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Chapter 28 – Puzzled (4) Translated by imakeussmile


“Shut up, if you dare to make noise, I will throw you out of here. Also, don’t get it wrong, the reason I stayed here is just only because of the young master, who you all are has nothing to do with me, I don’t care how noble the identity of you all is. Do not let the young master suffer from unnecessary harm, if not, I will make you all pay for it.” Tigress completely did not retreat half a step, on this matter, no one was able to make her take half a step back.

Perhaps it was that she was secure in the knowledge of her backing, or perhaps, it was merely because she was a newborn calf who was not afraid of a tiger.

However, after this matter, everyone knew that the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was Tigress’ sensitive point. No matter who touched him, she would not have the slightest trace of politeness towards that person, including the Imperial Family and also the Ye Family.

This matter also made others to start guessing about a question which was forgotten by everyone, and that question was regarding Tigress’ background. Up till now, other than her name, everyone didn’t even know what her family name was, needless to say about other information regarding Tigress.

Beastman was a very special race, although they had never established a formal empire and existed in the form of tribes, their strength was completely not at all weaker than any empire. Even up to the point that they were not inferior in any aspects of an empire and may even be stronger in some aspects.

Of course, this was regarding their united strength. However, basically the situation was that they were governed separately, where a few races or simply a single race were under a tribe. Within the few biggest tribes, the majority of them only consisted of a single race, fundamentally being the large and influential clans within the beastman race.

Although there would also still be conflicts and contradictions between the beastmen from time to time, but when other races invaded them, they would unite together to eliminate the invaders of the foreign race completely.

This was very similar with the human race, where they were governed separately. But what was different was that, even when the human race was facing against a powerful enemy, there may still be endless inner conflicts within the human race. Even if a nation were to get invaded, the other nations would only just watch with folded arms at one side, unless it was to the point where the nation was seriously in grave need of help.

Within the beastmen, the tiger race was a large and influential clan. Their power was very huge, and they were fundamentally together with the fox race too. Having the shrewd fox, it helped the tiger race’s strength to raise to a higher level.

Perhaps, this Tigress was an important person within the tiger race. If it was like this, she definitely had the qualifications to speak like that to the princess!

An empire’s princess, concerning an empire, there were not just one or two, there may even be up to 10 or 20 of them!

Although it was said to be an empire’s princess, but the princess may not be as important as an important person in the tiger race. And at most, would only be able to be equivalent in identity.

What’s more, the beastmen tribes had always never cared much about status. In their world, strength was the most important thing. As long as your strength was strong enough, you would be an important person in the tribe!

Of course, Tigress had been together with the thirteenth prince since she was small, which also means, she would not be someone who would be an important person in the tribe because of her own strength.

Perhaps, Tigress had an identity which other people were not able to think of!!

Of course, these were merely guesses only, perhaps, Tigress may not be anyone important at all, and it was merely because of her personality that she’s not afraid of anyone, not caring about any identity!

After all, within the beastmen, many races were all very hot-blooded, and would do things without thinking of the consequences. Only doing things which they considered that they should just go and do, even if the result would cause them to die, they would still advance bravely.

The tiger race was one of the representatives of those hot-blooded races. If not for the fox race to put forward plans and ideas, the combat of the tiger race would just be charging and breaking through the enemy lines with direct combat, and there would not be any whatsoever combat tactics at all.


After 7 days had passed, the thirteenth prince was still continuously sleeping on the bed, not having any trace of waking up at all. This caused the others to begin to feel a bit anxious, as they began to think that the thirteenth prince would just lie in bed for the rest of his life, never waking up at all. This was a very normal thinking, no matter who it was, after seeing someone not wake up for 7 days straight, they would all have this kind of thinking.

Right now, the thirteenth prince was already in the Ye Residence, on his own bed. After that day where they finished treating the thirteenth prince in the Imperial Palace, they moved him back here. During these 7 days, Tigress had always been by the side of the thirteenth prince. Even when sleeping, she would just lean on the bedside. This point, even Long An Qi, who was the mother, was only able to preserve for 3 days, then handed over to Tigress to take care of the thirteenth prince.

However, Long An Qi would still come every day, and only late at night would she then go back to her room to sleep. Every day was like this, and there was also one other person who was doing the same thing as her, which was Ye Lan Yu.

During the day, Long An Qi and Ye Lan Yu would let Tigress rest for a little bit, let her go and shower and such, temporarily leaving the thirteenth prince for them to take care of.

Tigress had rejected it at the start, but afterwards, she did not reject anymore, because she knew that this could possibly be a very long war and she must not tire herself out. If she were to collapse from exhaustion, then how would she be able to continue taking care of the thirteenth prince.

In these 7 days, Princess Qi would also come and visit the thirteenth prince, and moreover, it would be for half a day whenever she comes.

On this day, Tigress, Ye Lan Yu, Princess Qi and Long An Qi, these four women, were all keeping watch at the side of the thirteenth prince, hoping for him to wake up, hoping for him to open his eyes and look at them, anticipating those silly words that he would say.


Because they were anticipating it so much, they would always be pleasantly surprised by some of the thirteenth prince’s meaningless little movements. Just that, every time after they were pleasantly surprised, they would be disappointed. And time after time of disappointments, it caused them to be exhausted physically and mentally.

In these seven days, it let them know what kind of a feeling ‘a day feeling like a year’ was.

Suddenly, the thirteenth prince’s hand moved a bit and Tigress, who was holding onto his hand, trembled for a bit and looked at the thirteenth prince immediately. But then, the thirteenth prince had no movement at all, causing her to feel disappointed again, thinking that this time was just the same as usual.

Except that this time, this movement was definitely not meaningless, and this time was definitely different than the usual.

Because, the next moment, the thirteenth prince suddenly opened his eyes and sat up, and furthermore loudly shouted a sentence. Although everyone did not know what this sentence meant, but they didn’t care at that moment, as the four women all pounced forward and hugged the thirteenth prince happily, while the thirteenth prince’s face was filled with a puzzled expression.

Just what was the sentence that the thirteenth prince said? According to the 4 woman’s recount, it was a sentence that was very hard to understand, and also a sentence which did not match with the thirteenth prince’s personality.

“Fuck, thieving old god, I have only just come out from closed-door cultivation, you didn’t have to welcome me so grandly and give me such a huge meteor!!”

Thieving old god? Meteor? Just come out from closed-door cultivation? What was all that?

Did the thirteenth prince’s brain get damaged by the lightning?

Or it is that, he had this kind of experience before, or perhaps that he had this kind of dream before? Within the unconscious period, who would even know what kind of dream he had?


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