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Chapter 26 – Puzzled (2) Translated by imakeussmile


“Ye Lang, stop playing already, come out.” Princess Qi began to start searching in the room, however no matter how hard she searched, she was not able to find the thirteenth prince, “Could it be that he is dazing outside?.That is not right, it is still raining heavily outside.”

“Princess, why is young master Ye Lang still not here… Princess, what are you searching for?” A maid walked out from the bathroom, originally wanting to call Ye Lang to come in the bathroom, so that she could draw a shower, but in the end, she discovered that Princess Qi was searching the entire house for something.

“Ye Lang, I don’t know where this Ye Lang is hiding, you guys help me search for him quickly. Who was the one that was accompanying him just now…” Princess Qi said somewhat anxiously.

“Princess, we all seemed to have accompanied you to the shower, no one accompanied young master Ye Lang…In the past, it would always be Tai Ya who would accompany him.” The maid replied, her voice sounding a bit weak.

“That’s right, in the past, it was always Tai Ya who accompanied him. We became used to it, we forgot to leave one person to look after him. Not sure where he ran off to, all you go and search every room and look.” Princess Qi said while frowning. At the same time, she also went to confirm a guess which she did not want to think of, walking towards the doorway.

“Did you all see that stupid fellow Ye Lang?” Princess Qi pushed open the door and asked the bodyguard at the doorway.

“Yes, we saw him just now. He ran out alone not too long ago.” The bodyguard replied, and then it hit him, he found the issue, and his face began to darken.

“What? He ran out alone? You all just let him run out alone like this?” Princess Qi immediately reprimanded angrily.

“We thought that he was going home.” The bodyguard replied somewhat weakly. Normally here, whenever Ye Family’s thirteenth prince wanted to come or leave, it was all up to him. He was free to enter and leave as he pleased, thus the bodyguards did not obstruct him from leaving.

Normally Tigress was always at the thirteenth prince’s side. But, just now, the thirteenth prince was alone, and this is where the problem was.

“Go home, can he go back home alone? It’s not like you all don’t know that he is different from other people, would I let him go back home alone? What’s more, it is still raining and thundering right now… Immediately send people to chase after him!!!” Princess Qi bellowed angrily. This attitude of hers had never before appeared. In the past, no matter how big the matter was, she would always face it calmly.

“No, I also have to look for him!!” Princess Qi wanted to immediately go out, just that she forgot that right now, she was currently wearing a piece of night cloth only. If she was to go out like this, it would turn into a crisis.

Luckily, at this time, a maid was sharp-sighted and deft enough to pull back Princess Qi, saying anxiously: “Princess, you can’t go out looking like this right now, it is ok to just let them search for young master Ye Lang, the wind and rain outside is violent, you should wait here for a bit.”

“Let go of me, you also know that the wind and rain outside is violent. He will get sick by getting drenched by the rain outside. I don’t understand him, clearly he agreed that he would stay here today, why did he still have to leave?” Princess Qi was unable to make sense of why the thirteenth prince left.

If she knew of the reason as to why the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince left, she would surely be angered dizzy and greatly scold that the thirteenth prince is a stupid fellow, an idiot, a through and through fool.

“I must tell Tigress, say that I will not be going home tonight and will be staying at wife’s home.” This was the sentence that the thirteenth prince said to himself when he left.

In this past few years, he had never been separated from Tigress, not even for a day. No, to say it more accurately, it should be that, they had never been separated for more than 2 hours, not to mention a whole day. And today, he wanted to stay at the imperial palace, but Tigress however was at home.

He knew that Tigress would surely be worried about him, and so as to not make her worried, he decided to go back home to tell Tigress that he would be staying at the imperial palace and she doesn’t need to worry about him.

However, if he was able to go back home to notify Tigress, then he would not have needed to stay at the imperial palace already. What’s more, would Tigress even let him return and get drenched by the rain?

Towards this, he did not think about, he only knew that he must not let Tigress be worried about him. Even if he knew that the rain and wind was strong outside, and thunder and lightning was flashing in the sky, he still had to go back and tell Tigress not to worry about him.

Under the thunderstorm, the thirteenth prince was running within the imperial palace and there was not a single person who blocked him, because everyone knew who he was, and there was no place in the entire imperial palace where he could not go.

Just like this, the thirteenth prince ran out of the imperial palace and ran towards the Ye Residence. Actually, the Ye Residence was not very far from the imperial palace, the district where the influential officials were at was naturally also near the imperial palace, making it convenient to go to the imperial palace, and at the same time, they could also be neighbors with the emperor.

Of course, although it was not far it was also not very near. It would take at least 20 minutes for the thirteenth prince to run back home, if he was able to continue running without stopping of course.

At that time, the thirteenth prince was holding an umbrella, a very expensive umbrella which was made from cloth made of gold thread weaved together, and framework inlaid with gold. This was an umbrella which a prodigal son like him should use, this umbrella was bought by him when he was being prodigal.

Just that, right now there was a thunderstorm. Holding an umbrella like this, there would be a very high probability to get struck by lightning. This was practically taking a lightning rod and running around in the thunderstorm.

In the end, the thunder god seemed to give a lot of face, and struck the thirteenth prince’s umbrella. [Dear thunder god, you don’t need to give me face when I’m running outside when it’s thundering]




The thirteenth prince’s entire body gave out a kind of electric light, then he gave out a miserable shriek and collapsed on the street filled with rainwater. In that split second, the thirteenth prince seemed to see that there was a wave of electric current scattering all around the district near him.

And at that time, the thirteenth prince seemed to feel a kind of electrical current flowing around his entire body, stimulating his brain. The stimulation in his brain was not caused by the lightning’s electric current, although it could have been brought forth by the lightning, but the thirteenth prince felt that it was not like that. It was instead another kind of miraculous electric current, a kind of feeling which could not be said out.

What was this? Before the thirteenth prince was able to think, he had already sank in a deep unconsciousness


“Found him. young master Ye Lang is on the floor. Why is there a kind of burnt smell? Could it be that…that…that lightning just now struck on his body? A bunch of bodyguards appeared at the street. The first thing they saw was the disaster inviting umbrella, then afterwards it was the thirteenth prince who had been struck by lightning. Right now, the thirteenth prince had all the characteristic of having been struck by lightning.

Fluffy curled hair, skin which was black and brought forth a bit of burnt smell, clothes also having been destroyed……

‘Was he still alive?’ All those people who saw this situation, all of them thought of this first. For people who had been struck by lightning, it seemed that the survival rate was extremely, extremely low.

But, all the bodyguards who were present however had another thinking immediately after a while.

He must live, if not, the trouble would be great!

That’s right, if the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was to die right now, then they would suffer a calamity for sure. Although the calamity was not as far as that they would die, but they would surely be unlucky.

– But he died once more –

Just kidding, the last sentence I mean.

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