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Chapter 331
I Believe (2)
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These people all bowed before the Light Rider, once again proving this was a person of high authority .  

Feng Xing raised a hand, “There’s no need for formality! Are you all the ones in charge of the investigation?” this also showed that he was only coincidentally passing by the area .  

These were the ones in charge of this case . The mansion was too huge, so when they were conducting the investigation, they were all separated far away from each other, only meeting after they found some clues .  

“Yes, sir!” 

“So what did you find?” asked Feng Xing curtly .  

One Light Rider stepped forward, “Lord Feng Xing, after our investigation, the mansion was destroyed by one person, but we need to talk to him to clear things up . ” 

“That’s the news I received too . I didn’t believe it at first, but if that’s what everyone found, then it must be true!” said Feng Xing calmly, then turning towards Ye Lang . He hadn’t known it was Ye Lang yet, only knew the culprit was behind him .  

Feng Xing looked at everyone again, gesturing for the crowd to point out the culprit once again .  

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“It’s him!” the crowd of students all pointed at Ye Lang at the same time! 

Some were feeling delighted at themselves at this moment . When they saw the number of people sent by the city here, they could only imagine how painful Ye Lang’s punishment would be .  

They watched with anticipation, they wanted this arrogant Ye Lang to receive his punishment! 

Those who had befriended Ye Lang once or were supporting him all didn’t want to watch . They were helpless now, Ye Lang had angered Sheng City, a force even kingdoms had to submit to! 

However, Ye Lang at the centre of it all was still calm till now . It wasn’t odd though, since Lang had always been a clueless kid .

But when they saw Ye Lanyu and the princess also standing very calmly aside, this raised suspicions . Even Zhen Xiaoyan was acting as if nothing happened! 

Maybe you could say Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess had mingled with many different types of people in their lives and were trained well enough to maintain their composure . However, Zhen Xiaoyan hadn’t, and she was known to be a very anxious person! 

And if even Zhen Xiaoyan wasn’t worried, then there must be a problem here! 

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“Oh, it’s you… Do you know how much effort was put into building this mansion? And you destroyed it in a second! You… You… Go back and think about what you’ve done! Everyone, find a place for these students to stay!” Feng Xing’s initial expression was very stern with some anger, but as he looked at Ye Lang, his anger very quickly disappeared and turned into exasperation .  

No one noticed Feng Xing’s string of complex expression . They were only standing with their mouths wide open, hardly believing what they just heard . Was that all? 

‘Think about what you’ve done’?! Didn’t that mean Ye Lang was off the hook? 

It was ridiculous for Ye Lang to escape scot-free after destroying an entire mansion! 

Did this mean the Ye family had influence in the Sheng City too? But many people denied this because the Ye family was only a family . If kingdoms and empires couldn’t influence Sheng City, then the Ye family certainly couldn’t .  

Lord Feng Xing must’ve made a mistake! His men mustn't accept this! 

Everyone all felt like this must be Feng Xing’s personal opinion, or a mistake .  

Very soon, their mouths opened wider because…

“Understood! Everyone hurry, we don’t want other people to think we’re making Sheng City’s guests wait!” the rest of the Light Riders and city guards all looked at Ye Lang, then turned to pick up the mess .  

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Not a person reprimanded Ye Lang?! 

Fuck, what was going on? Didn’t they see Ye Lang? 

“Hey, stop right there!” 

Someone stopped the Light Rider, albeit he was a little rude . . . They were all frustrated with the turn of events . And this matter wasn’t even related to them- Sheng City didn’t even reprimand Ye Lang, common sense denoted they shouldn’t get involved .  

However, it wouldn’t have been odd if one of them was the one speaking… . But everyone heard- no, saw Ye Lang yelling and waving at the Light Riders…

“ . . . ”

What did the bastard want, did he want to turn himself in for punishment now? 

Feng Xing and the rest stopped in their tracks . They could ignore if it was someone else, but this was Ye Lang and they couldn’t disobey him . What did Ye Lang want now? 

When the crowd saw Feng Xing and his men turn around, they started to criticize the Riders among themselves . They thought Feng Xing and his men were now on their side .  

“Lord Feng Xing, is it? Why didn’t you punish him just now? Does this mean the destruction of property is a forgivable act in Sheng City?” Mr Edward, the bane of justice, suddenly appeared with Kesha holding his hand .  

It was almost as if there was a halo on Edward’s head now, it was intoxicating to the crowd .  

“Destruction of property is a crime in Sheng City, it will result in heavy punishment!” frowned Feng Xing .  

“If that’s the case, then he committed the crime, how could you act as though you didn’t see him?” accused Edward . He felt like the hero of the story .  

“Who are you referring to?” Feng Xing couldn’t do much except pretend to be dumb .  

“He’s referring to me! I’m not transparent, don’t you all see me?” volunteered Ye Lang at this point of the conversation .

“ . . . Ye Lang, well at least you still have the sense to take the responsibility!” Edward gave Ye Lang a look of approval .  

“Take responsibility? I’m only here to explain, you all are a waste of time!” frowned Ye Lang in disgust .  

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