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The Silly Alchemist Chapter 27 – Puzzled (3) Translated by imakeussmile


“He still has breath!” The imperial family’s bodyguard let out a sigh of relief, but very quickly, his anxiousness came back.

“Quickly, go back to the palace immediately! Notify all the Imperial family’s doctors, call those water attribution and light attribution recovery magicians to come too!! Also the Imperial family’s alchemists too. In any case, don’t let go of any occupations who can give medical treatment, if anything were to happen to the thirteenth prince, we will all be in big trouble!!”

“Also, notify Ye Family, Princess Qi……”



The teacup fell onto the floor, scattering all around.

“What did you all say? Xiao Lang got struck by lightning, life and death still unpredictable right now?” Long An Qi seemed to not dare to believe it was true, anxiously confirming if it was true.

“That’s right, just now, young master Ye Lang tried to go home alone in the rain and got struck by lightning on the way back home. Right now, he is currently in the palace receiving treatment.” The Imperial family’s bodyguard replied.

At this time, Long An Qi didn’t care about other things, not researching as to why Ye Lang would come back home alone, also not caring about the strong rain and wind outside, she immediately set off, rushing on a horse towards the imperial palace with Ye Cheng Tian.

The both of them were the very first people of Ye Family who reached the Imperial Palace, and following after, as the news of Ye Lang being struck by lightning got spread out, Ye Lan Yu, Ye Yi and his wife, and also Tigress who was sick, all of them braved against the thunderstorm and hurried towards the Imperial Palace.

“Cheng Tian, An Qi, you guys came already. Don’t be anxious, the doctors are inside treating Ye Lang now. According to them, Ye Lang’s life has no great threat.”

When Ye Cheng Tian and his wife were brought to the place where the thirteenth prince was given treatment at, they at once saw the emperor and Princess Qi who was at the side with tear stains. The emperor also discovered them, and immediately told the situation to them.

“Then how is his situation right now, can we go in and take a look?” Long An Qi asked. Until she has seen her own son, she would not be able to stop worrying.

“It is still not possible right now, there can’t be too many people inside as it would hinder them from treating Ye Lang. Don’t worry, with those Imperial doctors and also treatment experts, priests, even if your son dies, they would still be able to bring him back to life.” The emperor smiled slightly, seemingly wanting to break this depressing atmosphere.

“Just what is going on, why did he come back home alone?” After calming down, Long An Qi began to question.

“It’s all my fault, I should not have left him all alone in the room, it’s my fault.” Princess Qi said with remorse.

“Why did you let him be alone, it’s not like you don’t know him. If you don’t know how to take care of him, you should not have brought him out.” Long An Qi criticized unrestrainedly, not caring about the tear stains and remorseful expression on Princess Qi’s face.

“It’s my negligence, I forgot that Tai Ya was not by his side and thought that she was still together with him at that time.” Princess Qi said faintly, tears seemingly to appear in her eyes once again.

“Tai Ya……She is not god, there are times where she would be sick too. Normally at this time when Tai Ya is sick, Xiao Lang would not mess around and would obediently stay at home to accompany her, clumsily taking care of her……”

When talking about Tigress, Long An Qi spoke somewhat absent-mindedly, and talking about that, when she thought about the way her son took care of Tigress, she felt like wanting to laugh, just that at this time, how was she able to laugh out.

“You all don’t need to be like this, it’s already said that Ye Lang will be alright. I believe that they don’t need long, the treatment inside will be finished, guaranteed to give you guys back a perfect condition Ye Lang.” The emperor said immediately when he saw that the atmosphere became very depressing.

“That’s right, what is going on with you two girls, my son’s life and fortune is great, there will not be any problem, so stop looking so miserable already, it will bring unluckiness.” Ye Cheng Tian held onto Long An Qi’s and said. At such a time, the men have to give the women confidence.

“Also, An Qi, this matter cannot completely be blamed on others.”

“That’s right, this matter can’t be blamed on Princess Qi, beforehand, we had already come to an agreement that young master Ye Lang would stay in the Imperial Palace, and young master Ye Lang had also agreed, but not sure why he ran back home again.” The maid at the side said following, she did not want to see her owner be wronged. [If anyone is at fault, it’s YOU, the maid]

“Let’s not talk about this matter already, wait for Ye Lang to wake up and we will all know everything then.” Princess Qi said. She knew that the reason for all this, no matter how hard they guessed, they would still not be able to guess it, because the thirteenth prince was just such a special person.

After a while passed, the Imperial doctors and other people all walked out in a line, releasing a good news towards the bunch of people who were waiting outside anxiously, letting the big stone in their heart to lower by half.


“Young master Ye Lang’s situation is very stable and there is no big hinder with his body anymore. However, he may have to be unconscious for a period of time and would not wake up immediately, so you all do not have to go and wake him up, let him rest for a while.

“Then, can we go in and see him?”

“Can! However, you guys have to be a bit quiet, don’t disturb him.”

“Ok, we understand.”

When everyone entered, they immediately saw the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, whose face was slightly frowning, not sure if it was due to pain or other reasons, letting Long An Qi and the others to feel a kind of indescribable heartache.

However, fortunately, the thirteenth prince’s life was in good condition, which let them be able to temporarily put their heart at ease. As long as he was alright, even if there were other things, they could also slowly think of a solution.

After a while passed, Tigress, Ye Lan Yu and the others had also reached here. Looking at the thirteenth prince who was unconscious on the bed, on Tigress’s face, there was sadness, anger and a very complicated expression.

“What did you promised me before, you said that you would take good care of the young master, how did he became like this?” Tigress looked at Princess Qi coldly. I believe that, if not for being afraid of disturbing the thirteenth prince, Tigress would already be bellowing angrily right now.

However, this kind of low voice and cold toned question had a different kind of feeling, which could let others very clearly feel her anger.

“I also don’t know why it would turn out like this, it was originally all right, then don’t know why he suddenly left the Imperial Palace alone.” Princess Qi shook her head and said.

“I don’t care about what the reason why he left was, he is normally like this, you should have taken good care of him for me, if you can’t do it, you should not have promised me that you would!” Tigress’s voice was still that cold, “If there is anything with him, I will surely not let you off!!”

What Tigress had spoken, wasn’t a bit over, but saying it in the front of so many people, a person whose identity was a maid, speaking like this towards an empire’s princess, this seemed to make everyone feel that it was somewhat strange.

Those words made the emperor frown, made some other people be astonished, made some other people be angry, but Princess Qi herself felt ashamed, ashamed towards thirteenth prince and Tigress.

“Audacious, who do you think you are, to dare to speak like this to the princess!” The princess’s maid rebuked angrily. In her eyes, Tigress was just only a female slave, no matter how the thirteenth prince doted on her, it would not be able to change this fact. A female slave, to actually dare to speak like that to the empire’s princess, as the princess’s maid, she would naturally not be polite towards Tigress! However……

[Oh no, she Di-int]

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