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Chapter 340: 340

Chapter 340 That Familiar Feeling (2)

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“… Inform the men on duty immediately! If they find sir, then… . Let him be, as long as he doesn’t wander too much!” Feng Xing immediately sent out an alert, he didn’t want Ye Lang wandering inside to cause a misunderstanding .

He didn’t give the command for them to capture Ye Lang either, because with Ye Lang’s current status and the respect he had in the area, what could they do? But it was still the Cloud Palace, he couldn’t let Ye Lang wander randomly!

There were too many top-secret places within the Cloud Palace, too many important people inside . Ye Lang wasn’t qualified to come into contact with any of them!

Of course, Feng Xing wasn’t worried that the people inside might be harassed by Ye Lang, he was just afraid Ye Lang might get into trouble!

Although they were almost the same, it was different to Feng Xing . He seemed to care for Ye Lang more than anyone else- a behaviour that shouldn’t happen when he was on duty…

As a Light Rider, he should be completely loyal to the Sacred Teachings, ensuring for the safety of the important figures like the Pope, not caring so deeply for an outsider like Ye Lang .

It didn’t matter anymore because Ye LAnyu and the rest started to head towards where Mia pointed at .

At the door, Ye Lanyu and the rest were stopped by an outstretched arm . Feng Xing apologetically said, “Apologies, you’re not allowed to enter!”

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“Why?” they asked, they had forgotten what sort of place this was .

“This is Cloud Palace… Without the permission of the Pope or any other higher authority, outsiders are not allowed in!” said Feng Xing, “Don’t worry about sir inside, I’ll go look for him inside . Please wait outside for a moment!”

“I’d like to enter!” Ye Lanyu didn’t say much, only calmly giving him these few words .

“…You’re his elder sister, I don’t think there’ll be a problem…” Feng Xing frowned . He didn’t plan on stopping Ye Lanyu . He didn’t think it would matter for them, he was mostly talking to the people behind them .

In reality, Feng Xing also wanted Ye Lanyu to be there to control Ye Lang because Ye Lang only listened to his sister .

“Does that mean I can enter too?” asked the seventh princess and Zhen Xiaoyan .

“Go ahead! Everyone else, please wait outside!” nodded Feng Xing, preparing to bring the three of them inside .

Feng Xing and the rest of the Light Riders had spent some time with Ye Lanyu and the two other girls, so they were familiar with them and hence the girls had some privileges here and there .

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“What about me? I’m also his sister!” said Second Sister . Other than entering to look for Ye Lang, her main reason was to take this opportunity to explore this mysterious Cloud Palace .

“Apologies, I cannot confirm your identity right now, so please wait outside too!” Feng Xing took a look at her . Although Ye Lang also referred to her as his sister, Feng Xing was still unsure .

This also meant that if the three girls hadn’t spent some time at the House of Confusion, they also would’ve been stopped outside .

“…” Second Sister fell silent for a very long time as she watched them enter .

She suddenly felt like the distance between her and her brother was much, much further than she imagined .

Second Sister also thought of another person- her and Ye Lang’s eldest brother . That brother of theirs was more like a legend at this point, not just Ye Lang, even she rarely met him .

At this point, she wished she could be like Ye Lanyu and Ye Lang . The two siblings it was enough to make people jealous!

However, she also knew she couldn’t be as carefree as her younger siblings . She was still responsible for the future of the Ye family, she couldn’t let her elder brother carry the family name himself, it was too heavy of a burden!

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The elder siblings must take this responsibility!

Right now, she could only hope that the two younger ones would always stay this happy and live a happy life…

At the palace, there was a very special place . Within the fifth floor, there was a huge room with a balcony . This room had a special design that focused light to a spot at the exact centre of the room- so this spot would be bathed in light most of the year through moonlight or sunlight .

This system didn’t work by only allowing light through from one source, but rather through reflection of different angles from different sources . These beams were all concentrated to one spot .

This created a dreamy atmosphere within the room, and the beauty and elegance experienced when you stood at the central point felt unreal .

It would be a waste if there wasn’t anything placed within such a dreamy landscape, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for the given conditions either . This object probably added to the fictional feeling of this place .

It was a crystal, irregular cuboid with uneven reflective surfaces . This was why it reflected the beams of light back into the room in many different angles .

It was chaotic, but there was beauty in the chaos!

There seemed to be a very faint silhouette of a person within the crystal . Who was this person? Why was this person in the crystal? Was this person meditating, cultivating their powers? Or…

Even Sheng City’s people were not very sure, they only knew part of the story .

No matter what, this piece of crystal was still very important to Sheng City . There was extremely tight security at the entrance- even a fly would not be able to enter!

The security measures at the balcony were even tighter, even if it looked empty . In reality, there were people guarding in a secret spot . If there was an intruder, these people would be able to capture the intruder using various methods .

This was also a very difficult pathway to use since the balcony was on the fifth floor . Climbing up or coming down to this floor would leave the intruder exposed .

Don’t think the palace was just a regular structure either, there were many hidden alchemy formations everywhere too . Even Ye Lang would cause a scene and trigger alarms if he attempted to enter- unless he knew of the sequence and placements of these formations beforehand .

So there was only one viable entrance- the heavily guarded door to the room!

Even entering the palace was a difficult thing to do, how would anyone enter?

Therefore, no one would’ve imagined someone would enter . And on this fateful day, there was a small accident, and someone did something that had never been done before in history!

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