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Published at 25th of September 2019 05:12:51 PM
Chapter 302
A Lady? (2)
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In recent months, Arwen had been receiving Ye Lang’s direct teachings and also read up on medicine on her own . That was why her current medical skills were almost considered as a high-level healer . This wasn’t because she was very talented, it was because any regular person could quickly become a famous doctor after being Ye Lang’s assistant for a period of time .  

Ye Lang had been treating a huge number of patients within this time period- and he had cured all sorts of rare diseases too, this was a precious experience for everyone around him .  

Arwen had never thought about being a doctor either . She only thought to learn a little since she was going to be Ye Lang’s nurse . She didn’t want to have to ask Ye Lang about every little thing- how could she be a good assistant like that? 

And that was how Arwen’s medical knowledge accidentally grew very quickly- all because of the continuous stream of patients .  

Although she had just started to work relatively recently, she had grown very knowledgable within that period of time- she was as good as the doctors from Sheng City .  

Perhaps she did have some talent in medicine after all, to have such quick growth! 

At this moment, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess watched from the side . They didn’t know how the help, so they only watched Ye Lang and Arwen working, at the same time observing how that Little Xin seemed to be standing very, very still . “Little Seven, what do you think is wrong with that Little Xin? I talked to her just now and she ignored me! Look at her, she’s not moving at all…” Ye Lanyu insulted Little Xin but there was still no reaction .

“ . . . How could you say that? Little Xin is still Ye Lang’s… Right, Little Xin, how did you meet Ye Lang?” the seventh princess realised she didn’t know who Little Xin was .  

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“ . . . ” Little Xin didn’t speak . But that was normal .  

When she saw this, Lanyu said, “She doesn’t seem to want to talk, she’s still ignoring us!” 

The princess nodded . She was cold indeed, ignoring them! Fine, we won’t disturb you then! 

And since then, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess didn’t talk to Little Xin anymore . If they knew she was a reanimated spirit, how embarrassed would they be!! 

“Your medical bill will be twenty thousand gold coins!” said Ye Lang as he was preparing to treat a patient after regarding him .  

“What?! Why not rob me then?!” scolded the patient . That was too much! He had forgotten how Ye Lang functioned .  

“I am robbing you indeed . Thirty thousand gold coins!” said Ye Lang lightly .  

“You…” the patient pointed straight at him .  

Ye Lang also raised a hand up to show four fingers, “Forty…”

“Alright, I’ll pay!! Thirty thousand it is! You better watch your back, don’t let me catch you!!” The patient clenched his jaw . He knew Ye Lang would only keep raising his prices, and he didn’t try to hide his dissatisfaction either .

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“We’ll cross that bridge when it happens . Don’t get angry over that few thousand gold coins now, you already have heart problems, don’t blame me if it doesn’t recover,” said Ye Lang casually .  

“You’re cruel!” the patient clenched his jaw again .  

“Sit and don’t move!” Ye Lang said one line, then inserted a few silver needles at the few acupuncture points around the man’s heart .

Ye Lanyu and the princess were shocked when they first witnessed this, thinking Ye Lang was about to hurt the man . However, they quickly understood that it was a treatment method . Many people there were already familiar with this, including the patients . They knew Ye Lang sometimes used acupuncture to treat his patients- though to them it was just Ye Lang stabbing people with needles .  

It was working though . That was why no one minded it . It was good enough that they were cured . Most patients never knew what doctors did anyway, it was all the same to them .  

Then, Ye Lang materialised an alchemy formation in the air and then pushed it into the man’s chest . This sealed the formation inside his body, with the body providing energy for the formation to work and last a long time .  

This wasn’t a method invented by Ye Lang, it had already existed in this world . This was one of the best treatment to use on patients, for they were very powerful . However, it was difficult to control so regular people might not be able to perform the procedure .  

“Alright, you can make your payment now! Remember, don’t get too emotional, like have too much intercourse- control yourself!” said Ye Lang .  

“This was worth thirty thousand gold coins! I thought I’ve already recovered, why can’t I play with the girls?” asked the man, who paid the bill immediately .  

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“You can play, but not too much . Your heart is weak, if you don’t take care of yourself, you might die!” said Ye Lang .  

That idiot! What did he mean by ‘you can play’?! The seventh princess pinched Ye Lang .  

Ye Lang was probably too used to this by now . He ignored her, proceeding to meet the next patient .  

“Brother, why were you so sure he could pay so much?” asked Ye Lanyu after the man walked out .  

Ye Lang smiled, “He’s the eldest master of the Lin family, one of the four main clans of businessmen in the mainland . He’d still be able to pay a hundred thousand gold coins if I told him to!” 

“Oh, that’s why!” said the seventh princess . She had heard of the Lin family back in Soaring Sky Empire . It was one of the richest families of the empire . They had been running businesses for generations, their net worth was at least millions .  

However, while they were powerful in Soaring Sky, they rarely appeared in the political field . They were only businessmen and businessmen shouldn’t mingle too much with politics . Of course they didn’t stay too far away either, for it would still make running their businesses a lot more convenient .  

That was why very few people knew of them, and that was why the princess was surprised Ye Lang knew him .  

“How did you know it was him? Do you know him?” asked Ye Lanyu .

Ye Lang nodded, “Yep, I’ve met him… At the Romantic Floor!” 

“ . . . ”

It was that brothel again . From what the master of the Lin family said, they could tell he was a person who frequented shady places like these . With his personality and his filthy rich background, he would only enter the most luxurious brothels . He had been very careful about not contracting any STDs .  

However, even he himself didn’t expect his heart to have problems . He couldn’t find a cure even after meeting so many famous doctors . Ye Lang’s appearance had given him hope when he thought he was about to die .  

And that was why, as Ye Lang said, he would still pay if it were a hundred thousand gold coins! 

“Hasn’t he met you before?”

“He has!”

“Then why didn’t he recognise you?”

“Maybe because I was five?” 

“ . . . ”

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