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Chapter 31 – Merging of the soul (3) On a morning three months later, Tigress woke up from her sleep, and as she looked at Ye Lang who was still asleep, a kind of faint smile appeared on her face, was it happiness? About this, no one could really be clear about it, perhaps, even she herself did not know that she was smiling.

Tigress’ little tail shook around, caressing Ye Lang’s body a bit, being a little bit mischievous…

Following, she began to carefully slip out from Ye Lang’s embrace as she did not want to wake him up. Although she knew that when he was sleeping, he was just like a dead log, and would not wake up no matter how one tried to wake him up, unless he woke up by himself.

Fortunately, his daily schedule could still be counted as steady. And of one the norms were that he would basically sleep at 10pm, and he would wake up at around 5-6am.

Same as the past, Tigress prepared breakfast, and then began practicing martial arts at the courtyard. However, different from three months ago, there were a bit of changes in her technique.

Although it was still the same as in the past, brave and fierce, but now there was an additional subtle softness, and it was this kind of softness which made her technique become much more perfect. Not only did it not make others feel that the strength within the technique became weaker, instead it made others feel that it had become much fiercer and stronger.

Extreme strength and yang, that kind of extreme path walked by sword users was not suitable for Tigress. Although she was born with innate godly strength, she was still after all a girl, and within her nature there was also a gentle side too, therefore inserting a bit of softness would instead be much better.

However, this kind of softness was also just a tiny bit. If it was not an expert, one would absolutely not be able to see the profoundness within the technique, and would only feel that Tigress’ technique was really too domineering, as expected of a girl from the tiger race.

And this was not a comprehension that Tigress suddenly gained by herself, it was instead an expert who pointed it out for her. And this expert was exactly a certain person whose brain had the entire information about the martial arts treasury. Although Ye Lang did not practice all the martial techniques, he had still researched on the strong and weak points of every martial technique, and with just a look, he was able to make out other’s weak points.

He had been together with Tigress for such a long time already, and had at an earlier time already become deeply familiar with Tigress’ martial technique. He knew the weak and strong points of the martial technique like the back of his hand and immediately began his experimental pointing out and re-correcting of Tigress’ technique.

Through his experiments, he was able to confirm that the martial technique of this continent was very strong. No, it should be said to be extremely strong. The many years of passing on and refining had let this continent’s martial techniques to develop to an unimaginable height. Therefore, if he wanted to depend on his martial arts treasury to be unequalled under this heaven, it was definitely not a simple matter.

This was a fact for no matter who it was, to want to be unequalled under the heaven was not a simple matter at all. Even if it was an extreme genius, even if one had hundreds of fortuitous encounters, to want to become number 1 under the heaven would also not be easy at all.

After all, the martial path was a path filled with hardships. No matter how many trump cards you had in your hand, it would still not be an easy matter.

Ye Lang knew this principle, and thus he would cultivate bit by bit, improving himself bit by bit, and slowly advance towards his goal of being unequalled under the heavens.

Actually, he did not really want to be unequalled under the heavens. He just wanted to have enough strength that he was able to absolutely protect himself, and that would be enough for him. This was a certain strategy of his to set his goal higher, so that this way, he would strive unceasingly, and would not slack off.

This was a little trick in his life, and of course, it was also a little trick of many others. To want to get 80 points, you would have to set your goal to be 100 points.

Right now, he was currently cultivating inner strength and martial arts. From the day he regained his memory, he had already begun to cultivate.

Although this body of his needed to cultivate from the start, but because he already had the prior experience of cultivating, his cultivation speed this time was very fast, and these three months time were comparable to three years cultivating in the past. After all, at that time, most of his time was spent on learning and comprehending things.

Just that, this kind of standard was at most only enough for him to be able to protect himself, and wasn’t enough to be arrogant in front of other people. And also because he felt that one must be low-profile when conducting themselves, thus there existed no possibility of him being arrogant. Of course, this was just on the aspect of martial studies and there were no guarantees on other aspects.

He also did not choose to cultivate magic and douqi at the same time, and become some cool person who cultivated magic and martial arts at the same time. He merely cultivated ancient martial arts and inner strength.

Firstly, he did not want to divert his attention as he remembered one sentence which was left behind by the ancestor of the martial arts treasury – Do not bite off more than one can chew, keep to the working routine.

Secondly, he knew that no matter if it was douqi, magic or inner strength, they were all actually the same thing, cultivating one’s body and bringing out the potential within one’s body. What was different was that douqi emphasized on the cultivation of the physique, magic emphasized on the spirit. And as for inner strength, using his own words to say, it could be said to be a kind of douqi, just that inner strength was much more meticulous that even the arteries and veins needed to be cultivated too.

Of course, this was just the rough sketch of the situation. Actually using his words to explain douqi, the majority of it belonged to outer strength and minority belonged to inner strength, and there were very few parts where both inner and outer strength were cultivated. But without exception, there was completely no cultivation of arteries and veins.

Other than the above reason, there was actually also another very important reason, which was also the most main reason. Which was that this body of his had no innate attribute at all, and no matter whether it was cultivating douqi or magic, there would be no additional benefit at all. Like this, he might as well just cultivate inner strength, where there would be no additional benefit from innate talent.

These were all Ye Lang’s thoughts, but sometimes, the development of things would often become very weird, and even he himself would not expect it. And as to what he will become after he cultivated to the end, only by walking down the path step by step would he then be able to know the result. Perhaps, in the middle of the path, there may be a roundabout route, there may be obstacles, but about all those, he had at an earlier time had already been aware of them.

If he did not have any awareness for this, he basically would not need to cultivate anymore, and would just go and be a prodigal son only, where there would not be such a huge crisis to his life. Just that, once he loses the protection of Ye Family, he would not have any ability to protect himself anymore.


And about the martial arts prowess of Ye Lang, no one knew of it even after many years passed. This was not due to Ye Lang trying to hide it or anything, but it was just because the achievements he had for another aspect were just too outstanding and completely did not need to reveal the martial arts prowess he has. This was also a thing which he did not expect.

For him, there was a certain feeling he had towards his martial arts, like he unintentionally planted a seed and it grew into a marvelous plant. And about others knowing of his martial arts prowess, it was a thing which would happen many, many years later. The current Ye Lang was just conducting with low profile. Being a very ordinary prodigal son, a small little hedonistic son of rich parents where no one knew what kind of ability he actually had, because there was no chance for him to exhibit it, and he was also too lazy to exhibit his abilities.

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