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Chapter 32 – Blade of Tai Ya (1) Translated by imakeussmile
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Ordinary prodigal sons, hedonistic sons of rich parents, in this Imperial Capital, in this Imperial Academy, they were practically everywhere. There wouldn’t be many more with one more Ye Lang, and also wouldn’t be any less with one less Ye Lang, belonging to the group that was not very essential and also the easiest to be neglected by others.

This kind of situation perhaps made others feel a bit mystical too, because previously when Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was still an idiot, there were many people who paid attention towards him. And now when everyone knew that this Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was not foolish anymore, it instead became more and more uninteresting to everyone, his reputation and the attention people paid towards the thirteenth prince dropped sharply.

Sigh, alright then, let me be an ‘ordinary person’ once again then!

Actually, his reputation dropping was also his own cause. Perhaps it was because he was too attention catching previously, perhaps it was because he was used to the life of an ordinary person in his previous life. His conduct had always been very low profile, and would only be eye-catching for a bit occasionally, but those times would always be forgotten by others very quickly. After all, this was the Imperial Capital, where the situation was always changing, and there would be things happening every day.

Of course, there was still another reason between all this, which is that he did not reveal his talent, letting others feel that his aptitude was very ordinary. Everyone knew that Ye Family’s thirteenth prince became smart already, but it was only just compared with the past, everyone felt that his aptitude was just that of an ordinary person, and there were even some people who had a very strange feeling, feeling that the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was not as smart as he previously was.

That’s right, to say it on some certain aspects, it was indeed like this. The past Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, when answering some question, although his answer were very strange, but most of the time the answer would have a unique view to them. Right now, when others asked him questions, his answer would be correct, but there would not be that unique view to it.

The more it was like this, the more people stopped paying attention to him. Adding on the fact that everyone knew that he was just a waste individual with no innate attribute, even if he was to get down to do something, he would also not be able to do much.

For the people of this continent, strength was still the most important point. Thus, everyone gradually forgot about Ye Lang this ‘waste individual’ which was hard to come by even in ten thousand years.

“Waste individual, young master is not a waste individual, he just disdains to bother with you guys.” Every time when Tigress heard others talking badly about her young master, she would always feel very unhappy about it, and snort in her heart.

Within Tigress’ heart, her own young master was the best, even if it was the past young master of hers who was stupid, her young master was also still best. Needless to say about right now of course, if her young master was really a waste individual, how would he be able to point out things about her martial technique, and moreover give her a set of martial technique and douqi technique which were suitable for her?

After finishing practicing her fisting technique, she entered into the weapon phase, taking out a double-bladed long handle weapon. A polearm which was part of the 4 manufactures of Tang blade. The double-bladed with a 4 meter long handle polearm. It was equipped by heavily dressed foot soldiers, it was an extremely powerful weapon. On the battlefield, sweeping everything in front, being unstoppable. After the Tang dynasty, the trace of the polearm was rarely seen in history. The reason for it was the construction of the polearm was just too expensive.

However, if it was just one, I believe many people would be able to make one. And for Ye Lang, this prodigal son, it was completely a piece of cake.

After going through the design, placing an order of the materials, and then forging it. Under the attack of a huge amount of gold coins, a double-bladed polearm, that could be circulated around for hundreds of generations, was forged by using carefully selected materials and excellent workmanship.

Actually, this design was not made by Ye lang, but was instead him following the directions of a book from within the martial arts treasury, which was called ‘Weaponry chart’. He followed the directions for the polearm which were recorded in it. On that Weaponry chart, other than China’s successive generation of weapons which were recorded in it, there was also some unpopular strange weaponry, and even the Zhuge Liang repeating crossbow, which could fire 3 times in a row repeatedly. Firearms were recorded in it too. (Repeating crossbow –

The worth of this weaponry chart, I reckon it would be worth more or less the same as what Ban’s alchemy notebook was worth. However, this weaponry chart was only within Ye Lang’s mind, and he would not bring it out to give to others.

If you want to ask why Ye Lang would remember this weaponry chart, it was actually because this was something of a men’s romance. Being fond of researching weapon, no matter if it was unpopular weaponry or modern weaponry, they would go and research it.

Therefore, when he discovered this weaponry chart book, it was practically as if he had obtained the most valuable treasure, and he attentively looked and thoroughly researched the weapons in the weaponry chart.

Returning to our main topic, him picking out this polearm out of the numerous weapons was not a coincidence, but was picked by him after going through careful consideration. He felt that this polearm was the most suitable for Tigress. On this polearm’s page, there was also the Yang Jia Spear Technique added, specialized for the polearm, exhibiting out the extreme limits of a polearm.

Yang Jia Spear Technique was created for the battlefield, and it was the most simple and direct technique. However, although the techniques was simple, the might was definitely no small matter. The simpler a technique was, the stronger it flexibility, it enabled one to be able to develop techniques which were suitable for your own.

When Tigress saw this spear technique, which could not be counted as the Yang Jia Spear Technique anymore, her pair of eyes grew brighter, very obviously showing that she really liked this set of martial technique and polearm that Ye Lang custom-made for her.

Actually, this polearm and the real polearm within the 4 manufactures of Tang blade had some differences. On the weaponry chart, there were two versions of the polearm. One was the original one, and the other one was the improved one, which was made more suitable for martial arts users and not specialized for the battlefield, after all, it came from the martial arts treasury.

Within the improved version, there was also a very interesting mechanism, however, Ye Lang felt that this mechanism was not suitable for this world’s martial techniques. But because he felt that one more mechanism in it was no big deal, so he just retained the mechanism in the polearm, since in any case, he did not care about the ‘little’ bit more manufacture cost, and wasn’t this much more prodigal for him anyway?

But he did not tell anyone about the mechanism, including Tigress. It was not that he wanted to conceal it from Tigress, but just because he felt that Tigress would not use the mechanism. He understood Tigress’ personality, and knew that she would not use that mechanism.

At that time when Tigress wanted to know what this polearm and set of martial technique were called, Ye Lang thought for a while and then said: “Let’s call this polearm, Blade of Tigress and as for the martial technique, let’s just still call it Yang Jia Spear Technique.”

Just as what was said above, Ye Lang did not want to take possession of the ancestors’ achievements, and also did not want to casually change the name of the technique. He respected those people, just like that person who added the Yang Jia Spear Technique, wasn’t that person still the same, still calling it the Yang Jia Spear Technique after adding it to the page, just that he added on some certain amended version at the back.

“……Young master, can’t you be serious for a bit, this weapon’s name, how do I even tell it to other people.” Tigress said petulantly.


“Is this name not good, then……let’s call it Blade of Tai Ya.”

“……Alright then, at least this is a bit better.” Tigress knew that changing the name again would not change into any good name either, then might as well just take this, since this name was passable.

On this continent, many things were also given this kind of name, using the owner or maker’s name to give it a name, like Claw of Ai Sa La, Blade of Ke Luo and so on.

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