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Chapter 300: 300
Dogskin Patch (3)
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“This is the spot . Don’t stick at the wrong position, and don’t touch the plaster if you’re not using it . Open it only when you are going to use it because it will activate the alchemy formation inside and lose its effectiveness after!” Alvin followed Ye Lang’s instructions to stick the patch on the appropriate location .

“Alright!” Chen Pi nodded, watching Alvin . He felt like something was wrong but he couldn’t place a finger on it .

“Okay! Take these . You look like you don’t have much money with you . If you don’t have any place to stay, just go to the shelter . You will be given food inside, but you must listen to their instructions . They will give you a job, and also pay you,” said Alvin after he packed everything .

The shelter wasn’t just a huge building . It was a huge residential area with thousands of houses . There was even an enormous canteen that provided free meals every day .

However, everyone who lived there must contribute to do what they could!

When these people slowly settled down, the shelter would finally arrange for a new place for them to stay . However, they were places with rent and they had to deal with their own affairs .

Many singles still preferred to live in the shelter because they didn’t have to cook for themselves .

And that was why the number of people inside grew and grew- to a point where there was a problem!

In the end, the Miracle District had to take action . They opened a new residential area for these people also with a cafeteria for food- but it was a profit-earning business and they had to pay for their food . They kept the prices low though .

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And that was how the people who ran the cafeterias earned their living, while the singles loved this arrangement . It was a win-win . The news of this town-planning model soon spread across the mainland as the people were very happy .

Once again, Ye Lang hadn’t expected this to happen but he’d single-handedly influenced the entire mainland…

“Alright, I understand . I’ll work, but I don’t want the money . We’re alright if you give us a place to stay and food to eat,” Chen Pi shook his head humbly . He felt like it was already enough for them to provide him with food and shelter .

“Just take the money! This is what you deserve, no one here will exploit you!” huffed Alvin . He opened the door to leave, he had things to do .

“Oh, right,” when Chen Pi answered, Alvin had already left . He picked his mother upon his back, then walked outside .

“Go look for the old man in Room 4, he’ll cure you! Hey, Alvin, what’s this? Aren’t you in charge of assigning the patients?” said Ye Lang, frowning after he had to talk to a patient .

“I did tell them that, but they wouldn’t listen . They wanted you! Not only these people, but there are many people queueing up outside… The rest of the doctors could’ve cured them early on but they didn’t trust them,” sighed Alvin .

It was a common phenomenon . Of course the patients would want the best doctor there . Even if their illness wasn’t very serious, perhaps just a small cold, they still wanted to meet the famous doctor .

Unfortunately, this was a waste of resources .

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“They’re all doctors! Why must they come see me? Don’t they know by wasting my time, they’re wasting many other patients’ lives?!” lamented Ye Lang, feeling a headache coming on .

“…” The patients fell silent . They knew they were being selfish, but they were still going to do it anyway .

“Brother, your approach is useless! Let me talk to them! All of you, listen to me! If anyone does this again, where you insist to come here even when you can be treated by other doctors, not only will you not get to meet my brother, we will never treat you ever again in the future!” threatened Ye Lanyu cruelly . She didn’t want her brother to exhaust himself over all these trivial matters .

She might be able to accept it if he was toiling over saving another person’s life, but not for long . She didn’t want this to be a long-term thing for him, you could say she was being selfish too!

And at this point, the seventh princess added, “The doctors here will consult Ye Lang here too if there are any problems . The result will be the same! Ye Lang needs to care for so many people here, and there might be fewer people in the other wings . You might even receive a lot more care and better service there!”

“She makes sense…”

“Yeah, aren’t they all the same!”

Soon, everyone in the crowd started discussing amongst each other, and many left to see the doctor they were assigned…

Ye Lang could only say: you really need the bad cop and good cop to solve a problem- and they’re both the best team for this!

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Another drama happened at this moment .


Chen Pi, who was leaving, shrieked suddenly .

“??” Everyone stopped to look at Chen Pi in confusion . What was he doing?

“You… You… You…” Chen Pi, with his mother on his back, pointed at Alvin but could only say three words .

Alvin turned around . Once he confirmed Chen Pi was calling for him, he finally asked, “What about me?”

“You’re a man, how could you stick the patch on my mother?!” raged Chen Pi .

“…” Alvin was speechless, and everyone else fell silent too .

On this mainland, people were still conservative about males and females . It wasn’t as conservative as ancient China, but touching a lady’s back was frowned upon .

“Silly child, what are you talking about? He’s a…” The old woman reddened, smacking Chen Pi .

“Mom, he still can’t do that even if he’s a doctor! And it’s just sticking a patch, why could he get a woman to do it?!!”

“Yeah, we should’ve gotten a girl to do it,” nodded Ye Lang in agreement .

“…” Ye Lanyu and the rest were speechless . Why are you agreeing with him?!

“Yeah, doctor, don’t you have girls working with you? Why not get her to do it?” Chen Pi pointed at Little Xin standing behind Ye Lang . He felt like she was more suitable for the job . As for Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess… Well, he didn’t want to consider that possibility .

“You mean Little Xin? She’s not suitable! I should get a female nurse… Why haven’t I thought of it before? Alvin, we’ve been doing this for so long, why hasn’t anyone scolded you yet? This is very odd indeed!” Ye Lang was puzzled . He had completely forgotten about this, but other people shouldn’t have .

During the many months he had been giving treatments, there were many females among his patients- some were even teenage girls . Alvin had helped him with everyone, so why hadn’t anyone spoken up about it? That was odd indeed!

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