began to change, becoming more and more ashamed and resentful.

“Ye Lang!!” Zhen Xiao Yan used her huge palm and slammed on the table, giving a shock to Ye Lang, who was reading his book.

“What’s the matter? Your look like you want to eat someone……I’m so thin, it’s not enough for you, you should go look for your that……” Ye Lang looked at Zhen Xiao Yan’s eyes which were burning with anger, and said looking left and right.

However, Zhen Xiao Yan seemed to be immune to it, and totally didn’t fall for his words. She said straightforwardly: “Don’t you think about changing the topic. Explain, why did you confuse me, and made me do such an embarrassing thing?”

“About that, actually……Hehe. I only said it casually, and didn’t think that you would actually go and confess. You can’t place the blame on me, it was because the desire in your heart was already too strong.” Ye Lang held onto the book and used it to block Zhen Xiao Yan as he spoke whilst smiling.

That’s right, at the beginning before all this, it wasn’t his intentions to give Zhen Xiao Yan a push. It was just him only joking around casually. He himself also didn’t think that Zhen Xiao Yan would take this kind of action, and it all could be seen from the time when he pretended that everything had nothing to do with him.

He wasn’t deluding someone who couldn’t see the reality of the situation. Although what he had said previously was very beautiful, but those were only beautiful words, and anyone could say them!

“You……What do I do right now? I don’t even have the face to meet these people!” Zhen Xiao Yan said whilst feeling ashamed and resentful.

“Since it has already begun, you can only persevere to the end now.” Ye Lang said indifferently. This sentence wasn’t said casually, he was the kind of person that either doesn’t do anything, or if he does something, he must see it to the end.

“I’m afraid……” Zhen Xiao Yan said hesitatingly.

“Afraid of what, you have already thrown all your face, so there’s no need to be afraid of throwing a bit more. In any case, throwing a bit more or a bit less doesn’t make a difference. What’s more, your skin is so thick, there is no need for you to be afraid at this point.” Ye Lang said very irresponsibly. Anyone would be very relaxed whilst talking about another person’s matter.

“I’m not afraid that……*cough cough*. What did you say? Are you trying to say that I’m thick-skinned and shameless?” At the start, Zhen Xiao Yan was still going along with Ye Lang, but she very quickly changed her reaction towards the end.

“Only thick-skinned, not shameless. Don’t tell me that your skin is not thick.”

“The thing that is thick is my face, not referring to that face!”

“Isn’t it all still face?!”


Zhen Xiao Yan remained silent, not wanting to tangle on this question with Ye Lang. Since in any case, there would surely not be a conclusion, so she only said faintly: “I will persevere. But I don’t think that he will accept me!”

“Why care about whether he accepts you or not, you also don’t need his approval to like him!” Ye Lang said without a care at all.

“??” Others did not understand this sentence that Ye Lang said, and were trying hard to think about the meaning in this sentence. What does it mean that you don’t need his approval to like him, if he doesn’t approve, what is the use of liking?

“Your meaning is……the same as you and Li Yue at that time?” This sentence made Zhen Xiao Yan remember about a matter, which was an interesting story regarding Ye Lang and Grand Marshal Li’s granddaughter.


“……” Ye Lang remained silent, because he knew that everyone would laugh next, laugh about this matter which was already forgotten.

“Haha, we all forgot about this matter. That’s right, at that time, Ye Lang, this brat, was seriously too awesome. During the time when he was pursuing Li Yue, who knows how many times he had been rejected, and in the end, Li Yue also got angry, but still didn’t have the means to get away from him. I still remember one sentence which he said: Liking you is my problem, what business does it have to do with you!”

“That’s right, that’s right. This sentence has so much temperament, straightforwardly letting Li Yue not have any temper anymore, and allowing him to pester her as he liked!”


“Fuck, such a long ago thing. You all still remember it so clearly!” Ye Lang could not help scolding out very depressedly

This matter happened at the time when Ye Lang’s soul still had yet to merge. At that time, he suddenly liked Li Yue, and kept on tangling and pursuing her. Only when his soul merged, did it all come to an end.

Speaking about the cause of this matter also made him feel very speechless. The reason as to why he suddenly liked Li Yue wasn’t because of a descending love, and wasn’t even him liking her at all. Instead, it was all just because of a prediction which he heard from a fortune teller, which spoke about the situation in which he would meet the girl of his life.

Unfortunately, the situation just so happened to bump into Li Yue, and thus, he began to consider Li Yue as the girl of his life. He began to ‘like’ her, and start pursuing her.

At that time, this matter also let Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi feel strange. Why did it happen so suddenly, and after they got this answer, they became very powerless, extremely powerless.

However, they also didn’t prevent him. Not that they don’t want to, but they didn’t have the the means to prevent him. No matter if it was the Ye Lang of the past or the current Ye Lang, as long as it was a thing which he had set his mind on, unless it was he himself who changed his own mind, even nine oxen wouldn’t be able to pull him back.

“I understand! I will be the same as you at that time, even if I get rejected, I won’t give up!” After a while passed, Zhen Xiao Yan said very resolutely.

“……*cough, cough* Alright, persevering is victory!” Ye Lang appeared to be a bit awkward as he spoke. After all, he himself also didn’t think that he would be provoked.

“Then you tell me what I should do next?” Zhen Xiao Yan looked at Ye lang, with her eyes letting out a radiance of expectation. A radiance which would make others be captivated. If it was just simply saying about her eyes, her eyes would definitely be able to be deemed as beautiful.

“What should you do? Just do what you should do, how should I know?!” Ye Lang waved his hand, an attitude showing that the matter wasn’t his concern.

“You’re not helping me?” Zhen Xiao Yan said while feeling puzzled.

“Help you do what? Help you hit that Mo Ya, then you force yourself upon him?” Ye Lang held onto his book and said very indifferently.

“Go away! Don’t joke around I’m being serious!” Zhen Xiao Yan pushed away Ye Lang, the force almost knocking Ye Lang down on the floor.


[Remember the girl, Li Yue, she will also reappear later in the story. Quite a funny arc too.]

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