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Chapter 261: 261
Floating Chopsticks (1)
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At this moment, it seemed like this group of people had found out something new about Ye Lang again – he was a little blur . Of course, they found out later that he wasn’t just a little blur, he was indeed a very… dopey… person .

However, this personality of Ye Lang made everyone more protective of him . They didn’t let anyone fool him because they all thought he was gullible .

Although it was sometimes said that the ones who targeted Ye Lang had dug themselves a hole for them to jump in (as Ye Lang would always put them in a difficult position in the end), it didn’t seem like Ye Lang was pretending to be a pig to prey on the tiger, it was merely a pure coincidence . This made people even more dejected .

[Note: pretending to be a pig to prey on the tiger (Chinese idiom) = playing dumb to lull your opponent into a false sense of security]

“Why are the drivers like this? They drove off immediately after taking my money! If that’s the case, I’ll pay them a deposit first and then rest only when I reach my destination!” Ye Lang had already been abandoned twice by his coachman now, hence was having the thought to change his payment method .

Everyone fell silent . There was nothing to do with the deposit . Even if you didn’t give a penny, you’ll eventually have to pay after you’ve arrived . In this case, it’d still end up being the same .

“Well then, sir, can you walk?” asked the skinny dark man . He was afraid Ye Lang and Little Xin who had a delicate body might not have ever walked before, which was why he went to find a carriage for them .

“Yes, let’s go! Lead the way!” Ye Lang nodded . He wasn’t the kind of rich and pampered person . He had walked hundreds of miles or even further before in the past, and as for Little Xin, well, she was ‘different’ .

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After Ye Lang’s reply, everyone proceeded to bring Ye Lang to the nearest town immediately . Ye Lang was surrounded by them and they were all talking to him .

During the conversation, Ye Lang got to know more about the situation . He understood that these thousands of people were only a small part of it . There were at least a hundred thousand people who fled here .

The entry of these people seemed to bring a great burden to the Sacred City and also had a massive impact on the Ai La Empire .

At the same time, Ye Lang also heard more about Gomera, learning about their cultures and their odious leader .

Ye Lang said a few words regarding what he heard about the leader, “You all don’t have to hate him . He won’t be having a good life after losing you all . ”

The skinny dark man was still next to Ye Lang when he replied, “They will still be able to live happily . In fact, they will be happier without us . They think of us as lowly citizens!”

“How are you so stupid? He can’t maintain his regime without his people . After this, even if your emperor doesn’t kill them, they’ll still die very badly . ”

“If I was your emperor, I would definitely let them stay there and would never allow them to leave . I wouldn’t provide any help to them as well,” said Ye Lang .

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“Why is that?”

“Think about it, there’s already a problem without one or two thousand of you all there as no one is working in Gomera right now . And we’re talking about losing everyone, so there would be no new food producers . Even if they’d already saved up some food, they’ll run out eventually! Oh, I’m going to inform my seventh brother, hehe…”

Ye Lang suddenly thought of a way that would allow the Ye family to earn money and to punish the leader at the same time . The ones left in Gomera right now were the aristocrats and those refugees who couldn’t escape .

Now it was time for the people to stock up on food and then resell back to them at a higher price . This would be more comfortable than stealing money . They should also hire people to purchase the infertile land at the same time as it should be very cheap now . After fertilizing it for a few years and planting crops, they could then steal money again instead of earning money .

Of course, Ye Lang also instructed the civilians to look after their own land .

Originally it was thought this plan could have only taken away a small part . However, it turned out to be a huge success in the end . Ye Family had taken up the wealth of the whole Gomera and they now owned a thousand more acres of land!

This couldn’t be done without the perfect cooperation of the Seventh Brother, Third Brother, and the unintentional help from the emperor of Ai La Empire . As what Ye Lang said, the emperor of Ai La Empire did leave the Gomera district alone, cutting off all the supplies entering the region .

Because of this, Ye Family got to kill two birds with one stone!

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This was probably the punishment from the skies!!

Ye Lang and Little Xin were surrounded by people along the way so that outsiders would think they were just ordinary refugees . They’d mingle in plain sight and nobody would care .

However, some would approach closer to them, for they felt like finally there was someone taking care of them . Of course, there were people who thought that it would be easier to survive alone so they didn’t join the group .

There wasn’t a need to pay much attention to this kind of people . Ye Lang and the group focused more on the refugees they met along the way who were starving to death . They gave them food and brought the refugees along with them . This was the power of a big group .

Though this credit was given to Ye Lang because if it wasn’t for him, these people wouldn’t even bother to save others as they could already barely look after themselves .

This also made some people reflect on themselves . The conditions had been the same with or without Ye Lang- it didn’t make a huge difference even if after he brought some supplies . They had even more supplies with them once, but even then they did not form an orderly organisation like this .

Why weren’t they able to save others before if they always had the same conditions? Why were they able to do it now? The reason was actually very simple . It was because they hadn’t thought that they could save others just like how they had saved themselves . All they ever cared about was surviving on their own .

It was human nature . They could obviously do it, but they didn’t- making things worse instead!

Ye Lang’s appearance had brought some changes to this matter . In fact, it had changed for the better . It was believed that they wouldn’t need the help from the Sacred City when the time came . They would be able to survive themselves and would also have the ability to help others .

This was a miracle indeed!!

“Move along, people! Don’t enter! Finish up your porridge and move on with your journey . We’ve done our best!”

Although the gate of the nearest town was open, the refugees weren’t allowed to enter . It was clear this small town was prepared to help these refugees just enough to keep them alive and carry on towards their destination .

It wasn’t too bad for such a small town . Some towns didn’t even care . They only shut people out and didn’t bother to help .

“We’re very sorry for what happened, but we can’t afford to feed so many people here!” said the one who gave the porridge . It was also, in fact, the current situation of the small town .

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