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Chapter 25 – Puzzled (1) Translated by imakeussmile


Their motive was to make the thirteenth prince look bad. Nominally, they were helping the white-as-snow girl to take revenge, but the actual fact was that, they were only using the matter for their own purposes, wanting to mess with the thirteenth prince who was so lucky that everyone was jealous of him.

Because of this, they felt that the knowledge questions and answers kind of activities was the best to make the thirteenth prince look bad. Thus, when the thirteenth prince said that he was going to participate in the talent show, they thought of ideas to make the thirteenth prince go to the question and answer activity instead.

Towards this, the Tigress who was at the side only laughed and did not have the intention to stop those people at all, as she wanted to watch the show. However, her so-called watching the show was the complete opposite from other people. She was not waiting to watch the thirteenth prince be embarrassed, but was instead waiting to watch those people who wanted to mess with the thirteenth prince become embarrassed.

Don’t forget, although the thirteenth prince was very stupid, his memory strength was still exceptionally good, and he had read books extensively since he was small. With regards to pure knowledge, within all the student in the academy, if he was number two, there was definitely no number one.

Just that, very few people knew about this matter. Other than Tigress and Ye Lan Yu, other people only knew that the thirteenth prince’s alchemy knowledge was very strong at the most. After all, the thirteenth prince was someone who studied alchemy.

Afterwards, when it was time to start answering the thoroughly stochastic questions given, the thirteenth prince took first place, with his score leading by a wide margin compared to the person who took second place. This caused many people to be taken aback.

This result caused others to suspect whether the thirteenth prince had cheated, but after going through a test, they discovered that the thirteenth prince truly did not cheat. This result made a lot of people feel ashamed. It was still ok to lose to other people, but to actually lose to the thirteenth prince who was acknowledged as an idiot fool by everyone, this caused them to not be able to accept it at all.

Thus, all the remaining people who did not get eliminated, they all started to give hundred percent of their fighting spirit, and at the second round, which was also the final round, they began raising out some questions which they themselves considered as unpopular, which others would not know how to answer.

The rules of this round was that it was left to the participants to raise questions, then afterwards, whoever who would be able to answer the most questions would be the winner.

Just that, when those people asked the questions, they all followed according to what they were used to, which was some knowledge type questions. Thus, even if they asked unpopular questions, the thirteenth prince would also still have the chance to know the answer to the question.

As a result, in this round, the thirteenth prince correctly answered two question. But, the other people also correctly answered two questions at most, and some were not even able to correctly answer a single question at all. Leaving aside the result for the pre-selection competition, just including this alone, the thirteenth prince was also definitely able to make it to the finals and participate in the activities following this.

Of course, for the ranking position problem, everyone still continued to use another method to calculate, which was that, it would be judged by how many questions a person would be able to answer correctly this time, and whose question will be answered the least by others.

At this time, everyone astonishingly discovered that, no one was able to correctly answer the thirteenth prince’s question. The thirteenth prince’s question was also not an especially hard question, and anyone would be able to answer it, but however, no one was able to answer it correctly at all.

The question was this: “Let’s say, a fool was walking on the streets and he saw a gold coin and a silver coin on the ground. May I ask, would the fool pick up the gold coin or the silver coin?”

Some people answered that it was of course the gold coin, saying that even a fool would also know to pick up the gold coin instead of the silver coin. While some other people answered that it was the silver coin, because the fool does not know the difference between the gold coin and silver coin.

“Wrong, the answer is, the fool would take both the gold coin and silver coin. Even a fool would also know to take everything, you guys are really more foolish than a fool!” When the thirteenth prince declared the answer, everyone’s face was as ugly as it could be, wishing to dig a hole and hide into it.

It was still ok if they were spoken of like this by some other people, but to be spoken of like this by someone who they considered as a fool, it was seriously hard for them to accept it.

And at this time, everyone who was below had already started to begin laughing. Although just a moment ago, they were also choosing between the gold coin and silver coin, but after all, they did not answer, and thus, they were able to laugh justifiably.

Actually, matters like this had also happened a few times, just that no one had notice it at all since the start, and felt that it was just a coincidence. Because of this, a bunch of people who thought they were intelligent themselves, after being played by the thirteenth prince countless times, they still had not accepted their lesson and kept continuing to send themselves to death’s door.

“Young master, the question you asked a while ago was somewhat misleading other people. You ask it like this, it would let others think that they could only choose one between the two.” Tigress said while resisting her laughter.

“Is it?” The thirteenth prince thought for a while and then said: “I did not say that they could only choose one, so they can choose more than one. And also, this question, even if I don’t say, the answer should be very easy to guess. Originally, I wanted to ask a most simple question, but why are they just so stupid.”



The sizzling hot summertime, a time where weather changes a lot. Who knows when the weather will change suddenly, changing from a bright scorching sun to black cloud densely covering the sky, with thunderstorm falling repeatedly.

Today was precisely this kind of situation. Because of the changed weather, the thirteenth prince was unable to return home and was only able to stay at the Imperial Palace. At that time, thunder sounds could be heard from the sky repeatedly, a bunch of lightning tearing up the sky.

“Ye Lang, you just stay here today, I sleep together with you.” Princess Qi said while smiling.


“It’s okay to stay, but cannot sleep together, we are still not married.” The thirteenth prince said slowly.

“Hehe, what’s the problem, we are still small right now and can’t do anything too, sleeping together is normal. Didn’t you frequently sleep together with your big sis in the past?” Princess Qi said while smiling. Of course, she was only teasing and did not really mean to want to sleep together with the thirteenth prince.

“She is sister.” The thirteenth prince said.

“Then what about Tigress?” Princess Qi asked while smiling. She knew that previously, for a very long period of time, the thirteenth prince and Tigress slept together on one bed. However, that time was when they were still very small and there did not exist any problem.

“At that time, I wanted to sleep together with her. Right now, we don’t sleep together anymore. Only when I’m sick, then she would accompany me.” The thirteenth prince replied. After the age of 10, they had already began to sleep in separate beds. Except for when the thirteenth prince needed to be looked after, then Tigress would sleep together with the thirteenth prince.

Speaking about Tigress, she appeared to not be feeling well today and was resting at home. And because the thirteenth prince was personally brought over by Princess Qi, and had furthermore promised that she would take good care of the thirteenth prince, only then did Tigress reluctantly relax and let the thirteenth prince go to the Imperial Palace to play.

Princess Qi would drag the thirteenth prince along to go and play at times, perhaps going shopping, or perhaps going on scenic tours. Of course, they would also go to the residence of Ye Family too. And regardless of what the situation was, in the past, Tigress would always be at the side of the thirteenth prince.

Because of today’s specialness, it caused an unexpected accident which should not have happened to happen today, making Tigress to not dare to leave half a step away from the thirteenth prince anymore in the future.

“Ye Lang, I have finished bathing already, it’s your turn right now……” Princess Qi wore a thin night cloth, using the towel to wipe her somewhat wet beautiful hair. That snow white skin, which was moistened by the water, looked extremely alluring. This kind of look, only her personal maid and also the thirteenth prince would be able to look at.

Towards the thirteenth prince, she would not avoid anything at all, and in front of him, she would always be completely natural.

“Eh, where is he?”

Originally, after she had finished showering, it was the thirteenth prince’s turn, but however, she was not able to see till the thirteenth prince’s trace.

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