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Chapter 30 – Merging of the soul (2) Translated by imakeussmile


Just that, even though Ye Lang succeeded in reincarnating and had also found a family which fitted with his ‘dying wish’, his memory did not completely open up, and a portion of his soul seemed to have also been sealed off, causing his reincarnation to not be complete.

Perhaps, this was also some kind of cost for reincarnation. Just like in the folklores, after drinking Grandmother Meng’s soup, one would forget about everything, and everything would start anew. [Grandma Meng feeds you a ‘soup’ before you reincarnate to make you forget your past life.]

This kind of situation, if there had been no accident, the thirteenth prince may have continued his whole life like this. And until the day he died, he would still perhaps not possess a complete soul. But very luckily, after the thirteenth prince got struck by the lightning, it caused the soul, which was originally separated, to merge together once again.

The thirteenth prince right now is exactly Ye Lang. As of now, he would at the same time possess the memory of his previous life, and the memory which he possesses now. Because all the things that had happened were things that he had experienced himself, and were not memories inherited from other people, they were truly his own experiences.

It was not that kind of seizing over someone’s body, and was instead reincarnation and rebirth. He was able to clearly feel the feelings he had for Tigress, Ye Lan Yu, Long An Qi and Princess Qi. Those were all his own feelings, which he would not be able to forget in this life, after all, this was not reading a story.

Right now, the reason for the thirteenth prince’s specialness could also be explained. Why had his intellectual growth never grown, yet his brain function was however exceptional? It was precisely because of the portion of soul which he had lacked.

Right now, his soul has already been completed, and thus from now on, he would not be that foolish child anymore, and would become a normal person. Moreover, he would be a person which possesses the experience of two lives, and thus would have much more experience than other people, and would also have a much more incisiveness when looking upon things.

“Big sis, you have also become smart too.” Ye Lang said while lightly smiling.

“Of course, your big sis is exceptionally intelligent, talent surpassing others……Wait, what do you mean with what you just said, are you trying to say that I was very stupid in the past?” Ye Lan Yu was still being conceited, but suddenly discovering the smile on Tigress’ face, she immediately understood the meaning behind Ye Lang’s words.

“Of course not, how could this be possible, why would I say that about my exceptionally intelligent big sis.” Ye Lang shook his head, and denied while acting out a foolish look. This look had already been used by him for more than 10 years, and he was extremely proficient with it.

“You……trying to act foolish in front of me, I’m suspecting whether you were actually acting all this time.” Ye Lan Yu knocked on Ye Lang’s head petulantly, “However, this look, I like! I just like this silly look of yours.” After finishing speaking, Ye Lan Yu hugged Ye Lang, with her face pressed up against Ye Lang’s face.

“Yep, I also feel that the you in the past was much cuter.” Princess Qi said at the side.

“It’s all the same, no matter what look, your mom likes them all.” Long An Qi said while smiling. As a mother, she would not mind if her own son was a genius or an idiot.

“Eh……” Ye Lang right now was dumbfounded, “Then how about I just act foolish and dazed in the future, and you all just forget about the things that just happened.”

Since you all want me to act foolish, then I will just act foolish for you all to see. At that time, see if you all would be able to bear it.

Actually, acting foolish is also quite fun. At least, Ye Lang had also previously thought about continuing acting foolish. But he felt that acting like a fool for others, with no good reason, wasn’t that being a bit sick in the mind? Even if he acted, he should at least act like an ordinary person, why act as an idiot.

What’s more, he did not want to bluff and pretend in front of the four women who were present. Of course, some secrets could still be kept, after all, each and every person would have their own secrets.

“There is no need to act as a fool for no reason. I don’t wish for you to be a genius, I just want you to be able to live the life of an ordinary person only.” Long An Qi said gently, and within her tone, there was an emotion that made others feel warm.

“Genius, this word has nothing to do with me. Ordinary person……” Within Ye Lang’s eyes, a certain feeling was shown. In his previous life, up till the end, he was just an ordinary person. In this life, it would be hard for him, even if he tried, to be an ordinary person.

At this time, Ye Lang suddenly had some kind of an indescribable comprehension. Perhaps, being an ordinary person would be a bit better, but for him, it was already an impossible matter.

Ye Family’s power, even if a member’s aptitude was ordinary, and the identity was ordinary too, that member would still definitely not be an ordinary person. What’s more, right now he was still the grandson of the family’s current patriarch, and was someone who was part of Ye Family’s core.

What’s the use of thinking so much about it though, identity is after all just an identity, and is not able to lock him up. Whatever he wants to do, he will still be able to do it.

Ye Lang shook his head, and shook away those messy thoughts of his, then afterwards said out his main goal from now on. And this goal, when spoken out, completely defeated the four women who were present, being completely helpless towards him.

“In the future, I want to be an ordinary prodigal son!”

Even until the end, he still wanted to be a prodigal son, wanted to continue walking down the path of being prodigal. And moreover, he still wanted to bring being prodigal to a great height of development, bringing honor to his ancestors……

Bringing honor to his ancestors, I believe only Ye Lang himself would be able to think that the conducts of a prodigal son would be able to bring honor to his own ancestors. Normally, this kind of conduct would only let the ancestors of Ye Family become angry until they jumped out of their graves.


Just that, his prodigal conduct sometimes was very interesting as the outcome would always make others feel surprised. This also made him feel extremely gloomy.

Just take Tigress for example, Tigress is exactly the outcome of his prodigal conduct, and is perhaps the biggest profit of his entire life’s countless prodigal conducts.

“Tigress, from today onwards, let’s sleep together again during the night, until……” Ye Lang’s words were astonishing, putting the four women present into a daze. And it seemed he still had some words he wanted to say at the end, just that, no one tried to look into it.

Not long afterwards, the four women would also understand that, so the words he did not finish saying at the end were……

“Little bastard, you have indeed become smart already, knowing about hugging your Tigress and sleeping.” About this, Long An Qi of course did not mind. In any case, Tigress is Ye Lang’s female slave, and this also counted as a much more normal phenomenon.

“Only wanting to hug Tai Ya, you don’t want this big sis of yours anymore, humph!!” Ye Lan Yu was a bit jealous, but about this, she also did not prevent, and on her face, there was also an ambiguous smile.

“Ye Lang, you actually dare to say that you want an other woman to sleep with you in front of me, I want a divorce!!” This was Princess Qi’s indignant rebuke, just that everyone knew this indignant rebuke was feigned.

“Divorce what divorce, we are still not even married yet.” Ye Lang corrected Princess Qi.

“Marrying is just a sooner or later thing.” Princess Qi said while smiling.

“Then as you please, divorce then divorce.” Ye Lang said with a look showing that he was not afraid.

“You……hmph……” Princess Qi was angry and speechless towards this.

As for Tigress’ answer towards this, there was only one word and that was –


There wasn’t much of an issue about a thirteen year old sleeping together, just that, would a certain person really think like that, and did that certain person really simply wanted to let Tigress sleep at hide side, or was there another motive?

Or perhaps, he was also the kind of person who had a special hobby? After all, his mental state was already one of an adult, from theory, he should be.

The answer towards all these question was that, during a certain period of time after today, when Ye Lang hugged Tigress every night while sleeping, it was indeed just hugging, and there were no other actions at all. Of course, not counting the physiological natural reactions.

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