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Published at 5th of February 2020 05:20:04 PM
Chapter 438: 438
Assassin Rankings (2)

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“The Call of Hades is not just any alchemy weapon, it is a weapon laced with poison . It doesn’t matter what kind of poison, the victim cannot be cured!”

“Other people can’t cure them but Master, you can, right? Master, please tell me you can?!” asked Tigress . She was so shaken by her father’s condition she had to ask him again .

“I can’t help him now, the Call of Hades has spread across his body! If he hadn’t moved when he was first hurt, I probably could’ve helped . Or if he forced the poison out of his system, the problem wouldn’t be as severe!” Ye Lang shook his head .

The poison had already spread across his entire system after such a long time . The only way to cure a victim was to extract the poison, but how was it possible if it had already spread so much?

Not one alchemist would think they could do it, even the most famous alchemy prodigy in this world would only shake his head and apologise .

A regular person would die from the Call of Hades . An expert would be paralysed if he/she didn’t die .

The Call of Hades was the ultimate weapon of murder . However, it required an extremely complex creation process and it was made of very rare materials . Very few people made it and had been long lost in history for no one alive now knew how to make it .

This weapon was the only one he had, maybe the only one in this world . If it wasn’t for the fact that it was a mission that required a hundred percent success, he wouldn’t have used such a precious weapon .

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“I will kill you!” roared Tigress, her calmness exploding into a rage, completely changing into a different persona .

Tigress knew that no one in this mainland could save her father if Ye Lang couldn’t . It was as if Ye Lang had announced her father’s death sentence .

“Hehe, I don’t feel like dying today so… Goodbye!” said the assassin with a chuckle though he was privately terrified for the atmosphere had turned eerie the moment Tigress exploded in rage .

However, he noticed something else that made him stop in his tracks…

“??” Tigress noticed his odd reaction and also turned around to check . She stared as crystal slowly wrapped around her father and finally sealed him in it .

This was Ye Lang’s doing, of course!

“Thank goodness I still have a crystal seed with me! I can’t save him now but it won’t be a problem if you give me some time!” Ye Lang said with a smile, obviously talking to Tigress .

Ye Lang couldn’t help now but he could stop the chief’s death and temporarily retain his life . He would definitely be able to save the chief if he was given enough time .

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He already knew how . All he needed was time and one important ingredient which he didn’t have with him now .

“Who are you?!” the assassin asked as he stared at Ye Lang . He couldn’t believe that Ye Lang had a way to save the chief, that he had a crystal seed with him and could manipulate it so effortlessly .

Every part of that sentence proved that this human was no ordinary boy!

“You’re so rude! Anyone knows you should first announce your name before you ask for the other person’s name! However, you don’t have to tell me . I already know who you are so it isn’t worth it for me to tell you mine!” Ye Lang spoke as he continued manipulating the crystal around the chief .

“You know who I am? You lie!” scoffed the assassin .

No one cared about the assassin know for Tigress was already by Ye Lang’s side . She only cared about her father now .

That was why the assassin was now speaking recklessly without a hint of caution .

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“You’re Shadow, ranked seventh in the list of top assassins in the mainland . You’re also one of the members of the First Assassins group . Your group has one rule: the kill has to be performed once only . If the assassination fails, you give up and will not send another member!”

“ . . . ” The assassin was silent . It was obvious Ye Lang was right .

“Also, the First Assassins consists of nine people, all of them ranked among the top ten assassins of the mainland . However, the number one assassin is not in your team!” continued Ye Lang .

“How are you so sure? How did you know I’m Shadow?” frowned the assassin . These were all closely guarded secrets . Very few know of his code name, much less recognised him .

“You’re the one who said you would only come once! Only a member of the First Assassins would do this . Your fighting capabilities show you’re a master fighter too, not many assassins are as capable as you are, they usually only specialise in hidden assassinations! Like the number one assassin… definitely not as good of a fighter as you- maybe not even fifty percent of your skills but has assassination techniques way, way better than yours . ”

Ye Lang kept his crystal seed . “If the number one assassin were here, the chief would have died without a question and we wouldn’t have seen a shadow!”

“ . . . ” The assassin was silent once again, the look in his eyes slowly changing . He couldn’t hide the shock in his eyes .

“How did you know? We don’t even know much about the number one assassin, how would you know this person so well?”

Even the people of the world of assassins didn’t know much about the number one assassin . They only knew this was the king of assassins and there wasn’t a victim this assassin couldn’t kill .

Ye Lang grinned . “You want to know? Let’s exchange information then . Who sent you after our chief?”

“That’s impossible, we would never betray our client! It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me . It doesn’t matter if this was a success or a failure, I believe we will not meet again . I shall leave!” the assassin excused himself once again, about to leave .

“Wait!” shouted Ye Lang .

“What now?” asked the assassin .

“I want to know how much the reward for killing the chief was! You can tell me this, right?” asked Ye Lang with a smile .

The assassin thought for a moment, then said, “Five hundred thousand gold coins!”

Five hundred thousand?!

The crowd gasped at the astronomical figure . They knew a reward like this was rare even in the assassin’s world .

It was no wonder this guy pulled out his precious Call of Hades for the job . The reward was worth the risk!

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