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Chapter 330
I Believe (1)
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Ye Lang was still clueless…

“Really?” Ye Lang scratched his head, doing his best to recall . This expression only drove the girl mad . She was very close to stabbing him with her sword .  

“ . . . ” Ye Langyu and the seventh princess shook their head in exasperation . It sure was something very unimportant to him . He often forgot incidents he didn’t consider important .  

“Oh! I remember! You’re that girl… How are your clothes? Do you still need my help?” Ye Lang finally remembered, and at the same time recalled the rest of the details .  

However, only him and Ye Lanyu knew about this . No one else knew he was referring to using a purifying alchemy formation to clean her clothes . They thought he was going to touch her again .  

This bastard was being a little too brash now . Wasn’t he afraid of being chopped into pieces? 

The girl was also mistaken . She thought wrong a few years ago, she was wrong now too! 

Her embarrassment worsened into fury, unsheathing a sword no one saw she was carrying because there didn’t seem to be a place on her that could possibly hide a sword .  

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And with the appearance of her sword, it was now charging straight at him! 

Most people there were hoping this thrust would at least chop Ye Lang in half so they could vent their anger at him . It was obvious he was the focal point of everyone’s rage .  

There was also a small portion of people who didn’t want him to get hurt- they were not concerned about Ye Lang, but for Fei . If she hurt Ye Lang, it spelt huge trouble .  

Ye Lang, at this moment, didn’t seem to move . Perhaps he didn’t see her! 

Or perhaps he knew, even if he didn’t move, she had to get past Ye Lanyu and the princess, and then Little Xin first! 

This girl was definitely not going to reach Little Xin though, for she would long be blasted away by Ye Lanyu and the princess . They would never let such a threat near Ye Lang .  

He was right . Within a blink of an eye, the two unleashed their magic at the same time- icy and fiery defence magic! 

Ice and fire surrounded Ye Lang, neither diminishing the effects of the other . This scene drew a lot of shock .  

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Someone stepped forward to deflect her and her sword before anything happened . She had barely reached the ice & fire defences before being stopped by this someone! 

It was a man in white uniform, with a shiny Rider’s sword in his hand, he looked very handsome braced for a fight . He was leaning forward, his sword slightly raised . . .

He had just used his Rider’s sword to hit Fei’s sword away, and seemed to have landed in a very suave manner…

Everyone, including Ye Lang, recognised his white uniform . It was a Light Rider’s uniform, and his sword was a sword only Light Riders wielded .  

The most obvious point was that the man had a badge, a Light Rider’s badge . No one in Sheng City other than these Riders had a badge like this .  

Everyone understood this Light Rider was the one Ye Lang was yelling for a few moments ago .  

They were also sure this Rider wasn’t just any Rider either, he must be someone of high ranking .  

This was because his strength and capabilities were shown from how he easily deflected Fei’s angry attack at Ye Lang .  

Or just based on the fact that he could appear so suddenly without anyone noticing! 

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“Combat is not allowed here, please stand down!” commanded the Rider calmly . It also showed that he didn’t deflect the blow because he favoured Ye Lang, but because combat was not allowed within the inner city .  

Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess also stopped releasing magic, for they knew the Rider wasn’t only speaking to Fei .  

And since the Rider was here, they didn’t need to maintain any more defences .  

When he saw all three girls ceased fire, he asked, “May I   what is going on here? What happened?” 

The Rider did not speak with arrogance, without a hint that he was of high authority . His questions were very clear too . He wasn’t asking why the girl was attacking Ye Lang, he was referring to the mansion before him . Why did it collapse? 

“You must be talking about the building . It’s because SOMEONE used an alchemy formation and destroyed the mansion! We don’t know why he did that either! Look at him, he doesn’t look guilty at all after destroying the place we were supposed to stay at! Mr Light Rider, sir, don’t you think this person deserves to be punished?!” 

Fei didn’t say this, she didn’t plan to hand over Ye Lang to the Rider to be punished not because she couldn’t bear to do it, but because she wanted to hurt him herself .  

It was the people Ye Lang pissed off previously . They were rude and angry, almost about to beat him up .  

“Who is this person? Tell me the name, I’ll make sure this person faces the consequences!” the Light Rider furrowed his brows, frowning .  

Many people were very excited . Great news! 

You little bastard, we’ll see how you get out of this one! Didn’t you say you wanted the Light Riders here? Well, there’s one here now, why are you so quiet? Hey, what’s he doing?” 

Everyone turned to see Ye Lang was yawning, munching on some nuts and looked like he was about to fall asleep…

This wasn’t the look of someone who was afraid, didn’t he fear the Light Riders at all? 

“It’s him…” they hesitated, then unanimously pointed at Ye Lang . They wanted to watch how Ye Lang would react .  

When the Rider was about to turn, many people ran towards them from all directions, all either Light Riders or city guards- basically people who served the city .  

“Lord Feng Xing!” 

“Lord Feng Xing, why are you here?” 

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