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Chapter 260
Refugees (3)
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“??” The man looked at Ye Lang, deep in thought . He understood what Ye Lang meant, and at the same time, he was somehow aware of Ye Lang’s identity .

Maybe it was because this man was too ordinary, that’s why he thought Ye Lang was remarkable!

And at this time, both of them seemed to have forgotten something- they weren’t at a place for coffee and chit-chat . Instead, they were in a place where all the refugees were plundering for food, and they just might attack them at any moment .

No, no- not at any moment, but right at this moment!

“Hmph—” Someone breathed heavily, but no words came out .

“He has more…” Another muttered softly .

This time, after finding out about Ye Lang’s current situation, the refugees did not shout and scream as they did before . Instead, they imitated that man- by coming to Ye Lang to ask for food while trying not to attract attention .

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Ye Lang didn’t refuse, he gave them one by one, even giving out his own portion of food . Of course, he gave to those who needed it most .

Although the food was precious to Ye Lang, it couldn’t be compared to saving a person’s life . If these refugees did not take in any food, they might lose their lives .

More people crowded around Ye Lang, and because everyone was queuing up in order, it wasn’t as chaotic as before .

If there was someone who was unruly enough to not follow orders, naturally there would be others . But if someone started to follow orders, followed by another person- then naturally there would be a set unspoken etiquette, and people would keep to it .

It was the same here . If someone were to wreak havoc in front of Ye Lang, that person would certainly be attacked by those who obeyed . Of course, Ye Lang also had Little Xin moving about . She had to be moved around so her parts wouldn’t harden .

The situation was under control temporarily, but it was hard to tell if this could be maintained . Although Ye Lang had a lot of food with him, he still couldn’t feed that many people .

There were thousands of them . It didn’t help that some of them had taken more food with them, there were still many people left . And also given that Ye Lang didn’t ration his food, so some people might not get their share of food .

“Come one by one- don’t take more than you need! Don’t worry, there’s a city nearby… I’ll get you all some food when we arrive at Sheng City!” Ye Lang decided to give away all his food and instructed people to distribute among themselves .

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He didn’t seem to care about the food distribution, as you could tell from the previous situation . And at this moment, like what the skinny dark man did at first, they organised themselves and took control of the situation properly .

On the other hand, the injured in the convoy of carriages surrounded by a group of refugees were all staring blankly at Ye Lang’s direction . Why couldn’t their ‘encounter’ be as civilised as this too??  Then no one would have been injured

However, they seemed to miss the fact that they were not willing to share their food, that was why they were robbed . Ye Lang’s case was different- he was willing to share his food . Of course, there were other factors involved .

And also, no one would want to fight Ye Lang, his aura was just… different!

After distributing all the food, they realised it was indeed not enough for everyone . Since only a handful of them lacked food, they didn’t make a fuss out of it- they didn’t want to make a scene either .

As long as someone was willing to share some extra food, followed by another, then it definitely would be enough!

The reason why they were all so united was also that Ye Lang gave them hope . Ye Lang promised to take them to the next city to buy food .

They had been to some cities before, but those cities would not give them food, and worse, barred them from entry . After all, they were a huge crowd and the citizens of any city would be afraid of letting them in .

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But, what if someone was willing to purchase food for their sake? Things would be different, they’d be allowed in!

This was also why during every disaster relief, not only food was donated, money was also included in the donations . There were those who weren’t willing to contribute resources, hence they would only do whatever they could- at least in a way that wouldn’t affect their lives .

Every bit counted!

And at this moment, money was needed to exchange for resources…

“Sir, what are you waiting for?”

Now, everyone was ready to head for the next city, and they had been waiting for a long time, but they still couldn’t see Ye Lang moving an inch . They could only wait patiently .

Ye Lang was like a god to them now . Even if they weren’t willing to wait, they had to . Even worse, they wouldn’t want to offend Ye Lang, so they could only wait quietly .

This made the whole scene queer, and on the other side, the convoy of carriages which robbed previously had escaped secretly with the injured men, as if running for their lives .

Anyone would’ve run for their lives after witnessing what they did . Only Ye Lang would stay .

“Where’s my carriage, why is it still not back yet?” Ye Lang looked behind him while stating his reason . He figured the carriage would return for him .

“…” Everyone was silent . They knew, the carriage definitely wasn’t going to be back . Although it was partly their fault, and they felt a bit embarrassed, this was a fact that couldn’t be undone .

“Sir, the carriage isn’t coming back…” said the skinny dark man faintly in his hoarse voice .

“Why not? I only told him to go ahead, but I didn’t say he didn’t need to come back… If he’s not coming back, how am I going to Sheng City?” said Ye Lang stupidly .

It turned out that Ye Lang didn’t mean to stay back on his own, but only intended to stay for a while to distribute food and some money . He still had to depend on the carriage to get to Sheng City .

He believed that although the carriage went on without him first, the coachman would still be back for him instead of ditching him like this!

Of course, this was only him with his gullible thoughts that things should be like this . Under these circumstances, once the carriage left, it definitely wasn’t going to return!!

“Sir, we scared him away… Any ordinary person would run from what just happened, but you…” said the skinny dark man, while looking at Ye Lang . He didn’t finish his sentence, but everyone understood what he meant .

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