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Chapter 20 – Alchemy Academy (1) Translated by imakeussmile


“Big sis, you are lying, the thing you like most are roses and still demand that I buy them for you.” The thirteenth prince did not give any face and straightforwardly exposed his big sis’ lie.

That’s right, they had already properly asked around, Ye Lan Yu liked rose a lot, especially blue roses. Perhaps it was because of her name, she liked the color blue a lot. [Lan in her name means blue.]

“Little scoundrel, who told you to be so talkative. Your big sis here is rejecting people.” Ye Lan Yu knocked on the little thirteenth prince unhappily and furthermore, very straightforwardly said it out loudly. This let the person who was holding onto the roses at the side feel very depressed.

“Reject then reject, why do you have to lie about it?” The thirteenth prince covered his head with his hand and said.

“You don’t know about this. Even if I reject them, I still have to give some courtesy at least. Ah, so truly helpless, your big sis’ charm is seriously just too big already. If it was changed to you, it would be different already, no one would chase after you.” Ye Lan Yu pulled onto the thirteenth prince and ran away, throwing off all those people who were chasing after her.

This was a routine that she needed to do every time, which also implicated the thirteenth prince and Tigress to not have a day that was normal where they could leisurely stroll into the academy campus. However, it was also because the thirteenth prince had his big sis to escort him, that there were also lesser people who would make trouble for him.

“That’s not true, I also have many people who chase after me.” Said the thirteenth prince.

“Really? Who are those young ladies who have such a good taste, to be able to discover the hidden value of you this little scoundrel.” Ye Lan Yu questioned closely. She was very curious and really wanted to know who the person chasing after the thirteenth prince was, why the person has such a good standard.

This was definitely not that she wanted to see the thirteenth prince’s joke. Being the big sis who was always with him the whole day, she knew that the thirteenth prince had some unique capabilities which hardly anyone would be able to compare against with.

“Not only young ladies, there were also some boys.” The thirteenth prince said proudly, seemingly feeling that her own big sis was looking down on him too much already.

“WHAT?! Boys? Fuck, is it those perverted boys, I’m going to kill them. Little brother, quickly tell big sis, who are those boys, I want to turn them into ice sculptures.” Big sis was angry already, she obviously thought in the direction of a bad aspect.

“Miss Lan Yu, I think you should ask more clearly first.” The Tigress at the side reminded, the matter was actually very different from what Ye Lan Yu had thought. As for why Tigress did not just explain to Ye Lan Yu, it was because she knew that Ye Lan Yu did not like others narrating about the thirteenth prince’s things when the thirteenth prince himself is currently present.

“?” Ye Lan Yu was somewhat puzzled. Very quickly, she realized that there may be some misunderstanding between all this. After all, her little brother would often express out with wrong a meaning.

“Little brother, you say, how did they chase after you?” Ye Lan Yu asked.

“They were the same as those people who chased after us just now, their hands were carrying something while shouting at me, telling me not to run.” The thirteenth prince said and his words caused Ye Lan Yu’s face to sink downwards.

The same as them, isn’t this just you yourself thinking that it was the same.

“Young master, what were they shouting at you, and what were they holding within their hands.” The Tigress at the side said.

“They would hold seats and stools in their hands, shouting out, Ye Lang, you this idiot, what kind of messy thing are you doing again, stand right there and don’t run, I want to kill you today.”


Ye Lan Yu already understood that the chase which the thirteenth prince mentioned was not the pursuing and wooing after kind of chase, but was instead those chasing to kill kind of chase. At the same time, she also knew what the thing was within what the thirteenth prince said.

Those were the alchemy products which the thirteenth prince fiddled with. It was perhaps some type of medicine, perhaps some type of magic transmitter device, but no matter what it was, all those things all had one characteristic in common, which was that all of them had a bit of danger. Using the thirteenth prince’s words to explain, those things were all not yet complete, a half-finished product would of course have no safety to it.

