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Chapter 259: 259
Refugees (2)
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“Come, I’ll help you get rid of that lord, I’ll help you out of the drought!” When Ye Lang saw the refugees, his blood boiled immediately . He wanted to help them .

Although Ye Lang was a prodigal son, it was undeniable that he was still a kind-hearted soul . Of course, his expression of kindness was very subjective as he was cruel in some people’s eyes .

“…Sir, let’s not talk about what you two can do for us yet . We’ll definitely starve to death by the time we get back to Gomera District . We hope to survive first!!” pleaded the man in his weak, hoarse voice, looking at Ye Lang with his clear eyes .

“You need to trust me… Wait, what do you mean? Isn’t this place Gomera District?” asked Ye Lang, confused .

“Of course not, this is Winchester, we’re a few hundred miles away from Gomera . If we head back now, we’ll only die faster . ” The man shook his head while regarding Ye Lang suspiciously . Why didn’t Ye Lang know where they were? Thought the man .

It was true because Ye Lang had always been unsure of where he was anyway . If someone showed him the way, he would question no more, as he was wise enough to recognise his destination .

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“Winchester District? Let me see, I’m here… Wait, you said you were refugees of Gomera District? Why choose such a place so far away instead of a near one? Isn’t the nearby Alexandria City much better? Besides, instead of coming here, why didn’t you all go to Ai La’s capital city? That would be a lot nearer . ” asked Ye Lang, puzzled . He didn’t understand at all .

Just as he said, even if the refugees were escaping from drought, they shouldn’t come here . There were a lot more choices to choose from- coming here will only complicate things . He couldn’t think of a single benefit gained from coming here .

“The places you mentioned will not be as helpful as this place . Those places may accept some of us, but not all . The place we’re going to will save us all, they’ll definitely bring all of us in!!” There seemed to be a glint of hope but also worship in the man’s pure eyes .

“??” Ye Lang was confused . He couldn’t understand what place would be better than the capital city, as a refugee’s first thought and last hope would always be the capital city . Even if they had no chance to approach the king, at least they could inform him about the matter .

And being a good king, he’ll definitely accept the refugees, even give them a place to stay!

The present king of the Ai La empire was a decent leader, diligent enough and loved his people so he would definitely take care of this matter . It would only make sense for them to go to the capital city .

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“Don’t you know? There’s a sacred place with a sacred mountain . And Sheng City is on that sacred mountain!!” The pair of scrawny and dark hands pointed to one direction, his dark face beamed with a burning desire as he bared his uneven white teeth .

[Note: 聖 (Sheng) = Saint/sacred; Sheng City = sacred city]

“Sheng City? Doesn’t that place ban people from entering? Will they let everyone in?” Ye Lang was uncertain .

“Are you from this world at all? Everyone knows that although we’re not allowed to enter the sacred city and the Holy Mountain, the neighbouring towns will still accept anyone in need! There was once a flood, the kind you only see once in a thousand years . Tens of thousands of victims sought asylum there… And the sacred city accepted them as well!!” The sincerity in his eyes and words felt like the last hope in the people hearts was Sheng City, not the capital .

“Oh . If this Sheng City is so powerful it can feed such a large number of people, then after I spend family’s fortune, I will visit there to ask for food…” said Ye Lang, also sincerely, though his ‘sincerity’ was a little out of place .

“Your shameless intentions will disgust people! While the sacred city will not mind, the people who live with you will definitely isolate you . You’ll be made to feel ashamed of yourself!” said the man with disdain, indirectly revealing the behaviours of the people living there .

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Within Sheng City lived many followers of the Sacred Teachings . These followers were the main key to the city’s prosperity as they produced doctors to serve the city and also offered their assets and income to the public .

Other than the annual donations from different places, most of the Sacred City’s main income came from the offerings of the followers . There were many experts from different fields among the followers, including experienced businessmen .

In fact, to put it simply with a metaphor, Sheng City was like a large family clan without a surname . This family was famous for always doing good deeds, hence attracting a lot of people to join them, spreading kindness across the regions .

The clergy of the Sacred City didn’t have to do anything but preach their followers to solve the world’s problems, or at least, what it seemed like on the surface .

Regardless of what kind of organisation the city was, they had done a lot of good deeds and accepted many poor homeless people over the past thousands of years .

Even if a wicked man disguised himself as a good person, then the good deeds done by him would also be considered as good- this is a logic you cannot deny!

Furthermore, Sheng City has never been considered an evil place, to the extent that whenever someone criticised the Sacred City, that person would be subjugated by everyone . Perhaps such wicked ones did exist in the Sacred City, though not enough to represent the whole city .

All those living in Sheng City were holy . They worked hard, so whenever someone like Ye Lang showed up living his extravagant, excessive lifestyle, they would shun him and not give any help and support .

Upon arriving in such an environment, most people would start working hard . This of course excluded some thick-skinned parasites who ate and drank their way into oblivion .

In a way, this was a talent too!

No one knew what to do with these parasites either, so they were often left alone to continue living as the city parasites . These people are very common in many places- a disease that cannot be cured .

Ye Lang seemed suitable for this role because people already despised him, shunned him, while he often remained blissfully unaware…

“… Why would a rich person like you need to ask for food there? You have people supporting you,” said the man faintly, looking at Ye Lang .

Ye Lang shook his head, “There are many people supporting me, but I don’t like it . If I spend, I’ll spend the money I earned . Therefore, if I were to eat their food, I’ll also give back! I don’t like to owe favours . I’m always the one to spend, the one people can take advantage of!”

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