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Chapter 439: 439
Tianji Armour (1)

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“I’ll offer you one million gold coins . Kill the people who hired you to assassinate the chief, then kill all the people who are related to the job too!” Ye Lang’s words fell like an asteroid into a calm lake, sending huge waves across the bank .

One million gold coins was a huge sum . On the other hand, no one had ever heard of reverse-hiring an assassin like this .

“Uh…” The assassin hesitated . He had never heard of such a request, he wasn’t sure if this was against the rules .

“Don’t worry, this doesn’t go against any of the principles of the First Assassins! You just have to come like how you usually meet your clients, take the money then kill the people I want to kill . This is the only time I will ask! I have offered my conditions, I wonder if you will accept it?” offered Ye Lang calmly .

“I’ll have to think about it . I’ll come back in a few days for your answer!” The assassin couldn’t confirm not because he thought it was against the rules- with that sum of money, rules could be bent .

As an assassin, he was very clear about how emotional people could be when they realise they had been targets for assassination . His job was to only receive the money then kill, he didn’t care if it was right or wrong .

However, this job was still a peculiar case, he had to ask for a second opinion .

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“Alright, I’ll be here for a few days but I hope you can make a decision soon . I’ll be leaving this place!” said Ye Lang .

“I understand, we will give you an answer as soon as possible . Can I ask you a question before I leave?” asked Shadow .

“Ask away!”

“How do you know the God of Assassins so well?” he asked .

“This number one assassin is sort of… my subordinate…” Ye Lang didn’t know how to describe the relationship so he picked a random identity .

“ . . . ” The assassin fell silent . With such a casual tone, he thought Ye Lang must be lying .

Whatever, perhaps Ye Lang had once met the number one assassin . He was sure he wasn’t going to get more information from Ye Lang . Then again, knowing more might not even benefit him . Assassins never probe into each other’s business .

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Why didn’t he ask about Ye Lang’s identity? Well, that was unnecessary because Ye Lang was no hidden character . Searching up information about him would be easy and he needn’t waste time here .

“Goodbye!” With a flash, he disappeared before everyone’s eyes .

“Master, will my father be okay?” Tigress asked worriedly, grabbing Ye Lang’s arm .

He patted her hands, comforting her . “It’ll be alright . With me here, he will definitely be okay . Although it’s going to take a while, he can be saved . The problem is that I need something and I’ve got to go get it . ”

“What is it? Master, just tell us and we’ll definitely get it for you!” volunteered the crowd . The way they said ‘Master’ was filled with respect now, truly recognising Ye Lang as Tigress’ master .

“It’s called Tianji armour…” Ye Lang stared at them as if embarrassed to be a wet blanket .

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“Tianji armour?! What IS that?” asked Athena .

Athena had arrived a while ago . Although she was slower than Ye Lang, she wasn’t THAT slow . She’d already been here since Ye Lang’s conversation with the assassin . From their dialogue, she realised how intelligent the kid actually was to think of counter-hiring the assassin to kill the other client . This way, he could strike the other party even though he didn’t know them . Even she wouldn’t have thought of this .

However, the cost of this plan was astronomical too . A million gold coins had to be offered, though he didn’t seem to be affected at all .

No matter what, Athena realised she liked Ye Lang more now . He was sometimes intelligent, sometimes dumb but she liked it .

“Tianji armour, isn’t that the precious heirloom of the Li clan? Right, Ye Lang, didn’t you make one too? Can you use that instead?” On the other hand, Tigress was familiar with this treasure . However, this was a suit of armour with alchemy properties . While it was a unique piece of equipment, it didn’t seem to be related to treating a poisoned patient .

“Yep, that’s the one! The one I made might be able to help but I left it in my lab . And it’s not completely done, I didn’t have time to bring it with me…”

“You didn’t bring it… That means it’s still at the Ye Residence! The Li clan lives in the Imperial City of the Soaring Sky Empire too… Master, it would be difficult for us to get in…” Tigress said worriedly . “Can you make another suit?”

Ye Lang shook his head . “I can’t! The materials required are extremely rare . We might not be able to find them even if we search the entire mainland . I’ve already collected most of it years ago, I don’t think there’s any left anywhere! Making a new suit would definitely be more difficult than entering the Soaring Sky empire! I think it would be better for me to go get it myself…”

“No! You entering Soaring Sky now would be the same as a goat walking into the tiger’s jaws! Why must it be the Tianji armour, isn’t it just a suit of alchemy armour?” asked Tigress, puzzled .

“Yeah but it’s special because the armour can be absorbed into the wearer’s body . If we use it well, it can absorb the Call of Hades from the chief’s system . Not only will the chief be well again, but the poison would also reinforce the armour!” answered Ye Lang .

One needn’t use only herbs and medicine to solve medical problems, anything else can be used too!

“What if I get it myself? You wait here, I’m not important to them anyway!” Tigress thought for a moment and decided to go in Ye Lang’s place .

“You’re not important to them but you’re important to your father! Although he’s now sealed in ice crystal, I think you should still stay by his side to tend to him . I’ll go to the city myself, it won’t be a problem!” objected Ye Lang .

To be honest, other than the reason he stated, he was also very worried for Tigress . When he left Soaring Sky years ago, people like Liu Feiyan were harassed by the eighth princess due to their relations to himself . If Tigress were to enter the empire herself, he wasn’t sure what the eighth princess would do to her .

“But you’re a wanted criminal there, isn’t that suicide?” Tigress asked anxiously .

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