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Chapter 339
That Familiar Feeling (1)
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“Southern team, more water . ”

“Northwest, change the earth to 7 parts light…”


Ye Lang gave instructions to the team, altering his defensive formation as time passed to withstand the other formation’s attacks . Bit by bit, it ate away at Troy Mormon’s formation…

Although Troy Mormon’s alchemy formation was undefeatable in terms of its preparation and age, Ye Lang’s formation changed by the second, unleashing the best attack of the moment . This was Ye Lang’s advantage .

Time passed slowly . Troy’s formation had dimmed, while Ye Lang’s attacks grew brighter and more vicious . The answer was clear now .

Ye Lang was going to succeed .

Before Troy’s formation completely disappeared, Ye Lang placed his full focus on defence and attacks, every moment consistent and focused . This was probably one of the reasons he succeed .

When the last part of the formation vanished, the entire Cloud Palace cheered .

“This Ye Lang is no ordinary person, he saved Sheng City once again,” smiled the Pope as he heard the cheers outside . He wanted to meet Ye Lang .

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“Thank you, sir!” cried Feng Xing emotionally, his respect towards Ye Lang now up another level .

“You’re welcome, this is also one of my expertise… Hey, this feeling…” once Ye Lang dissolved the formation, he suddenly had a very odd feeling, and it came from the Cloud Palace .

It felt as if someone was calling him from inside .

Within Sheng City, since everyone was evacuated outdoors, they all saw the battle between the two formations . It was awe-inspiring watching the clashing of bright rays, memorable indeed . They would never forget this moment .

The clashing of lights lasted twenty minutes, even the ones who insisted on staying inside went outside to watch the incredible phenomenon .

“Cloud Palace! Who is so bold to cause such a ruckus there?”

To the crowds who didn’t know what was going on, while the rays were beautiful, more people were concerned as to why someone would be battling at the holiest place of Sheng City .

Anyone who attempted to attack the Cloud Palace would not be forgiven .

This was a disrespect towards Sheng City, towards the Sacred Light Religion and especially towards the Lady of Light . People like that would face the consequences of…

The death penalty .

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However, they did not know that the person who started the fight was long dead- in fact, he had been dead for a thousand years .

Some of them who saw Ye Lang there might think Ye Lang was the culprit .

Thankfully, not many saw him or knew what the entire situation was about . Not even the inner circle of the Teachings were completely clear .

This was because it was something related to the Cloud Palace, and also an unsolved mystery so before Sheng City knew the entire story, they would never announce it to the citizens .

Hence, not many knew of Ye Lang’s contributions on this day . They did not know that the reason for such an incredible light show was Ye Lang himself .

Of course, the people who witnessed the battle knew, and would never in their lives forget this moment or even forget Ye Lang himself .

“Sir, how did you create something so incredible from fundamental alchemy concepts,” marvelled the Light Alchemists after the incident .

Ye Lang only used the most basic alchemy formations during the battle, giving instructions to everyone on their placements and alterations . He never used anything complicated .

However, to think of it, even the most complex formations consisted of simple ones . There wasn’t much of a difference .

It was still impressive to watch Ye Lang create something so powerful from all these basic parts, also terrifying .

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Fear was human nature after all, it was only natural to fear someone so much more powerful than yourself .

“Sir, that was unbelievable! Without you, the Cloud Palace would have been finished…” said Feng Xing, staring ahead .

Everyone else thought the same . Without Ye Lang, the Cloud Palace would likely be in pieces by now .

The alchemists were also shaken by the power unleashed by Troy’s formation, for they knew they had no faith in being able to protect the Cloud Palace on their own, or to stop the attacks .

“Yeah, you sick bastard, I’ve got to admit your alchemy skills were awesome . ” Fei also had to praise him- anyone who just witnessed the battle would .

“Huh? Where is the sick bastard?”

Fei searched for the sick bastard (Ye Lang), then realised he had disappeared from the crowd .

“Fuck, that little idiot is gone again,” scolded Ye Lanyu, exasperated but still smiling .

“…” Feng Xing and the rest couldn’t believe Ye Lang disappeared right under their noses .

“Hurry, look for him,” commanded Feng Xing to his men .

Second Sister looked down at the city, speculating, “Do you think he went downhill? He was standing around the edges just now . ”

“That’s possible…” said Ye Lanyu .

Most people believed he must’ve gone down, not into the palace .

Based on what they knew about Ye Lang, he wouldn’t step into such a troublesome place like the palace . He didn’t like places like this, nor was he tempted by what was inside .

“I… I saw him walk in just now…” said Mia, pointing at the palace .

In? What was he doing inside? With his personality, he would never enter unless there was something he wanted inside . Or did he get lost again?

Perhaps the last one .

“Mia, are you sure he walked in?” after a moment of silent, Second Sister had to re-confirm .

“Yeah, he entered from that entrance . I saw him,” said Mia, pointing at a huge door . This was just one of the entrances into the palace, it wasn’t anything special .

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