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Chapter 274: 274
Alvin (3)
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“Sir, this is a little weird . Sheng City has always let refugees come and go as they please . Back then, Sheng City would’ve let all of them in, no matter how many refugees,” said Alvin .

Everything Alvin said was true, it wasn’t a myth . Back then, Sheng City would’ve allowed any number of refugees in . This was the first time they hadn’t .

There must be a reason for that .

The outer layer of Sheng City comprised of a few small towns . When it came to the centre of Sheng City however, no one was allowed entry – not even the believers .

Not only that, anyone with a sharp eye could tell that within the alchemy formation, there were even some of Sheng City’s followers and clergies, also isolated from everyone else .

“If I’m not mistaken, there’s some sort of plague here…” Ye Lang muttered, frowning .

“A plague?!” everyone shouted . That was the word that spread fear within the people, definitely one that people would not like to hear .

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“That’s right . ” said a group of centaurs wearing masks and white protective suits, appearing in front of Ye Lang .

“One of the refugees brought an unknown disease here . Something even our holy healing powers cannot cure . Our doctors are working on an antidote as we speak,“ they explained .

Knowledge was important in this great land of alchemy . The people here knew how to protect themselves from diseases, teaching others how to do so . They knew they how important precautionary measures were- even their protective equipment had purifying alchemy formations on them .

“Have you people not found it yet? Let me have a look,” Ye Lang frowned . How could he ignore such a problem?

“You? Enter? I think not! You all better leave right now for your safety . We don’t need anyone else getting infected,” the medics replied after a while .

They saw a rich prince in Ye Lang and thought that he could not comprehend the true horrors of a plague . They figured that he’d get infected the moment he stepped foot in the city .

For someone who did not know how dire the situation was, they wanted to teach him a lesson and let him straight in . However, the stakes were simply too high for them to do something so careless .

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However, they didn’t consider the idea of Ye Lang being able to assist them in finding a solution to the problem . If they were to let him intervene, there’d be a better chance of coming up with a solution for the infected .

“They’re right sir, a plague is no joke . We should let the doctors do their jobs . Sheng City has the best doctors in the world . If these doctors are unable to heal them, then no one else can,” Alvin responded nervously .

It is just as Alvin had said . If the best doctors in the world couldn’t do anything, no one could . Sheng City not only filled with the best doctors but also light magicians who knew how to heal .

Few people possessed light-type attributes . As a result, when a person of this type was discovered, they were sent straight to Sheng City to become clergies .

In this world, being a clergy was seen as an honour . The rich and even the royal families would send their children down this glorious path to becoming a clergy . Better yet, the church was not part of any specific country, so these people were free to roam across the lands .

Light-type healing attributes have always been the strongest kinds of healers . Naturally, these people tend to be the best healers in the world . Most of these people were a part of the church, making the church the world’s strongest healing organization .

Therefore, people with rare or incurable diseases often went to Sheng City in hopes of a cure .

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“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Ye Lang shrugged . He didn’t care about Sheng City’s reputation of having the best healers, nor did he care if he was better than them . All he wanted to do was to save lives as a medic .

Even with limited abilities as a medic, they were expected to treat a patient as best they could . After all, that is the duty of a medic .

Of course, one should never overestimate one’s abilities . We shouldn’t bite off more than we can chew . At the end of the day, we can only do our best to help someone .

“Sir, things like illness are always uncertain . Besides, you aren’t going to be of any help so why bother?” said Alvin .

To Alvin and the others, there was no way Ye Lang could be of help . After all, he was just a rich kid . Even if he knew how to help others, there was no way that it’d be up to the standards of the professionals in Sheng City .

In truth, even if Alvin and the others knew Ye Lang could, they’d stop him on the spot . They’d want him to reconsider if he would give up his life to save others . Stepping in there would be extremely dangerous .

Not all the healers of Sheng City were there . Some of them were needed elsewhere, but most of them just wanted to avoid the risk of contracting the plague . At the end of the day, most of us care about our own lives more than the lives of others .

This was simply human nature, which was normal in the eyes of many . The healers were honoured by others due to their willingness to sacrifice themselves .

Alvin still had something to say, but before he had the chance, the people of Sheng City had already stopped Ye Lang .

“Thank you for your kindness, but it is still wise to listen to him and stay out of this . You wouldn’t be able to do anything even if you were there!”

The people of Sheng City didn’t think Ye Lang could help them .

“I can help! I have medical skills too!” exclaimed Ye Lang .

“Well…if you insist, we will not stop you . Nothing will change, with or without your help!” replied the people .

This kid was so persistent and stubborn that he simply would not change his mind no matter what . Just leave him be, it was his life after all . No one could stop him .

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