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Chapter 43 – The courage of love (3) Translated by imakeussmile


“Hey fat woman, if you really like him then go and confess to him.” Ye Lang looked at the love-struck Zhen Xiao Yan, then gave a suggestion that others wouldn’t dare to suggest.

“Confess? He will reject me, how could he fall for a fat girl like me?” Zhen Xiao Yan said faintly.

“Although I can’t be deny that the probability of him falling for you is very low, but if you were to confess to him, there would at least still be a possibility. But if you don’t confess to him, there won’t be any possibility at all. Love must be said out courageously!” Ye Lang gave Zhen Xiao Yan a strike unrestrainedly, and at the same time, he also instigated Zhen Xiao Yan. No, it is encouraged. Everyone has the right to confess.

Except, he himself also did not think that Zhen Xiao Yan would actually really go and confess!

“That’s right, if I don’t confess, I will forever not have a chance.” Zhen Xiao Yan mumbled. Not sure if she was muddle-headed, or she was just being impetuous, she actually stood up and walked towards Mo Ya.

“Xiao Yan, don’t listen to him nonsense!” The student who was watching at the side, seeing how everything was developing, immediately shouted out, wanting to stop Zhen Xiao Yan, but was not able to make Zhen Xiao Yan stop.

Zhen Xiao Yan came to the front of Prince Mo Ya, then said very seriously: “Mo Ya, I like you, can you date me?”

“Ah……” At this time, except for Ye Lang, everyone was in a daze, as they absolutely did not dare to believe what they had just witnessed. And at this time, Ye Lang immediately turned his head and took out a book to pretend that he was reading, and moreover, also very magically took out a pot of tea and slowly sipped it.

“Hey, did I see or hear wrong? Did that fatty Yan actually confess to Mo Ya, and moreover, confess to him in front of Sha Lan?”

“I also wanted to ask that, but since you also saw it, then I believe that we did not see or hear incorrectly!”

“Waah……” The entire classroom began to go into an uproar, and a bunch of people began to discuss the reason as to why Zhen Xiao Yan confessed. Some said that Zhen Xiao Yan ate a wrong medicine, some said Zhen Xiao Yan had high fever today, some others said that Zhen Xiao Yan was currently still sleepwalking.

Although everyone came up with different reasons, but regarding the result, everyone had the same view, believing Zhen Xiao Yan’s confession would surely be rejected, and this was certain.

Just think for a while, how would Prince Mo Ya fancy a girl whose body size was so large that it shocked others? About her confession, him not throwing up was already very polite.

“I apologize, I already have a girlfriend.” Prince Mo Ya was indeed someone who came from a distinguished family, and one of the princes of Imperial Academy’s four big princes. Towards a confession which the average person would not be able to bear, he was still able to preserve his gentlemanly elegance.

“I know that, you don’t mind having one more girlfriend right?” Zhen Xiao Yan said very straightforwardly.

“Pfff……” Ye Lang, who just a moment ago pretended to not have seen anything, pretending that it had nothing to do with him, and was drinking tea at the side, after hearing this sentence, he immediately spit out the tea in his mouth. Because this sentence was said before by him, which also meant, Zhen Xiao Yan saying this sentence was all thanks to him.

At that time, he was also talking to Zhen Xiao Yan about the matters regarding Prince Mo Ya. He said that, since she liked Prince Mo Ya, then she should go and hit on him. No need to be shy, since in any case, your skin is thick.

At that time, Zhen Xiao Yan asked, then how should I hit on him? At that time, the original words were—

“Like this I guess, you go over and ask him: Handsome, do you have a girlfriend? If he says he doesn’t, then you say: Then I can be your girlfriend.”

“Then what if he says he does?”

“Then you say: You don’t mind having one more girlfriend right.”


“This, I mind……” Prince Mo Ya was dazed for a while before saying.

“Zhen Xiao Yan, what is the meaning of this!” And at this time, Sha Lan’s expression became very ugly as she spoke while grinding her teeth.

“I want to snatch your boyfriend.” Zhen Xiao Yan said straightforwardly.

“Snatch from me? You? Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance, if there is one person here who says that you can snatch with me, I will allow you to try.” Perhaps Sha Lan was a bit infuriated, or perhaps she was revealing another side of her heart, for those words would gravely hurt Zhen Xiao, this was different from her usual gentle and gracefulness.


“You said it yourself, don’t regret it when the time comes! You say……” Zhen Xiao Yan was excited for a while, then she went to find her good friend as she thought that her good friend would definitely support her, but she was however disappointed.

Zhen Xiao Yan’s good friend looked at her and used a persuading expression that said ‘Don’t fantasize too much, it is not possible for you two. The difference between both sides is just too big’.

Her good friend was only thinking for her sake, why chase after a matter which you know perfectly well is impossible, it would only bring her pain. Thinking of this, the good friend couldn’t help but ferociously glare at Ye Lang, as the cause of this matter was all him.

“Hmph, a toad also dares to dream of eating swan meat. Doesn’t even look in the mirror.” Sha lan said very disdainfully. Usually, toad referred to the male, but this metaphor could similarly mock the female.

At this time, Ye Lang stopped ignoring the matter, as he opened his mouth and said: “I do, I feel that she can snatch him from you, this is the right that she should have!”

“Ye Lang!! Stop adding more trouble already. Do you feel that there is any meaning to this?” Zhen Xiao Yan’s good friend immediately shouted. She felt that Ye Lang being like this would only bring harm to Zhen Xiao Yan.

“I know that this will wound her, but since she wants it, then we should support her. Let her give her all without any hesitation, even if the result would make her feel pain. At the very least, she would not regret it in the future.” Ye Lang said calmly, and his words also made others contemplate, thinking about the meaning of those words.

The good friend actually wanted to say something, but before she had the time to say anything, she was cut off by another sentence of Ye Lang.

“Suffering from wounds would only others become stronger, I believe she is not the kind of weak person that cannot endure this kind of pain!”

Therefore, because of Ye Lang’s support, Zhen Xiao Yan was able to obtain a chance. And just like this, Sha Lan hated the busybody Ye Lang. However, she doesn’t know it, but Ye Lang, in the future, would only make her hate him more, and this was only just the beginning.

“Alright, then I’ll give you a chance. Bring it on, I want to see just how you will snatch him away from me.” Sha Lan suddenly changed her tone and said very indifferently, because she realized that she did not have to be afraid at all, as how would Zhen Xiao Yan even be able to snatch away her Prince Mo Ya.

Taking a look at Zhen Xiao Yan’s looks, it would be impossible for her to even snatch away the boyfriend of an ordinary girl, let alone hers, unless Prince Mo Ya’s hobby was special, but this was obviously not the case.

The meaning of those words, practically everyone was able to sense it. And everyone believed that Zhen Xiao Yan was completely seeking humiliation by herself, it was a totally impossible matter.

However, at this moment, everyone admired her courage. After all, the courage needed to do this was not little.


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