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Chapter 276: 276
Epidemic (2)
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“What’s wrong with you? Stabbing a dying man with needles?! How could you have the heart to do that?” shrieked a woman, who seemed to be one of the guards .

Ye Lang didn’t say anything . He furrowed his brows, offended by what he just heard . The others didn’t understand what he was doing, they just saw him holding the patient’s hand without moving .

“Brother, I don’t know why you’re in here, but since you’re already here, you should know by now that we can’t leave this place! We have to prepare to sacrifice ourselves to prevent the epidemic from spreading,” said someone, as if about to break out into a dramatic speech .

“Stop it, get straight to the point!” waved Ye Lang . It was useless to talk about such things, even a clueless person like Ye Lang knew this .

“…, since we’re all on the same boat, you could say it’s fate…”

“…” Ye Lang was silent . He’d already completely ignored this person’s nonsense .

“Bu Xiu, can you shut up already?! Let me do it . Hey buddy, how’d you get in?” shouted someone impatiently .

“By walking in, haven’t I told you all already? You’re very annoying!” said Ye Lang .

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“How’d you walk in?!” They wanted to know how Ye Lang opened the magical border .

“By putting one foot in front of the other?  Do I have to explain this as well?” asked Ye Lang dully .

“…” Everyone was speechless . This teenager was a moron .

“Sir, they’re asking how’d you open the magical border, how you walked from there to in here,” said Alvin while shaking his head .

“Oh, it’s simple . The magical border is made out of the twenty-seventh defensive alchemy formation of water, the wind…” Ye Lang began talking about the composition of the border, followed by the drawbacks of it, and lastly the techniques he’d used .

What Ye Lang said had made everyone stunned . Who was this kid?

Ye Lang was talking while treating the patient at the same time . He’d already begun using injections for the treatment . The woman from before grew uncomfortable . It was too cruel, to stab a dying man so many times!

“Okay, you can stop talking, I understand!” Someone couldn’t help but interrupt Ye Lang’s explanation because they didn’t understand anything at all . Perhaps only alchemists would be interested in listening, but the others were already falling asleep .

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“You do? It seems like you have some knowledge of alchemy,” praised Ye Lang .

“I don’t, but I know that you’re great at alchemy . You cracked the magical border open, and it’s already enough to prove that point!” said the person .

“Oh, if that’s so, please make way and stop bothering me . First, you didn’t let me in . Now, you’re asking me a lot of questions,” Ye Lang waved his hand and continued treating the patients . He prioritized those who were in critical condition .

As long as the patient from before rested well, he would get better!

The recovery of that patient didn’t mean Ye Lang had already mastered the treatment of epidemic . He still didn’t know what medicine and treatment methods to use .

The patient had a high chance of recovery due to Ye Lang’s acupuncture skills . He was adept at a very specific type of acupuncture therapy – Golden Needle Acupuncture . This secret method could be used to cure hundreds of diseases, but it was too time-consuming and took up a lot of energy . Thus it could only be used in emergencies, not situations like an epidemic .

To get rid of the epidemic, the first step was to discover the root cause, and then find out the medicines and treatment methods for it!

Of course, IF there were no other solutions, then Ye Lang would have no choice but to treat them one by one…

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Those who’d been treated with the Golden Needle Acupuncture technique wouldn’t be able to move temporarily . To the untrained eye, when the treatment spikes the patient’s energies, it would seem like the condition had worsened . If his energies were stimulated too much, the patient would look even sicker than before during the treatment process .

And because of that, no one knew at that moment that Ye Lang had already cured a patient . Instead, they thought that the patient would be one step closer to death after Ye Lang’s treatment!!

No one noticed though . They were all wondering why did Ye Lang say that these people didn’t let him in .

“Have we met before?” they asked .

Alvin had figured that Ye Lang was confused, so he replied them instead, “No, I’m sorry . Ye Lang might’ve mistaken that you for the person we met outside . You’re wearing the same clothes as them . ”

“…” Those people fell silent . This kid could crack open such a difficult magical border with ease, but couldn’t differentiate the people in front of him . Although they were wearing the same clothing, they still looked very different .

Was the kid a moron or a genius? Maybe both!!

“You look after Ye Lang, don’t let him out again . Most importantly, don’t let anyone leave this place . It wasn’t easy to quarantine people from this sickness- if we’re not careful there’d be more people dying!” The doctors were most afraid of this . They weren’t concerned about Ye Lang’s entry, they were more concern about him leaving the place, let alone letting others leave .

They were all devastated by the conditions of the epidemic .

These refugees were still in the city when the epidemic first started spreading . There were many believers of the Sacred City among them .

Fortunately, Sacred City was filled with healers . They were quick to discover the problem and handled it immediately by quarantining the infected .

However, although they’d discover it early, the spreading of the epidemic was too quick . There were too many people infected . If they left out any patient from the quarantine zone, it would start spreading again .

After a huge effort, the epidemic was finally contained . The consequences would’ve been unimaginable otherwise!

However, even so, the number of people infected had reached a shocking number of seventy- to eighty-thousand people . This also included those who were suspected to be infected .

At this point, it was better to kill them rather than make a mistake . Thus, the magical border was set up by the Sacred City to seal these seventy, eighty thousand people . It was only after all the protective measures, that the doctors and magicians were allowed to enter . They also had spiritual followers maintain the order inside at the same time .

As for the refugees, they were chased out and separated from the Sacred City . Anyone seeking asylum after this incident wasn’t allowed in either!

Of course, the Sacred City still provided aid- enough to keep the refugees alive . People were sent to maintain order . These guards also wore protective equipment, the same people Ye Lang saw earlier .

And if someone was suspected to be infected, they were brought into the magical border by the guards for the doctors to treat them .

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