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Chapter 45 – What business does it have to do with you (2) Translated by imakeussmile


Ye Lang stabilized his body and held onto his book as he said unhurriedly: “I’m just speaking the truth, others can’t help you with this matter. I’m also not a matchmaker deity, you can only depend on yourself to fight for it!”

“……Ye Lang, could it be that you have never intended to help me from the start, and your so-called support is just all moral support?”

“That’s right! You have my unlimited moral support!”

“You, go and die!” Zhen Xiao Yan bellowed angrily as she took an object and threw it towards Ye Lang.

“Ouch……Zhen Xiao Yan, can you not stop throwing things around!!” Another innocent victim shouted out, while Ye Lang took on an appearance that said that it had nothing to do with him.

“Fine! I won’t make fish ball thick-noodles for you anymore tomorrow!”

“Then, I want fish ball rice-noodles!”


And the next day, Zhen Xiao Yan still gave Ye Lang the food she prepared, not knowing if it was because she was used to it or if it was because she was afraid of him snatching away her food. But in any case, it was still the same as in the past, where the same scene would be played out.

However, after yesterday, there was also a different scene that would be played out. And that was that Zhen Xiao Yan also began to prepare food for Prince Mo Ya, launching love attacks towards Prince Mo Ya.

And because of this, later on, Prince Mo Ya and Sha Lan did not meet up in the classroom anymore. At first, they changed the meet-up place to the gate of Alchemy Academy, then afterwards straightforwardly changed to the dining hall, then afterwards they began to move about in the campus according to the situation, until the end where they changed it back to the dining hall.

Why would there be those changes? Nonsense, it was all because of Zhen Xiao Yan, no matter where they went, Zhen Xiao Yan would appear. Not sure where she got the information from, but until the end they were helpless. So, because they felt that they can’t hide from her, they thus changed back to the dining hall.

This matter let everyone understand one thing, which was that love was able to make a person become crazy, crazy to a point where they would stop thinking, crazy to a point where any obstruction could be eliminated, and at the same time, also do some unimaginable things.

Zhen Xiao Yan was crazy, she crazily chased after her dreams, not caring about other people’s opinions or views anymore, including those of the person involved, Prince Mo Ya, she also did not care about his opinion!

“Ye Lang! It is all your fault!” Prince Mo Ya and Sha Lan recently would frequently clench their teeth and say this sentence. Although they hated Zhen Xiao Yan a lot, they also hated Ye Lang who incited the incident.

If it was not for Ye Lang, Zhen Xiao Yan would also not be so crazy. If it was not for Ye Lang, Zhen Xiao Yan would also not have the attitude of disregarding the person involved, using the sentence “Liking you is my problem, what business does it what to do with you!” to break down the person involved.


“Don’t use that kind of scorching gaze to look at me, I’m innocent!” Ye Lang waved his hands and said towards Sha Lan who was staring at him.



This kind of situation carried on for a very long period of time, and towards this matter, everyone’s opinion was all naturally different, there was disdain, despise, approval, support……

But everyone all agreed on one point, which was that Zhen Xiao Yan’s spirit was laudable. And moreover, they also felt that if in the future they were to meet someone which they liked, they should also follow and learn from her.

Along with the passing of time, Sha Lan’s hatred towards Zhen Xiao Yan became deeper and deeper, and Ye Lang seemed to have been neglected by her already. After all, aside from Ye Lang inciting at the start, he did not have any other actions, and also did not help Zhen Xiao Yan, only really giving her moral support!

Perhaps it was also because of this, Sha Lan did a thing which made Zhen Xiao Yan land in a hopeless situation.

“What?! You’re participating in the beauty contest?” After Ye Lang received the news about this, he looked at Zhen Xiao Yan with a face full of astonishment.

“What beauty contest, it is ‘Imperial Academy’s Incomparable Girl Talent Competition’.” Zhen Xiao Yan corrected Ye Lang’s words.


“More or less, you could say that it is a talent contest, but those that go on stage, which one of them is not a beauty. At the same time where they look at your talent, they also look at your appearance and behavior. It is pretty much no different from a beauty contest.” Ye Lang said without a care.

In Imperial Academy, there would be a beauty contest every 3 years. Oh, wrong, it should be Incomparable Girl Talent Competition. Every time, the competition would attract countless of people to come and watch. This was already not a grand occasion within the campus, but was a grand occasion within the city, even so much that it would also attract some people from afar to specially come and watch this competition.

And as for why it would attract this many people, just as Ye Lang said, this was a beauty contest. The majority of the talented girls who showed up were all big family’s young ladies who were beautiful and alluring, had good temperament, and also possessed a talent.

Normally, there would not even be a chance to see those big family’s young ladies, but because of the competition, all of them however simultaneously made a public appearance. Thus naturally, this competition would attract the eyes of many people, and would make people flock to see the competition.

At the same time, this situation also indicated one thing, which was that if Zhen Xiao Yan were to go and participate in the competition, she would have to make a public appearance in front of many people. With her conditions, it was bound to create a very big sensation, of course this was all about the negative aspects!

“Why would you participate in this, isn’t you going up basically you seeking humiliation for yourself?” Ye Lang asked very straightforwardly. This was something which everyone would think of, just that no one would be like him and say it straightforwardly.

“Mo Ya and Sha Lan said that, only if I participate in this competition and win the competition, would I be allowed to be together with Mo Ya!” Zhen Xiao Yan said with a very complicated emotion. Perhaps, she herself also understood that this was just other people making fun of her, wanting her to suffer humiliation, but however, she still agreed with it.

This was perhaps her last struggle, her last craziness. And after this, she would also give up and not dream of anything anymore!

“So it is like this. Did she say whether you only have to win over her or that you have to win this competition?” Ye Lang began to admire Zhen Xiao Yan a bit right now, his evaluation towards her also raised to another level.

“I don’t know, but I think it’s all the same.” Zhen Xiao Yan shook her head and said.

“That’s right, in any case, you are dead for sure!”


Zhen Xiao Yan said a bit unhappily: “Can’t you give me a bit of support?”

“Support? That’s right, I remember that someone opened a betting market for this beauty contest competition, I will go and place a bet on you to support you. However, before this, I want to confirm one thing, singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument, which one do you know?” Ye Lang asked.

“Don’t know, I don’t know any of them.” Zhen Xiao Yan shook her head and answered.

“Then what other talent do you have other than cooking.” Ye Lang asked once again.

“None!” Zhen Xiao Yan shook her head.

“I remember that your noble etiquette is also very sloppy, basically having not learned it at all.” Ye Lang said while looking at Zhen Xiao Yan. Within the academy, she was also counted as a special person. In Alchemy Academy, even though etiquette was not really paid attention to, but the female students of the Alchemy Academy would still go and learn it.

“That’s right……” Zhen Xiao Yan said embarrassedly.

“Very good, I will immediately go and bet one hundred thousand gold coins on you winning, see just how much I support you.” Ye Lang prepared to run outside as he spoke.

“One hundred thousand gold coins?” Zhen Xiao Yan was dazed for a while. This sum made her be astonished, even if he were to support her, there was also no need for this much right.

Although she knew that Ye Lang was a bit prodigal, and this degree was also a mere trifle for him. But after all, she wasn’t that close to him, there was no need to support her that much like this.

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