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Chapter 29 – Merging of the soul (1) Translated by imakeussmile


Within Ye Family’s thirteenth prince’s room, after a moment of unusual silence, someone finally took the initiative to break this silence.

“Young master, you finally woke up, I was so worried about you!” Tigress’ voice was filled with happiness, and at the same time, there was also a bit of sobbing in her voice which she have never had before.

“Who are you all?” The thirteenth prince looked at the girls who were hugging him confusedly. At this moment, he seemed to not recognize the few girls who are extremely important to him.


Silence. The four girls let go off the thirteenth prince and stared at the thirteenth prince with their beautiful eyes.

“Young master, don’t you recognize us?”

“Son, you can’t remember?”


The four girls immediately questioned the thirteenth prince closely and furthermore requested the Imperial doctor who lived here to examine him and understand just what is going on with the thirteenth prince, why did the thirteenth prince seem to have lost his memory. Could it be that the thunderstrike caused his memory system to have issues?

“You all……”

The thirteenth prince looked at the four girls, and immediately he felt a kind of electric current in his mind, and then images started to flash through in his mind……

“Ah!” The thirteenth prince hugged his head and let out a heartrending painful scream, then once again fainted.

“Young master, young master!”


“Little brother!”

“Ye Lang!”

Four voices rang out at the same time, and four figures threw themselves at the thirteenth prince once again.

Very quickly, the Imperial doctors came over, and after understanding the situation, they immediately carried out treatment for the thirteenth prince to try to wake him up.

This time, the thirteenth prince reacted to the Imperial doctors’ treatment and woke up. He slowly opened his eyes once again. Within his eyes, there was still a bit of bewilderment, but this bit of bewilderment vanished very quickly.

“You all……” The thirteenth prince looked at Tigress and the others.

“Young master, you don’t have to try to think of anything now. It’s ok if you don’t remember us, you can slowly think about it next time.” Tigress said immediately. She was afraid that the thirteenth prince would faint once again, suffer pain once again.

“You foolish girl, how could your young master not be able to remember you. I was just a bit confused just now.” The thirteenth prince smiled slightly, his tone being very gentle and his talking speed still being as slow as usual, however, the slowness this time gave everyone a feeling which was different from the past.

Not only this, the feeling that the thirteenth prince gave to everyone right now seemed to have changed a bit too.

“Then, you remember us and did not suffer from memory loss?” Tigress represented everyone and asked.

“Of course I don’t have memory loss. You are my obedient Tigress, she is my mother who has unequalled youth, she is my big sis who has no upright character, and she is my beautiful and gentle Princess Qi.” The thirteenth prince said while smiling, and pointed out the people who were present, one by one.

At this time, everyone seemed to not have noticed that the way the thirteenth prince addressed Princess Qi had completely changed, and was not ‘wife’ anymore.


At this time, everyone was happy that the thirteenth prince did not suffer from memory loss, and other things were temporarily overlooked by them.

“That’s great, you scared me to death young master, I was so afraid that young master would forget about me.” Tigress hugged the thirteenth prince, her tone still have a trace of fear.

“You are truly a foolish girl, even if I forget everyone else, I would not forget about you.” The thirteenth prince said while smiling. Just that, this sentence of his seems to have triggered the three other women who were present.

“What did you say?!” The three women immediately questioned the thirteenth prince, especially Ye Lan Yu and Long An Qi, each of them twisted one of the thirteenth prince’s ear.

“Little bastard, your mother has truly given birth to you for nothing!”

“Little scoundrel, your sister have truly doted on you for nothing!”

Long An Qi and Ye Lan Yu each twisted one of the thirteenth prince’s ear and bellowed angrily at the same time.

“That, I was wrong, I was wrong! What I meant to say was, even if I forgot who I am, I would also not forget every one of you.” The thirteenth prince said immediately.

“Humph, I will spare you this time!” Long An Qi and Ye Lan Yu said at the same time again, then all of them gently hugged the thirteenth prince. But, not knowing how they actually hugged him, how was a thirteen year old boy able to be hugged by so many people.

“Ye Lang, do you still remember as to why you wanted to go back home.” Princess Qi saw that everyone was more or less fine now and asked curiously. This question was also something which everyone wanted to know too.

“Eh, this could be counted as my silliness. The reason was that I wanted to go back home to notify Tigress that I will be staying over at your palace because of the thunderstorm.” The thirteenth prince said somewhat embarrassedly.


Silence, everyone present truly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If he was able to go back home, there would have been no need for him to stay over already. Such a foolish thing, only he would be able to do it.

After a while, Tigress asked: “Young master, were you afraid that I would be worried?” She was able to feel the meaning within all this. After all, she had been together with the thirteenth prince for so many years already. About what he was thinking, who else but her would be able to understand more.

“That’s right.” The thirteenth prince nodded his head and admitted.

“Young master……you are truly stupid!” Although Tigress said it like this, in her heart she felt incomparably warm, and felt that all that hard work in the past was not worth mentioning at all.

“Yeah, I am stupid. I don’t know how many stupid things I have done throughout my life, but this foolish thing I did was however right. If not, I would also not be struck by the lightning, and I would also not……” The thirteenth prince said while smiling, and after saying that much, he did not continue anymore.

Ye Lan Yu said petulantly: “Get stricken by lightning, and you are still happy about it, you are really a stupid fellow……Eh, that’s not right, little brother, the way you spoke today, why is it sort of strange, the feeling is completely different from the past.”

“That’s right, I also felt that it was a bit strange just now. There is a some kind of feeling which can’t be explained about Shao Lang’s words, just what is this feeling…” Long An Qi followed after and said, similarly feeling puzzled about it too.

“Yep, I also have this kind of feeling.” Princess Qi was the same too.

If it were some other people, they may perhaps not be able to sense the thirteenth prince’s change, but those girls who cared deeply about him, even if they had not noticed it for a while, they would still sense that something was not right after a while.

“It’s just your misconception, it must be like that.” The thirteenth prince said.

Tigress looked at the thirteenth prince, then afterwards simply said a sentence: “Young master has become smart!”

That’s right, it was this kind of feeling. In the past, he would like to talk nonsense, but today, the words he said did not give everyone that kind of foolish feeling. Moreover, saying that the things he did in the past were foolish, would it be something a foolish person would say?

“Little brother, could it be that, after you were struck by the lightning, your mind had opened up?” Ye Lan Yu stroked the thirteenth prince’s head and said very confusedly.

“……” The thirteenth prince remained silent, what Ye Lan Yu just said was indeed very matching with the fact.

The thirteenth prince is precisely Ye Lang, that lucky guy who discovered a martial arts treasury when he was in despair. But was also extremely unluckily smashed by a meteor, which was hard to come by in a hundred years, and got annihilated from earth. Perhaps, it was due to his strong ‘dying wish’, he actually really became a prodigal son who has authority and power, which could allow him to always squander money and be prodigal.

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