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Chapter 338: 338
Six-Ray Defensive Formation (2)
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“Of course, I’m the most trustworthy person ever!” nodded Ye Lang without a hint of embarrassment, fully accepting the compliments .

“…” No one knew what to say .

“Right, Feng Xing, send your men to the three places we were talking about, get them to clear the rubble after they collapse . I want to take a look at their formation’s structure too!” just to be safe, Ye Lang also wanted to see the remaining three formations .

Although Ye Lang could already predict the structure of the entire formation, just to be sure, he still wanted to confirm .

“Alright, I’ll send someone,” came Feng Xing’s reply, immediately sending his men over .

Although the Light Riders might not be able to accurately point out where the formations were, they could still clean up the entire sites so Ye Lang could find the formations .

The Cloud Palace .

“What? Feng Xing said the Cloud Palace is actually the true target, and we have to evacuate?” exclaimed someone among the top authorities in surprise .

“Yeah . ”

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“I think we’ve somehow fallen into a trap . This Troy Mormon is a genius, he knew after all the destruction we would meet here at the Cloud Palace . We trust this palace too much…” someone analysed calmly .

Everyone standing here was no ordinary person, they were bright, experienced seniors of the people .

“What should we do now? Evacuate immediately? We can leave, but what about the Pope and the Lady of Light? And some of the leaders, will they leave?” another raised the most important question .

As what Feng xing thought, the Cloud Palace was a very special structure, with many special people inside . It would not be easy to evacuate them .

“We could try with the Lady, maybe we could carry her out…” Everyone had their brows furrowed . This might not work .

And this was how the Cloud Palace started the first evacuation since it was built . Even the people who had never left the palace in their lives had to leave .

“I will never leave, I trust that Ye Lang, I trust that he will be able to settle the matter,” said the Pope calmly after he heard the news . They couldn’t believe he was willing to put his faith in someone he had never met .

“…” The group of leaders were shocked, privately thinking the Pope might not trust Ye Lang, he was just unwilling to leave the palace .

It didn’t matter what his reasons were, because the Pope was not willing to evacuate, many people had to stay with him, increasing the overall anxiety of the situation .

If they had evacuated, Ye Lang’s success or failure would not pose a big problem .

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It was different now because Ye Lang’s success was now tied to the Pope and the rest of the leaders’ lives . Ye Lang was now once again the key factor to a huge problem, and they were all praying for him .

“Sir, no matter what, you have to make sure the Cloud Palace survives,” begged Feng Xing . He had already received the message that the Pope and the rest did not evacuate .

“I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to save the palace, but I promise I’ll do my very best to stop it from falling,” said Ye Lang plainly . He was now at the Cloud Palace, and he could see all ten alchemy formations from here .

These formations were similar to what he had predicted, though there were tiny differences in some of the details .

It was good he that he was here, he could make a more accurate analysis .

“So this is the Cloud Palace, I didn’t expect to ever come here,” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were not involved with alchemy, so they were busy admiring the palace .

They were lucky indeed, to be able to visit this Cloud Palace all because of Ye Lang . Even emperors of empires were not allowed here, this was something to be proud of .

“Southern alchemy team, use the alchemy formation with 13 parts Earth element, 16 parts Wind element, 9 parts Fire element…”

“North-east team…”

Ye Lang divided the alchemists up into teams, each creating a separate alchemy formation . Then, he instructed them to help him maintain the energies of these formations . He probably could’ve done all of it alone, but since there were people here to help, why wouldn’t he use them?

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Ye Lang assigned different formations to all the alchemists, which were then merged together . The rest did not dare disturb them, only watching from afar .

Ye Lang suddenly grew charismatic and looked a lot better as he commanded them, all the girls felt something watching him…

At this point, Ye Lang turned around to talk to Mia, “Uh… Miss, can I borrow a few feathers?”

“…” Mia fell silent . She didn’t understand why he suddenly asked her, so her reply was…

“No . ”

“Lives are at stake here . I’ll be able to settle this formation easier with your feathers,” said Ye Lang .

“…” Mia fell silent .

“Mia, just give him the feathers,” said Second Sister . They were at a crucial moment here, a few feathers should not be a problem .

“Alright,” Mia nodded, “How many?”

Ye Lang showed three fingers, “Three will be enough . ”

“Here you go,” Mia reluctantly gave three feathers, but she still didn’t know what it would be for .

“All the materials are ready, the Six-Ray Defensive Formation shall be activated now!” shouted Ye Lang, tossing the three feathers into the huge, merged formation . Black light shone from within .

“Six-Ray? More like sick bastard…” grumbled Fei . She came without anyone noticing .

Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, Light, Darkness formed the Six Rays . It was easy to find the first four elements, but Light and Darkness were more difficult . Fortunately, this was Sheng City so Light element was easier to obtain, and they had Darkness from Mia’s Black Jade feathers .

Mia realised there was a problem . Since Ye Lang only needed three feathers… Didn’t he have ten feathers with him? Why did he ask for more? Did that mean…

Yep, Ye Lang didn’t want to use his own, that’s why he asked Mia for more feathers…


Soon, the Six-Ray Defensive Formation’s beams of light touched Troy’s alchemy formations, which were also glowing . Blinding light flashed as beams from both sides collided…

The two alchemy formations battled, struggled…

Everyone there was praying, hoping Ye Lang’s formation would be able to withstand the other formation’s attacks…

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