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Published at 23rd of September 2019 05:05:07 PM
Chapter 301: 301
A Lady? (1)
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“…You’re the odd one, couldn’t you tell…” said the seventh princess, but she was interrupted by a laughing Ye Lanyu before she could finish .

“Shut up! Brother, let me ask you, have you both done -anything- while you were with Alvin?”

“No, he has always kept his distance . Perhaps because he’s half-elf,” said Ye Lang, shaking his head .

“Too bad,” said Ye Lanyu, a little disappointed .

“What too bad? Ye Lanyu, I’m warning you, don’t ruin Ye Lang with your filthy mind!” roared the seventh princess as she pulled Ye Lang closer to her .

“What? He’s worse than me, alright? He went to the brothel when he was five,” Ye Lanyu pulled Ye Lang back .

“…” Alvin and the rest fell silent . Five…

“?? What are you talking about?” Ye Lang was very confused .

“You’re slow . It’s been so long, and you didn’t know?” Ye Lanyu shook her head, smiling .

“Ye Lang, you’re so cute!” the seventh princess hugged him and gave him a light peck on his face .

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He was very confused . What were they talking about?

“Mother, what are they talking about? I don’t understand?” Chen Pi and Ye Lang were both very confused .

“My child, this nice elf is a lady, she’s not a man,” said the old woman .

Chen Pi was shocked, muttering, “What? A lady?”

“Who’s a lady? Alvin?” Ye Lang regarded Alvin from head to toe after hearing the old woman .

Ye Lang shook his head, “Well she’s definitely not talking about you . ”

Everyone fell silent again . The confused genius doctor was confused indeed .

“Why definitely not me?” Alvin looked at Ye Lang, feeling wronged .

“Yeah, little brother, why do you think she’s not?” asked Ye Lanyu curiously .

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“Look at him, he’s so skinny, and he doesn’t have a chest . He doesn’t look like a girl at all,” said Ye Lang pointing at Alvin .

“…” Alvin covered himself immediately, blushing through his tanned skin .

“You’re stupid, what are you saying? Girls must have huge breasts?” Ye Lanyu knocked his head .

He thought for a moment, then as if suddenly understanding something, “Ohh, I know! Some girls are flat so this is quite normal! Come to think of it, if Alvin had a little more in the chest, he would look a lot like a woman . ”

He continued, “Your eyes are so pretty, your skin so smooth . You’re tanned, you look very healthy . It’s alright if you don’t have a chest, it’s all the same!”

“I do, please stop talking about it!” Alvin was upset now .

“…” Ye Lang gave up trying to see .

“…” Alvin was speechless .

“Alvin, why didn’t you say earlier? That you were a girl?” asked Ye Lang .

“Do I need to tell you…”

“Why not?”

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“No!” This wasn’t Alvin’s answer, it was everyone’s answer . Everyone could tell Alvin was a girl .

Not just Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess, everyone who’d met Alvin very quickly knew that she was a girl half-elf . Not a man!

“You all know?” asked Ye Lang .

“Yep, we do,” everyone answered once again .

He immediately asked, “If you all knew, why didn’t you tell me?”

Everyone fell silent for a moment .

“Because we thought you knew!!”

Yep, everyone thought Ye Lang knew Alvin was a girl . It was too obvious . Perhaps it wasn’t obvious while they were fleeing their village, but after everyone had to change their clothes around each other, they knew .

The way Alvin walked close to Ye Lang, they thought Ye Lang knew so no one thought to tell him .

And everyone was sure now that Ye Lang was VERY clueless . He was so clueless he hadn’t noticed something so obvious . And Alvin had been with him for so long!

It was too kind to call him ‘clueless’, he was SLOW!

Ye Lang still didn’t understand . He peered suspiciously at Alvin, “Which part of you looks like a girl? Why can’t I tell?”

Many girls can be distinguished by their voices, but Alvin had a raspy voice so Ye Lang couldn’t tell . He still didn’t know how everyone knew .

“That’s because you’re dumb,” she sighed, “also, I’m Arwen, not Alvin!!”

“Oh,” he looked like he understood, but he asked, “Is there a difference?”

“Alright, you being a girl makes everything much easier . You’ll be handling all the females from now on,” Ye Lang didn’t care . Male or female, it didn’t make a difference to him .

“I’ve always been handling them,” said Arwen softly .

“Next…” Ye Lang continued with his consultations .

Arwen also continued to be Ye Lang’s assistant, it didn’t make a difference to her either . Other than Ye Lang not knowing she was a girl, everyone already treated her as a girl anyway .

She did think Ye Lang knew, for no matter how clueless, he should . She didn’t expect this at all .

If it weren’t for that honest punk Chen Pi, looks like Ye Lang would’ve never known .

As for her chest, it wasn’t like she used a binder . It was… naturally that way . You couldn’t say she had no breasts, she just had very small ones .

And this incident passed without an issue . This was also odd to everyone else . Ye Lang’s response was so lacking- looks like he really didn’t care if anyone was male or female .

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