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Chapter 21 – Alchemy Academy (2) Translated by imakeussmile


Upon entering alchemy academy, one would discover that this place is different than the other academies, as if it was two different world, the difference was very big. This was not about the good or bad of the constructions, the design of the entire Imperial Academy and gardens were all the same, similarly strict, not existing the situation of favoring one and discriminating against the other.

However, it was because of this kind of design construction, that let this contrast become clearer.

And this contrast was the academy’s popularity degree. At this time, at other academies, there would be plenty of people on the way, but here, only after walking quite a distance would one be able to see one or two people, and sometimes you would not be able to even see one or two people at all.

Although the alchemy academy’s scale was not as big as the other two academies, but because of the amount of students being very sparse, it became very spacious and empty, giving others a kind of misperception, as if this alchemy academy was the biggest place in the entire Imperial Academy.

For the Imperial Academy’s alchemy students, there were basically only two classes and the amount of students were not more than 100. This was also normal, after all, those people who were able to enroll into the Imperial Academy were all the younger generations of from famous families, so why would they even pick a subject which was not valued much by others.

But, the alchemy academy had a trait, which was that the amount of teachers was more than the amount of students, and furthermore, it was more by a lot. This was actually also very easy to comprehend, those teachers, majority of them were people who wanted to use the resources of Imperial Academy to test and improve their own alchemy. After all, alchemy materials were not something which ordinary people were able to afford.

The alchemy academy was also very fond of this type of alchemy teachers, and those alchemy teachers who had some achievements would be recruited as the imperial household’s alchemists. Not only were the teachers like this, some students were also like this.

Because of this reason, it caused the alchemy academy to have the oldest student in history in it and also the student who had been at the academy for the longest. Furthermore, this record had continuously been broken several times even up till now.

Of course, new students like our thirteenth prince would not be able to meet those students as those students were usually nested in the laboratories, fiddling with their alchemy techniques. The thirteenth prince’s class was the only new class in alchemy academy, where the amount of students were 21. Within those students, there were 9 female students. This was also since the beginning of history of alchemy academy that there were so many girls in a class of alchemy academy.

Within Imperial Academy, the scale of the amount of girls within magic academy was the largest, with martial arts academy being the second, and alchemy academy being the last. Moreover, the amount of girls within alchemy academy was also much less, where the amount of girls added up within the alchemy academy would not even match against the amount of girls in a class of magic academy.

In the quality aspect, within the 9 female students in the thirteenth prince’s class, there were both fat and thin. Don’t be mistaken, this fat was not Yang Yu Huan kind of fat [Don’t bother googling, you’ll only arrive at the proclaimed one of the four most beautiful women in history], and was that genuine kind of fat. In the class, that female student was called Zhen Xiao Yan, her body weight was even enough to occupy two times an average girl’s weight.

Of course, there were also beautiful female students. Sha Lan, who had blonde hair and blue eyes, was one of the representatives. Using some professional lechers, no, it should be female appraisers, using their words to say, after this Sha Lan grows up, she would become a sexy and gorgeous woman which cannot be produced locally.

As for the other girls in the class, still using those female appraisers’ words, they were girls who had class, where after dressing up a bit, they would still look pretty good; except for Zhen Xiao Yan, that kind of top quality, of course.

However, the thirteenth prince liked Zhen Xiao Yan much more, because she had never chased after him, wanting to kill him. Just that, he doesn’t know that it wasn’t that she did not want to chase after him, but it was instead that she knew that she herself was not able to chase him.

When the thirteenth prince and Tigress set foot into the spacious and bright classroom, the discussion sounds, which originally filled the classroom, immediately stopped. Everyone fixed their attention onto the thirteenth prince, looking at him slowly entering into the classroom and sit at an empty seat.


Almost everyone who was nearby the seat which the thirteenth prince sat at, immediately stood up and moved to the other half side of the classroom, distancing themselves from the thirteenth prince as far as possible. Following on, they once again started to discuss about their own thoughts, as if nothing had happened at all just now.

The thirteenth prince also did not feel anything and just took out his alchemy book to read. Seeing that the thirteenth prince took out an alchemy book to read, everyone seemingly let out a loose breath. They still payed attention to what the thirteenth prince took out, if it was those weird things, they would have to keep their guard up.

In this case, since the thirteenth prince took out a book, it meant that they could temporarily ignore the thirteenth prince. Everyone knew that the thirteenth prince was the most quiet when he was reading a book, and would not have any action at all, thus they continued on with their discussion.

As for the thirteenth prince? He had never discuss with others at all. Firstly, there was a limit to his discussing capability. Secondly, all those thoughts of his would drive others mad and no one would approve of his opinions, thus being unable to discuss.

Very quickly, it was time to attend class. Same as the past, their homeroom teacher arrived and began teaching the class as usual. The students of alchemy academy were able to find any alchemy teacher to be their teacher, but there would still be a homeroom teacher which would come and teach them, since not every students would go and find teachers after all.

Perhaps, it could also be said that some students were unable to find a teacher who was willing to take the student under their belt. All those teachers were proud and arrogant, and would not anyhow take a student under their belt. It would not be a problem if it was an intelligent student. But, for those type like the thirteenth prince, those teachers would definitely not take him under their belt.

In the case that if the thirteenth prince was only slow-witted, they would still actually be willing to take him in. Like this, they would be able to have some relations with Ye Family, and furthermore they would also be able to get many free materials. Wasn’t this the reason that they stayed at the academy?

Just that, the problem lied in that no one was able to answer or explain about this Ye Family’s thirteenth prince’s alchemy, no one was able to indicate a path for him. To want to be the thirteenth prince’s teacher, they probably had to be Lu Ban’s reincarnation to be able to teach him.

“The two most important points for alchemy are alchemy formulas and alchemy formations. They are all valuable assets which were left behind by the older generations through countless painstaking efforts. Thus, we must make sure that we are all familiar with all those things.” This was the homeroom teacher’s introduction.

“Alchemy formula is a very complicated kind of knowledge, and also something which is the hardest to grasp in alchemy. The effects within all the alchemy formulas are countless and immeasurable, this is something which you guys would have to go and attempt yourselves. Relatively speaking, alchemy formation is much simpler as everything is formed by some basic alchemy formations. According to the alchemy formation’s nature, it could be divided into transformation formation and refining formation. According to the effects, it could also be divided into attack, defense and recovery so on.”


“Transformation formation refers to a kind of substance’s transformation, the transformation of a shape or form. This is relatively speaking a kind of simple formation. And refining formation is where two types or more of different substances would mix and transform into another kind of substance. Different kinds of alchemy formation arrangements would have different kinds of effects. This is also something which you guys have to attempt yourselves.” [Chemistry class: physical and chemical changes]

The homeroom teacher was speaking on top and the some students below would use their mouth to lip synch, seemingly completely the same, as if this was a script which they already knew by heart.

“All those things, I will say it one time every day, so that you guys will understand that, alchemy needs foundations, it requires you to memorize all those base knowledge every single day. Only by having a strong foundation, will you guys then be able to make more attempts and have the chance to reach the peak of alchemy. Perhaps one day, you guys will discover that the useless base knowledge is the thing that you guys have been chasing the entire time, and it is the crucial point to solving the difficult problems you guys have.”

The homeroom teacher said with deep emotions. He seemingly had also discovered the reactions of the students, but however, he still continued persisting with this custom and would always start with this introduction every day, the completely same introduction.

This was truly called ‘A day feeling like a few years’!

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