Just that, since you know that there is danger, why would you always bring it over to harm others, creating a complete mess. All those groups of students who had suffered really wanted to choke the thirteenth prince to death.

The things that the thirteenth prince does, majority of them are all his experiment products. Not sure why, his brain would always have some kind of bizarre and odd ideas. An alchemy formula which was originally very common, after he added a few things, it would become a variation kind alchemy formula.

Generally speaking, all those variations were strengthening the effect of the original and also added on another kind of effect. However, there would also be few mistakes, which causes the product which was originally safe to become a bit dangerous.

This was not only in the aspect of alchemy formulas, he would also alter some alchemy formations and the effects were pretty much the same as the alchemy formulas which he altered. Also, at the same time, his alchemy formulas also became something new, which could also be said that it was changed into something which others could not understand after looking at it.

Right now, all the students knew one thing, which was that, the thirteenth prince’s things are all very dangerous.


Sometimes, the harming power of the thirteenth prince’s product would be very little, and at some times the entire classroom would be unlucky. Every time when Tigress saw this situation, she would immediately pull away the thirteenth prince and leave.

As for why Tigress didn’t put away all those things, it was actually not that she didn’t but that the amount of things the thirteenth prince had was just too much, letting others be unable to be on guard against it at all.

Sometimes, the thirteenth prince would accidentally trigger the danger property of the thing, letting the other students at his side be unlucky. Sometimes, he would let his thing lying around, and when a curious student picked it up, the curious student would be out of luck. Just that, every time, he was protected by Tigress and did not have any injuries at all.

This was perhaps the point that made everyone feel the most annoyed about. Originally, they were all students of alchemy academy, often meeting this kind of situation, everyone was able to understand one another as they knew that it was all caused because of the other person’s mistake from failing an alchemy experiment.

But, for what reason should him, this Ye Family’s thirteenth prince be safe and sound every time and it was instead them who would always suffer from injuries? This was also a kind of jealousy, a jealousy of how lucky the thirteenth prince is.

Therefore, Ye Family’s thirteenth prince also gradually became the public enemy of the class, even up to the entire alchemy academy. Just that, they had him no choice and also couldn’t beat Tigress. Constrained under pressure, it then only caused them to be unable to go on a punitive expedition against the thirteenth prince.

“Alright, I’m going to my classroom already, meet you at noon at the dining hall. Little brother, be a bit more well-behaved today, don’t stir trouble again already.” Although she knew her own little brother would not listen at all, Ye Lan Yu still told him nonetheless. At the same time, she also asked Tigress to look after the thirteenth prince.

Ye Lan Yu was a student of the magic academy and Ye lang was a student of the alchemy academy. Their classrooms were separated by a few sport fields and school buildings. If Ye Lang was in the martial arts academy, it would be a bit better, as it was much closer. Problem was that he belonged to the alchemy academy.

Even a student like him would bring along a certain danger risk, it was of course not needed to say about the entire alchemy academy already, where it was the focus point of all hazardous products. An academy like this was of course very naturally isolated at the edge of the zone.

Also because of this reason, the alchemy academy’s defense was the strongest and also the most independent one, obviously being isolated in a zone from the other academies, by a man-made river and even a perimeter wall.

This also reduced quite a few of the thirteenth prince’s troubles, as because some people were not able to find the chance to have contact with the thirteenth prince, they gave up on some ideas which were risen from their jealousy.

The students who chose the alchemy profession, their combative mindset were weaker than other people. Although they also had jealous hearts, they belonged to those who were much more reasonable, and their focus was aimed towards alchemy techniques and not family matters.

Luckily right now, although the thirteenth prince’s improvement was decent, in the eyes of other people, he still appeared to be very weak to them. To say the least, within all the genius students of the alchemy academy, the thirteenth prince himself was a small character which was totally not worth mentioning at all.

And as for the thirteenth prince’s variation alchemy, right now it still hadn’t reached its peak point, thus it would still not attract everyone’s attention.

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