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Chapter 332
I Believe (3)
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“Sir, what do you wish to say?” asked Feng Xing respectfully with a bow .  

Everyone saw his respect and reverence as politeness, even the part where he said ‘sir’ .  

“I want to say that this mansion was in fact destroyed because of an alchemy formation, but the formation belonged to you all, it was hidden within the mansion itself!” said Ye Lang as he pointed at the heap of rubble .  

“Ye Lang, please use something more believable if you want to tell a lie!” Edward shook his head .  

“Yeah, you sick bastard! Who would want to put such an alchemy formation inside a mansion they built themselves! They might use a protective formation, but one for self-destruction? Why would they do that?!” accused Fei .  

Fei’s questions were the same as the rest .  

“I don’t know either, the existence of the formation might be odd, but it’s the truth!” Ye Lang was in deep thought as he stared at the ruble .  

“Hmmph, you lie! I will never believe the bullshit you spout!” Fei completely ignored what he had to say .  

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“Ye Lang, it’s too far of a stretch… No one will believe you!” Edward shook his head, mocking him with a sad face .  

The crowd agreed .  

However, the most important person of the group, Feng Xing, suddenly had something to say . And it wasn’t what they expected at all .  

“I believe you! We do!” said Feng Xing .  

“You see, they will never believe… Wait, what did you say? That you believe him?” Edward rambled on as usual only to realise Feng Xing didn’t say what he expected .  

“Mm! We do! Sir, you should’ve told us earlier, we didn’t dare talk to you just now!” the weight on Feng Xing’s shoulders disappeared in an instant .  

“You didn’t ask, and you didn’t see me!” waved Ye Lang, looking like he was wronged .

“ . . . Hehe, so it was a misunderstanding . I wasn’t sure, sir! This is one of Sheng City’s top ten palaces, we wanted for you all to stay in the best place… and it was destroyed just like that!” Feng Xing smiled a little awkwardly .  

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Feng Xing’s politeness now showed that he pretended not to see Ye Lang because he was afraid it would come down to him having to interrogate Ye Lang .  

This also showed that Ye Lang had a very special position here at Sheng City, so special that even a high-level Light Rider like Feng Xing had to be very careful .  

Looks like even if Ye Lang was fully responsible for destroying the mansion/palace, they would not investigate further either . What Ye Lang said was true after all, the Riders would not press the matter .  

It also showed the Light Riders would also help him with ‘trivial matters’ like cleaning up the place . They were literally picking up pieces in front of the crowd now .  

“About this, you must understand that this palace was destroyed by an alchemy formation . I don’t know why they designed it like this, it was so unstable… It accidentally activated itself and I didn’t even touch it!” Ye Lang continued, “This is only an accident, I didn’t do it!” 

“Yeah, it was an accident!” nodded Feng Xing . Since Ye Lang said it was an accident, he had to agree even if it wasn’t .  

“Alright, that’s settled then! Right, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be with that old man Sida?” asked Ye Lang curiously .  

Feng Xing could be considered as someone Ye Lang was familiar with . He had always been stationed at the House of Confusion, he was even there yesterday .  

This was probably why Feng Xing was very courteous towards Ye Lang . While other riders wouldn’t offend Ye Lang either, they might not be this respectful .  

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The ones who had spent time around Ye Lang all slowly grew to like Ye Lang for his very unique aura . At the same time, after witnessing Ye Lang’s capabilities, Feng Xing’s respect for Ye Lang only grew with him . This was a respect that was beyond age, occupation or ranking .  

“Lord Sida is now at Cloud Palace discussing some matters, so I took the opportunity to get myself some rest, take a walk outside . And that’s how I saw you all!” 

“Oh, so you’re slacking off! Don’t worry, I won’t tell Sida!” Ye Lang made an ‘I-understand’ face .  

“ . . . ” Feng Xing fell silent, “Sir, I’m not slacking off . Cloud Palace is Sheng City’s safest place . And I need to rest too! There will be someone watching him there!” 

“Alright, alright . You don’t have to explain yourself, I understand!” waved Ye Lang .  

“ . . . ”

Fuck, didn’t you hear what his explanation was? What did you understand? 

“Sir, wait for a moment here . I’ll send a message for them to arrange for your accommodation! Also, sir, is it better for you to have another house for yourself?” asked Feng Xing .  

Other than Ye Lang’s safety, it was also for everyone’s safety . Another accident like this was bound to happen if they were cooped up with Ye Lang in the same place . They were lucky today that everyone escaped without a scratch or there would’ve been trouble .  

As the conversation went on, they suddenly realised Ye Lang’s ranking here must be higher than they imagined . What was this? 

They were still frustrated . How could Ye LAng have such good treatment? This was something many dreamt of and would do anything for .  

“It’s alright…” Ye Lang shook his head, refusing this special privilege because…

“My sister would never agree!” 

That was true . Why would Ye Lanyu agree to let Ye Lang live alone somewhere else?

“You’re a good kid, I’ll bring you for some good food later,” Ye Lanyu rubbed his head, contented . She was happy he remembered her .  

“It’s fine!” he shook his head .  

“Hey, hey, do you mean this is it?” Edward and the rest couldn’t stand it any longer . They didn’t want the matter to end like this .  

But they had forgotten that this was Sheng City, not home . If someone of such high authority here said nothing was wrong, who were they to say otherwise? 

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