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Chapter 275: 275
Epidemic (1)
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“Yeah!” Ye Lang nodded and walked inside . He didn’t care about what other people said, he just wanted to save people’s lives .

Ye Lang was a good man with a kind heart . It could be seen through his behaviour along the way . Although it could be said that he was just coincidentally heading the same way, still, it couldn’t be denied that he was compassionate .

Well, at least that was what Ye Lang thought . He believed he was a very good person!

“Sir, are you really going?” said Alvin, while catching up with Ye Lang .

“Yeah, what do you mean if I’m REALLY going? The people there need me,” said Ye Lang while walking . The refugees looked at them with a little confusion in their eyes .

“If you’re going, then I’ll go too!” said Alvin . He looked serious as if he was certain with his decision .

After all, it was an epidemic . It would be troublesome if another person got infected . It would be best if that could be avoided!

“No, I’m going with the prince . I trust that he wouldn’t let anything happen to me,’ said Alvin firmly .

Trust him? As if! But if he didn’t say such things, Ye Lang would definitely not let him tag along . Then again, he actually intended to share the good and bad times with Ye Lang, in order to repay him for saving his life .

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However, this life-saving grace seemed to have gone too far, it was just missing his lifelong devotion towards Ye Lang . Fortunately, he wasn’t a woman . Otherwise, he would have married Ye Lang and serve him for his whole life .

“I don’t even know how I’ll do it, so why do you trust me?” asked Ye Lang curiously . He was confused, he didn’t know where Alvin’s confidence came from .

“It’s an instinct!” replied Alvin casually . He didn’t know how to respond and thought this answer could be used most of the time in any situation .

“Are you a woman? Don’t only women say that?” Ye Lang looked at Alvin suspiciously .

“Well, you do look like a woman with that hair, skin, and body of yours . But you don’t have breasts! Even if you were an airport, it would still have little bumps, so I don’t think you are one . ” said Ye Lang with certainty after looking at Alvin’s body .

[Note: airport = flat chested]

Under the watch of everyone, Ye Lang brought Little Xin and Alvin to the edge of the magical border . There wasn’t anyone there, because it wasn’t where the entrance was .

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“Sir, I’ve told you, the entrance isn’t here, why did you still come here? See, we can’t get in . ” Alvin knocked on the magical border and some waves appeared on it, but then they vanished quickly .

“It’s easy entering through here . You don’t need an entrance!” Ye Lang’s hand swayed gently and a faint light shimmered from his fingers . He did some hand gestures that Alvin didn’t understand .

Before Alvin could ask why, Ye Lang did a gesture with his hand and the magical border opened up a little, with a gap small enough to fit one person through .

Alvin was stunned looking at the ripples in the air . Now, he was more certain that Ye Lang was extraordinary . He could even open such a huge magical border . How brilliant was this kid to be able to do that?

Ye Lang’s actions captured everyone’s attention and they grew more curious…

The guards that tried to prevent Ye Lang from entering were notably more interested . They couldn’t believe their own eyes when they saw how easy it was for Ye Lang to crack open the magical border!

“What’s up with you? Hurry up!” shouted Ye Lang who’d already entered the magical border when Alvin was in a daze .

“Ah, I’m coming!” Alvin was startled and entered immediately . The magical border returned to its normal state after he walked in . Ye Lang continued walking towards a person on the other side .

There were patients infected by the sickness on the edge of the magical border . From their distorted faces and depressed groans, it was a living hell on earth .

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It was two different worlds on both sides of the magical border . Compared to this, it was heaven outside .

Ye Lang was already wearing a special mask and a pair of gloves at this point . He also gave Alvin the same set of equipment .

Ye Lang’s special mask and gloves offered more protection than anyone else’s equipment . The mask could purify the air more thoroughly and it had a protective covering to block off any microorganisms .

“Sir, why does your mask look like something a thief would wear…” Alvin’s words were probably the most appropriate description of the mask .

“Oh really? Maybe a little,” replied Ye Lang casually .

“More like they’re EXACTLY the same?!?” muttered Alvin . Why was Ye Lang being weird again .

Alvin wouldn’t feel that way if he knew exactly what the mask and gloves were for . However, he was left wondering why Ye Lang would wear something like that .

As a matter of fact, this particular type of mask and glove looked exactly like what thieves wear! This was to protect thieves, i . e . tomb raiders, from all smoke and poisonous gases often released by booby-traps .

Obviously, the mask wasn’t initially made for thieves! The real purpose of this equipment was for diving as it was waterproof . The mask offered ventilation to its owner by using alchemy formation to convert water into oxygen .

Right now, the mask served as protection from the sickness . Ye Lang was treating the patients in this strange costume, examining their symptoms .

Before Ye Lang could bend over to look into the situation, he was already surrounded by people wearing masks and protective clothing . They looked so similar to those people who Ye Lang encountered just now, you might’ve thought they were the same people .

“How’d you cross the magical border?” asked those people while pointing at Ye Lang .

“I walked!” replied Ye Lang honestly . If opening the magical border wasn’t taken into account, then indeed, he did walk here .

“…” Alvin was speechless .

At that moment, Ye Lang squatted down near a person who seemed to be dying . He took out a few silver needles and poked them into the patient’s body to stabilize his condition temporarily . Then, he felt his pulse .

Of course, the outsiders wouldn’t see it that he was trying to stabilize the patient’s condition .

To them, Ye Lang was stabbing someone with needles!

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