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Chapter 440: 440
Tianji Armour (2)

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“I’m a wanted criminal but they can’t catch me . I’ll be in disguise anyway, no one will know who I am . Hehe, they won’t know who I am, it’ll be so fun,” said Ye Lang, growing excited . He couldn’t wait to pretend to be someone else in front of everyone .

“In disguise? Master, no offence but even the best disguises can be seen through…” Tigress asked another honest question .

“That’s because you know who I am! Right now, no one knows I’m returning to Soaring Sky . Even if my disguise is seen through, they wouldn’t make the connection and think it’s me . That is why it won’t be a problem . Also, I must go because I’m the only one who can open my underground lab,” he said with determination .

Ye Lang was going to retrieve the set of Tianji armour he made . The Li clan’s armour would be too difficult to retrieve . That was their family heirloom and someone’s always wearing it .

“But…” Tigress was still concerned .

“Little tiger girl, no buts . Let him go, we have a team who coincidentally needs to go to Soaring Sky anyway . Master can follow them so he has protection too,” interrupted Athena . She thought Tigress was overprotective of Ye Lang because there shouldn’t be a huge problem .

The Ye family had left Soaring Sky for many years and even the authorities thought Ye Lang was somewhere at the other end of the world . They wouldn’t imagine him coming back after all these years .

“You don’t have to cover for me . In the event my identity is revealed, you all would be in trouble too,” he shook his head rejecting Athena’s suggestion .

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“ . . . If that happens, then our protection would be even more important!”

“You don’t have too, it’s easier to run alone . It would be difficult to escape with the whole group, you all would just be a burden to me,” he said very honestly .

“ . . . ” Tigress was silent . She agreed with him . Ye Lang had a talent in running and slipping away . He would be able to escape even if he was captured .

This had been proven since he was young .

“What about this- we’ll protect you along the way, then separate once we arrive at the Imperial City . With a group so huge, no one would notice if you’re gone,” said Athena .

“Yeah, that is a must . Master, do not refuse this because you might not even be able to find the city if you go alone,” Tigress interjected before Ye Lang spoke .

“Uh, alright… Athena, why is the team going to the Imperial City anyway?” he asked after forcing himself to agree .

“We often transport goods to sell to humans, the Imperial City is one of the places we deliver to . However, this time, the queen of Soaring Sky wants to meet us . That’s why we’re sending a team over . I’ve made the decision to visit myself too, to learn how humans communicate,” smiled Athena .

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You’re only going because Master’s going . You’re just going to annoy him! You’re such a fox! Hey, why am I using this expression now? thought Tigress .

Although Tigress saw through her intentions, she didn’t stop Athena because it was still a good idea for one more person to watch over him . Although they were both previously opponents, Tigress trusted in Athena’s capabilities .

“Zhao Yarou is a smart empress to know to improve ties between the empire and your tribe . Getting you on their side is more powerful than meeting other kingdoms,” Ye Lang mused .

Once you forged ties with the beastmen, they would never betray you unless you have done something inexcusable . The loyalty in them was way more valuable than any other relationship you can have with other human kingdoms .

Also, the beastmen had precious treasures to offer too that they were not currently trading with other kingdoms . If the empire could pave a way for efficient trade, it would benefit Soaring Sky immensely .

“Master, what about my father?” Tigress looked at the block of crystal on the ground .

“Leave him be . This crystal should last at least a year . You don’t have to do anything for it to last a year . Well, we don’t need one year either . I’ll be gone at most a few months to get the Tianji armour from Soaring Sky . We can even meet when I return before you leave for the City of Beast Gods,” said Ye Lang as if it was all simple .

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“I understand . Let’s go home then, bring my father home too…” Tigress nodded .

“Alright,” he said then instructed Little Xin to pick up the crystal as they headed back to Tigress’ home .

The crowd was stunned to see Little Xin pick the chief up so easily . They didn’t expect such a delicate-looking human girl to be so strong!

“Master, I need to make some arrangements . I’ll meet you tomorrow,” shouted Athena from the back . She didn’t plan to follow Ye Lang .

From Ye Lang’s tone, they would be leaving within a few days . This meant they had to arrange for the team to prepare in advance and leave before the planned date .

This team consisted mostly of members of the fox tribe . Tigers were only there for protection since this job of forging external ties required the foxes’ wisdom .

Everyone left to do their jobs . For the chief, they had to work extra hard .

The next morning, Athena was already with Ye Lang to report her team’s progress and tell him they could leave anytime .

The chief’s life was at stake here, of course they had to be quick .

“Master, yesterday you mentioned that the number one assassin was your subordinate . Is that true?” Athena asked curiously .

“That is a secret . ” Ye Lang used the same reason to stop her from asking more questions .

“I know you must’ve been lying . How could you have such a person under your command…”

“I never lie, I am an honest person . ”

“ . . . ” Yeah, right .

What Athena didn’t know was that the number one assassin could be counted as Ye Lang’s subordinate . You must’ve guessed by now that the number one assassin was Coldblood Five!

Coldblood Five had always been happy to help Ye Lang . Although they argued sometimes, she still obeyed his instructions . And the Vermillion Bird Empire once sort of put the Coldblood Group under Ye Lang’s command so technically she was indeed his subordinate .

If Athena knew, her jaw would drop! And if she met Coldblood Five, she definitely wouldn’t believe that the obedient, quiet girl was actually the world’s top assassin .

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